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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

THIS MAN IS BEAUTIFUL!!!, &, THERE ARE ONLY 2 ISSUES!: Surprise. There are no photos of lil'Soetoro in the file, &, Past RADAR pulse events w/ storm after effects, & THEN THERE'S THE SHARIA!!

Gosnell Worker: Baby Screamed During Live-Birth “Abortion” ln

Pope Francis &, How BEAUTIFUL are the Lord's 'retarded' Children! Da Mihi Animus

"Master, Teach us how to Pray!"

Three Characteristics of the Diabolical, And How they Are Manifest in the Modern World adw

Inspiration through Prayer airmaria


Strange Orange Chemical Clouds Moving Through Los Angeles ac "John Graf: I shot this video April 4, 2013 in the early evening. We have all seen the ugly chemtrails blasting grid patterns across the sky but this is something different.These were rusty looking orange clouds moving quickly through our Los Angeles skies.You can also see the weird chemtrails mixed in with these freaky clouds."

Past RADAR pulse events w/ storm after effects: Models of ionospheric VLF absorption of powerful ground based transmitters sd
~ Snow Storm in USA on Tuesday, 09 April, 2013 at 16:27 (04:27 PM) UTC.
~ Nebraska RADAR pulse / ‘HAARP ring’ confirmation — Possible Tornadoes, Damaging winds, and Hail form sd
~ Temperature suddenly plunges 55 degrees in Colorado usnbcn

Nuclear Regulators Just “Rolling the Dice” wb

"frenzied mob of ”Allahu Akbar“- screaming Muslim savages as they viciously gang-raped two Coptic Christian women in the streets of Cairo" BNI

Passport-gate: Who took Obama through Customs? GUL1776 "Surprise. There are no photos of little Barack Obama in the file. And of course, there is no birth certificate from any hospital in Hawaii."

Indict: Hawaii DOH's Loretta Fuddy Fingered In Obama Identity Document Fraud Scandal oryr "don't see how the Obama enablers can cover this up much longer."
~ Startling evidence that document was created in Adobe Photoshop oc.o

Investigation of Obama Hawaii Dept. of Health Birth Certificate Fraud obc

Fake Tea Party Rubio Involved GUL1776

700 Special ops veterans’ group calls for select probe of Benghazi attack tcm

Sweden: Anti Christian Immigration Policy Send Christians To Their Deaths nr

Victory for freedom: Bill banning Sharia in Florida family cases passes state Senate panel jw

“They want to scoop as many Jews out of Tamarac and Sunrise as they can,”: the evidence in Romo v. Scott discovery shows that the top Dems in Florida, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz tbs

Beware of someone who knows it all!: Yet, he falls woefully short on truth when it comes to exposing Obama’s fraudulent Achilles heel, ID corruption.