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Monday, April 22, 2013

"Without search warrants troopers by the dozen invaded homes with guns drawn"

“Nor should we forget the words of the Declaration of Independence and our “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence” for His defense of our rights.”
Please take time to contact these Senators and thank them for their support of the Second Amendment and your ability to carry out your duty before God to keep and bear arms. You can contact them here. freedomoutpost

"What is scary are the images of heavily armed forces from numerous overlapping acronym-named government agencies parading through neighborhoods. Without search warrants troopers by the dozen invaded homes with guns drawn while the owners hunkered down. People stay home, lock their doors, businesses close without a peep in compliance to government request. Politicians use the opportunity to support the illusion that only the state can protect them." RP

(The Real Talmud):"Jewish revolutionaries like Paul Krassner and I were useful idiots.
The days when Jews can pretend anti-Semitism is an irrational sickness are over. "
(Note: On Nov. 29 2005 I had a telephone conversation with Des Griffin who told me that he was invited to Walter White's house in CA and listened to the tape of the interview. The Rosenthal character in the interview sounded like a bad actor reading from a script. Certain words were repeated. He says the information is totally credible but the conspiracy is real and does not need to be embellished by fraud.)
~ The "Dancing Israelis" FBI Report - Debunked towb
~ police-israel-investigation-boston rt

‘Terrorista#1′: Bragging license plate on BMW belonging to friends of captured Boston bomber who were arrested along with another woman in dramatic raid vtb

Obama Buries Boston Massacre Saudi Connection

Alharbi not the only Saudi being Deported? ws

in Cambridge:
Boston Bomber's Mosque Has Muslim Brotherhood Ties clarionproject

in Michigan: On Thursday, April 18, the Michigan House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill prohibiting state agents and law enforcement from participating with the federal government in the indefinite detention of its citizens. pvc

& in Egypt: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood 'Regime' rule slowly starving the Egyptian people. mfs-ton