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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Benghazi in hyper-drive, &, Jesse Jackson's Racial Revenge Fantasy & the "lose/lose for Swedish Jews"

"the dam has burst, will bounel be able to put his finger in the dyke, or will napolitano resist?" julio schwartz / great comment thread
"bounel's "enemies list" and IRS audits could be the major reason peeps have held back from the eligibility issue. It is now coming out that IRS targeted conservatives. This will be HUGE and contribute to the soon downfall of the communist bounel regime."
Outspoken Obama Classmate: The President Used the IRS to Punish Me Through 18-Month ‘Witch Hunt’ liveleak

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Absurdistan & Jesse Jackson's Racial Revenge fantasy (10:01) via tcn

Florida HB 87, Homeowners, & the Foreclosure Inferno saf

INTEL: Ammo/Gun Mfg’s in Collusion with DHS to Control/Hide Reload Supply Chain tgr