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Thursday, May 16, 2013

BENGHAZI vs IRS: collusion of a different, more nefarious & less conspicuous type, Obama DOJ actually bugged Congress…IRS busy buying new police shotguns to bring speedy resolution of issues w/ recalcitrant 'clingers',

Episode 9: Farmer Vernon Hershberger’s Upcoming Trial farmtoconsumer

"And then His Imperial Majesty returns from a short vacation to learn that the past two weeks have been very interesting indeed. AG Heinrich Holder continues to lie about Benghazi, as does the rest of King Ogabe’s corrupt, unlawful misadministration, the IRS is selectively targeting conservative groups while handing out freebies to every left wing activist terrorist cell in the nation, they’re illegally appropriating confidential medical records of 10,000,000 Americans, the HHS’ Kathleen Sebelius is running a protection racket for donations to OgabeCare, the EPA is selectively, very selectively, waiving FOIA fees for leftist groups, and we could go on and on and on........ Oh, did we mention that the Ogabe Junta has also been grabbing phone records of the press without as much as an attempt at pretending to get a subpoena?" Don’t Tread On Me. Time’s UP!!! EM1@nicedoggie

"This, dear reader, is how revisionist history becomes so successful. No one refutes it. It is the first rule of propaganda: tell the lie long enough and loud enough and it will eventually be accepted as truth." flusa

BREAKING: Holder DOJ Also Tapped House of Representatives Cloak Room! [Updated]
~ the Obama DOJ actually bugged Congress… tur

Pentagon on Bin Laden killing: No witnesses, no autopsy report, no DNA test, no photos tcn

GOP’er Louie Gohmert Trashes Eric Holder For Ignoring Islamic Radicals While Targeting Christians NR

The Benghazi Deception: a collusion of a different, more nefarious and less conspicuous type hsus "Other scandals of lesser significance, but nonetheless poking at the embers of public ire and intolerance are popping up as well. Watching the people who are reading the multiple news headlines on various news aggregation sites are like watching spectators at Wimbledon, as their heads move from side to side as they follow the ball in play. The white noise of new problems are constantly erupting, resulting in a feeding frenzy in the waters surrounding the Executive branch.
While fascinating to watch, has anyone stopped to consider that the process of chumming the waters with a flurry of cascading news events, combined with a docu-dump of 100 pages of Benghazi e-mails is actually a methodically orchestrated diversion? What is it we are not supposed to be seeing amid the white noise of new controversies of varying values? "

"So not only will the IRS and Obamacare administrators be sharing tons of personal info on all you TEA Party clowns -while they control your physical and financial well-being- Obama is arming as many fed agencies with firearms as he can get away with- what is the National Weather Service doing with 26,000 of rounds of hollow-tip ammo, pray tell?" Geez, for a guy who don't like guns, Obama's sure arming his hyper-politicized federal agencies to the teeth... RRR

IRS Faces Lawsuit After Stealing 60 Million Medical Records. mfs-ton

IRS official Lerner speedily approved exemption for Obama brother’s ‘charity’ oryr
~ "So, Abon’go Malik "Roy" Obama is running an illegal US based charity from Kenyan, while living in Kenya, and he was issued a US Tax Payer Social Security Number. Further, he didn't ask for Tax Exempt status and was award it none-the-less." Falcon@oryr
~ "Videos, that were not favorable, to the One, on sites, always seemed to close down, when played, blogging was delayed, cursor movement, moved on its own, or screens shut down, when you were writing. These are all signs that the site was embedded with Keyloggers.."
"People, need to look at their cell lines too, accounts.. Check their accounts, under their profiles." Time@oryr

it's that sunni/shiite thing: OBAMA HAS INSISTED ON SUPPORTING SYRIAN REBELS FOR YEARS PR Tell Me Again Why U.S. Used Jihadists to Guard Benghazi?

about the Quabbin reservoir incident: it was a recon patrol.... JW

Syrian jihadists screaming "Allahu akbar" murder eleven "apostate" Syrian soldiers in accord with Sharia court ruling JW

It seems to be a muzzie thing: UK Muslim Rape gang AS