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Thursday, April 4, 2013

worst invention of a Black Inventor of all time, notoriously anti-gay, &, ACLU STRIKES AGAIN three days after Easter Sunday

FDA-Approved Drug Linked to 542 Deaths and 2,367 Hemorrhages, but FDA Refuses to Pull It hin

Tallest Skyscraper In Chechnya Engulfed By Huge Fire businessinsider

& in India: A seven-storey building collapsed on Thursday evening in Thane, in the neighbourhood of Mumbai hisz.rsoe

Another of Obama’s gay young men mysteriously DEAD: "And his death happened just before Obama was headed into a difficult re-election campaign where black support for Obama was wavering and the black community is notoriously anti-gay." fom

Passport Witness To Testify Against Obama ~ Fatally Shot Cu Des Grats Outside Church! pvc - scroll down

the disoriented gender crowd, black citizens who depart the ObamaNation Plantations & 'Gay Marriage' patriotpost

WARNING: Offensive Material: Obama ‘Safe Schools’ Chief Kevin Jennings Used Pro-Pedophile, pro-NAMBLA Publisher for First Three Books americansfortruth

"the Hebrew Scripture which includes the original of Leviticus has a completely different version of slavery. It is not lifetime chattel slavery at all. It is a term indentured servitude. Many Irish and Scots came to the colonies as indentured servants, and so did black Africans in the same period. After a fixed number of years, the indenture was fulfilled and the "slave" was released. But in 1654, Virginia Colony a black African ex-slave of the indentured type had become prosperous enough as a plantation owner to have his own slaves. However he decided that he wanted them to be not like the temporary indenture of the Hebrew Scripture, but of some far more awful -- lifetime full chattel slavery. Perhaps the worst invention of a Black Inventor of all time. And there are some really great inventions by American Black men, but in 1654 this novelty was NOT one. Nevertheless the rich oppressive white men's courts went along with it. Still, it was against NATURAL LAW. Under Natural Law (one codification being the Hebrew laws), indentured slaves had many rights and the owners were OBLIGATED to treat them well, and look to their health and safety, not to mention treat them respectfully.
Nevertheless GOOD men and women of all races fought against this evil form of slavery. And that included the crafters of the US Constitution. There were two explicit strong laws against slavery in the Constitution and two less explicit." comment on 'Opinion: Gay marriage is a social experiment that will cause serious harm to children' njt

Ohio school: Jesus portrait has been taken down bigstory "The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and the Madison, Wis.-based Freedom from Religion Foundation had sued on behalf of a student and two parents, calling the portrait an unconstitutional promotion of religion in a public school. The student and parents weren't identified publicly by the groups, saying they would face backlash from portrait supporters, some of whom had suggested that they should leave town and find another school."

How the (New) Hockey Stick Crumbled — A Post-Mortem — ‘This appears to be one more in a long series of frauds and hoaxes perpetrated by climate alarmists’ climatedepot