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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Murder of Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr., Lake Michigan water shipped to CHINA for big $, FUKUSHIMA MUTATIONS

The Murder of Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr.

Janet Napolitano says Alharbi (Saudi National) was ‘put on a watchlist’ "This is in stark contrast to what she told the Rep. Jeff Duncan at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing last week." WS

Rand Paul FO

Maddow Punked: Court Transcript Does Not Support Defendant Confession to Boston Bombing GEE

@ 00:39

Gosnell Acquitted on 3 Counts of Murder, 5 Counts of Corpse Abuse in Grisly Murder Trial PR

Election Observers Expose Massive Voter Fraud During Hearing oryr

Mutated cabbage w/4 small ones outside & 10 inside, produced in western JP fukushima-diary

“Unusual number of mutated gerbera in one case in Tokyo” fukushima-diary

Nestle’ Water Hoarding By Fascism: Nestle’ CEO, ” Access To Water Should Not Be A Public Right” Sales $100.30 Billion For 2012. PVC "...Lake Michigan water is being shipped by the boatloads over to China!
By using a little-known loophole in the 2006 Great Lakes Compact, Obama minions are allowing Nestle Company to export precious fresh water out of Lake Michigan to the tune of an estimated $500,000 to $1.8 million per day profit."