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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2 dead, one shot in the throat, nothing to see here, &, on the taxpayer’s dime - stay classy Moochelle

SCANDALS Distract: while IMMIGRATION AMNESTY BILL Heads to Senate Floor PR

Obama's FEMA Director Planned Boston Mass Casualty Event in 2008 thegovernmentrag wink, wink, nod, nod.


"Am I the only one who gets the feeling that something just isn't adding up here?"
"initiated a violent confrontation"
nothing to see here: FBI agent kills man after questioning him about Boston Marathon bombing yahoo
( Surviving suspect in Boston Marathon bombing was shot in throat, can’t speak )

Trey Gowdy to Head of IRS Unit: 'You Don't Get to Come in Here and Tell YOUR Side of the Story'... then Take the 5th! RRR
~ IRS Official Lois Lerner Pleads The Fifth: “I Have Not Done Anything Wrong” FO

meanwhile: Michelle Obama Plans Extended Posh Vacation During Summer of Scandal… tur "“Fleeing for weeks” to the wealthy summer retreat of Martha’s Vineyard on the taxpayer’s dime - stay classy Michelle…"

& Moochelle's African trip cost to the American tax-paying schlubb: Charges for the Aircraft and Crew Alone Amount to $424,142

"I protest. Will no one stand up for Richard Nixon? Richard Nixon was a combat veteran, a staunch and brave anti-Communist, a man who took on the liberal establishment and at times his own party's as well, a leader who often thought for himself and had the courage of his convictions, a president who assembled a first-rate Cabinet and one who—while flawed both in character and in policy judgment—usually tried to confront the real problems and deal with challenges of his times. Richard Nixon led neither the country nor his own administration from behind." William Kristol

& in Costa Rica tep