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Friday, April 5, 2013

NONE OF THIS ON TV MY FRIEND: La. SINKHOLE: No Idea how deep the Cavern is now, "armed to the teeth" &

"...a gift that "is not sold and we do not buy." " Pope Francis, Vatican City, April 04, 2013

We have sown the wind, and now reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7): "The fact is, traditional marriage has been in a disgraceful state for over 50 years, and heterosexual misbehavior has been off the hook in the same period.
Our anger, dismay and sorrow are better directed inward toward our own conversion to greater purity as a individuals, families and parishes, than outward toward people who will only interpret it as “hate” and bigotry” anyway." adw

"there is nothing new here. It's all spin. The church welcomes and loves all sinners." tgenius>ds@lifesitenews


"I went to the library and asked for a book on murder, rape and war! The librarian handed me a Quran."
Tommy R. responds to allah'zslave

"Donkeys are some of the most sweet animals in the world, and these monsters rape and kill them all the time. How long, Lord?" TS@JW

A Natural Health Trailblazing MD Needs Your Help hin

Texas Brine has No Idea how deep the Cavern is now lasinkhole

an adventure in GREEN HYPOCRISY: Big Oil Money for Me, But Not for Thee nofrakkingconsensus
via climatedepot

NONE OF THIS ON TV MY FRIEND: "...surely they hear the printing presses at the Fed?" theconservativemonster

Markets Plunge GWP

Retraction Watch: New Hockey Stick That Never Was Fallout: ‘As Latest Global Warming Scare Report Crumbles, Where’s the New York Times’s Follow-Up?’ cd

& from the site that will never mention T,H, & Fw/tW: mystified I tell you!! tep

Here’s Obama trying to be all folksy at the Denver Police Academy. tbs

Listen Live: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Lead Investigator Mike Zullo Set To Release New Obama Identity Document Fraud Information