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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Soetoro's lil “Presidential Commission on Election Administration”, &, Sheik_Abdul_Aziz bin Abdullah_bla_bla_bla z'gonna destroy all Christian Churches in hiz neighborhood unless the'Leets HAARP'im

The Two Olive Trees of Zechariah: the pure vestments of the Second Pentecost unveilingtheapocalypse

“My children, do not be alarmed or afraid for those whose hearts are far from me. Trust completely in my merciful heart. For, who of you has merited to be called my child? I tell you it is mercy alone that has brought you into the fold. Therefore, if mercy can bring you into the fold, can it not also bring those you are praying for?" message to Pelianito 3/24/13


Terrorism, HAARP & Futzing With the Weather
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~ The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau – Tesla, LRAD, and HAARP
~ Directed Energy Weapons 101: Infrasonic, Sonic, Microwave & Laser
~ Project Nimbus & The Fire of the Gods
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~ Radio and Laser Frequency and Harmonic Test Ranges for the Lucy and HAARP Experiments and their Application to Atmospheric Methane Destruction
~ HAARP Geoengineering with Alchemy, Arctic Methane Global Emergency, UK Gov tells climate alarmists to “Chill Out”
~ US Army Test Technology Symposium – Weather Modification 1997
~ HAARP makes Earthquakes?

terraforminginc via chemtrailsplanet

BREAKING NEWS – Obama eligibility appeal in Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore’s court toh

NDAA Defeated in League City, TX – Vote in Texas State House Imminent P.A.N.D.A.

‘There should be no Christian churches on the Arabian peninsula.’ said Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah

BARACK SOETORO/OBAMA/SOEBARKA/BOUNEL: It’s him signing freaking executive orders again. GUL1776