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Thursday, April 11, 2013

La. Sinkhole escape routes, Exxon Oil Pipeline Breaks on Blackfeet Reservation, Montana - Media Silent, AFFIDAVIT OF REVEREND KWELI SHUHUBIA, 16 Anti-2nd Amendment RINOs,

in Protugal tep

in Russia tep


What are the escape routes? lasinkhole

Exxon Oil Pipeline Breaks on Blackfeet Reservation In Montana - Media Silent !

Nuked in the Skies aircrap

Saint Louis Missouri — Heavy Tornado damage — Scalar Square 72 hours prior sd

Mississippi / Alabama / Tennessee — RADAR pulse – ‘HAARP ring’ – Scalar Square confirmation sd

Strong storms bring snow, tornadoes dnn

WARNING GRAPHIC: Four Reasons Why Media Isn't Covering Gosnell Mass Murder Trial nb

Liberal Kirsten Powers Calls out Mainstream Media for Virtual Silence on Horrific Abortion Doctor Murder Trial – 4/11/13 FLH

Baby Animals @ the Zoo usat

Congressmen Threaten Obama DOJ With Subpoena Over Kill Memos fo

I, Kweli Shuhubia am over the age of eighteen (18) and not a party to the within action. If called to do so, I could and would competently testify under oath as follows I am an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a native evangelist and translator for the Anabaptist churches in Kenya. I am the official Swahili translator for the annual Anabaptists Conference held each year in Africa, working with the American bishops sitting upon the Continental Presbytery of the Anabaptists Churches of Africa. I am fluent in Swahili and in English. I am a former teacher in Kenya, and travel extensively in the ministries of the Anabaptists Churches of Africa throughout Kenya, Uganda and the Sudan.
It is common knowledge throughout the Christian and Muslim communities in Kenya that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., the United States Presidential candidate, was born in Mombosa Kenya. Senator Obama’s grandmother still resides in the village of Alego-Kogello, approximately 37 miles from Kisumu City.

U.S. Senate Votes 68-31 to take up Democrats’ Anti-2nd Amendment “Gun Control” Bill; 16 Republicans Voted with the Left (See the List) – 4/11/13 FLH
~ "So much for taking back the Senate. Yay team." Ernst Schreiber@PW

meanwhile, while you weren't paying attention to what your children are being 'taught' in the PSS Reason #6,237 To Homeschool Your Kids fellowshipofminds

Senator Mark Kirk: Booze and Boat Parties Smoothed BiPartisan Gun Deal GWP

Shooter maims two in Detroit, witnesses rob victims tcn

Chicago Gunless Citizen Takes a Bullet, Still Defends His Property With Bat and Wins! GWP

It is Corporations That Profit From The $75 Billion Tax Payer Funded Food Stamps Program! pvc

Why I'm Sticking to Meatless Fridays catholic

PINK SLIME!!: "District Judge Dale Ruigh ruled last month that releasing the information would cause "irreparable harm" to Sioux Falls, SD-based Beef Products, Inc., by revealing information about proprietary food-processing techniques." usat