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Thursday, May 30, 2013

if the devils are His slaves: OBAMA (SSN) IS A RUSSIAN DUDE FROM 1890′s? WTF - will the real Harrison Barack Hussein Bounel Dunham Soetoro please stand up

“O Mary, sinless one, save me from my sins”. locutions 5/21/13

"Well now, if the Lord is powerful, as I see He is, and know He is, and if the devils are His slaves (and of that there can be no doubt, for it is an article of the Faith), what harm can they do me, who am a servant of this Lord and King? How can I fail to have fortitude enough to fight against all hell?" St.Teresa of Avila


Kremlin warns Obama, your support of Monsanto will lead to a World War. saf
~ World Wide March against Monsanto was widely censored by mainstream media NN

Davenport, Iowa — RADAR pulse / Scalar Square confirmation — NWS issues tornado warning sd

Guatemala's Pacaya volcano has erupted, sending volcanic material more than 400 metres in the air hisz.rsoe

"when walking through garden of poison snakes
be like small stone pushed by big wave."
cho kinu bet


1940 Census Confirms Obama Alias; Born In 1890 Overwhelming Evidence! What does it take to wake people up he is “INSTALLED” and a joke among the Elite?: OBAMA (SSN) IS A RUSSIAN DUDE FROM 1890′s? WTF!!! bin

"tomorrow Zullo will be kicking Hussein's ass" falcon@oryr

“The loss of ‘Extortion 17’: now for the real cover-up by the Obama administration Gull1776

Officials: Man who knew Boston bombing suspect was unarmed when shot WP "This should be very worrying for all citizens and residents of the United States. An unarmed man is killed in his own living room by a federal agent whose scant details about the shooting leave more questions than answers... there is something deeply wrong with this picture."

'small stones' via chocolateisaverb