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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marathon bombing straight out of Beirut, "Newbury Street looks like Tel Aviv.", RED ALERT Vote On Gun-Control Bill Tomorrow,

Dad of 8-Year Old Boston Bombing Victim Asks for Prayers BG

WORD-SPEAK 101: David Axelrod revealed that the president thought the carnage was a result of Tax Day, *tax day...wink, wink get it !!!* & Photo of that Saudi national

"Newbury Street looks like Tel Aviv."

terrorist incidents today in California and Washington D.C. wb

RED ALERT: Senate To Vote On Gun-Control Bill Tomorrow PD

"These were of the classic type we dealt with and I saw cause unspeakable damage to Marines during my time in Ramadi. They are sepecifically designed not to destroy vehicles, objects or structures, but to shred human flesh and sever limbs. This is also the type of bomb that was to be used in the failed Fort Hood bombing." Pat Dollard

Photos May Show Bag with Bomb Just before First Boston Bombing Explosion; Video Shows Man Running from Area – Photos / Video 4/16/13 FLH

"the SECOND the FBI is put on the case, the SUSPECT ISN'T A SUSPECT anymore, and ALL LEADS ARE DEAD??? BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI!!!!" Rose@GWP

Boston Marathon Bombs Made From Pressure Cookers fo

Crime Scene Photos of Pressure Cooker Bomb Leaked db

activated by cell phones tcm

Agenda 21 By Any Other Name: “unauthorized” & “defunded” & now "RESILIENT" fo

Obama Identity Document Fraud Hearing Set For Monday; Obama Selective Service Fraud oryr

They are drilling on the South West Berm, and look at all the activity. There is plenty they are not telling the residents. lasinkhole