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Monday, April 1, 2013

"If this was a Republican he would have gotten a legal enema ", THE LOUISANA SINKHOLE: exxon pipeline burst yesterday in Arkansa, &, Pope Francis & the Muslims

"Christians must respond to evil with good, taking the cross upon themselves as Jesus did,"
Pope Francis on Good Friday

'Abandon the ways of the world. Live only for Me. Do not tire of prayer. Persevere in love. Pray for all those in your care. Pray for your enemies, and for all sinners of the Earth.'
message to Jabez, Easter Sunday

Muslim Speaks at the UN in Support of Israel



"Americans better wake up ASAP because these gangsters plan to hit us with everything including the kitchen sink...colorado is a hardcore liberal state - everybody can smoke dope til the cows come home...oregon & washington state are also hardcore libtard states...CA & N.Y. are losts causes...alredy infected by illegals/muslims...Detroit, Mich is a shithole of muslims.cloward-piven strategy --- this is way biggger than many realize...some are going to be very surprised one day." Hawk
~ "while “shoppers and tourists” are code-words for white people." time2leaveCHICAGO

"These companies do not know how to fix this problem , exxon pipeline burst yesterday in arkansa. Oklahoma ‘s largest earthquake caused by oil companies . Tennessee. God help.' freedomrox
&, because we know how well exxon cleans up sht: Exxon cleans up Arkansas oil spill; Keystone plan assailed yh

PSA: Sheriff Joe Arpaio; Obama Fraudulent Identity Documents Violation Of Law oryr

"Sheriff Arpaio has been a law enforcement officer for nearly 50 years - he KNOWS EXACTLY what he is doing. Cops always taunt their "persons of interest" - it makes the criminals VERY nervous.... Arpaio started out working for the DEA - they are NOT boyscouts. Please research Arpaio's history. I absolutely commend you for speaking out & all "legal" Americans should be asking questions like you(others) until we get this country back under our control. Below is a re-post: our USM will be the group who can arrest these criminals, under a military coup. secret service MUST stand down, upon orders from our USM - guess what happens if the ss does not stand down...... usurper's top dogs he put in place to protect him will try to order our USM to obey...guess how many in our USM know this puppet is a usurper......yes, it will take time to organize 50 states.
Special Forces veterans are teaming up with Wild Bill to form Patriot Special Forces Teams that will disrupt the liberal agenda and sow chaos among the enemies of freedom. http://www.westernjournalism.com/patriot-special-.... "
Hawk to Falcon

"all of those who participated in the conspiracy - Bauer, Obama, Jarrett, the person who uploaded the forged PDF, the creator of the forged PDF, and other persons unknown at this time, would all be charged in a criminal court. The charges alone wold remove Obama instantly, and this would avoid the Impeachment in the House and Conviction in the Senate." Falcon@oryr

".faux news had "screeners" who stopped all calls reporting this national security breach. radio talk hosts also had "screeners" & they have beenl quite busy getting wealthy off of an American crisis. this is way past ridiculous..... "
"nothing is a secret since NDAA ----- it's now or NEVER people ------ usurper gang put a gangster group in place, knowing America has a USM hiarchy. verify online: the large list of veterans who publically challenged obama. imagine how many active/retired USM - Oathkeepers, Special Forces - oathkeepers, LEO's - Oathkeepers, state milititas _OK's, legal US citizens _ O.K's know this guy is a fraud............why do you think his gang are being reported BEGGING USM to fire on Americans..."
Hawk, Falcon, Hawk, Falcon

& Chris: "Are you illegal? Well not any more. No, not with this! You to can get your Hawaiian birf certificate for 29.99$ US dollars or 195 Kenyan shillings. Available now in multiple layers. Does not include birf announcements in Hawaiian papers, (Your granny has to do that) This genuine birf certificate is available in multiple crayon collors. These birf certificates will be mailed with the corrrect 1980 postal mark, 80. Normally reserved for those serving in the White House and only seen on one US selective service registration card. But wait, there's more. We can include 17 years of false background information. You can be born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia, and be the first foreign born editor of the Harvard law review! Wow!!! We aren't just stopping there, no! We will include a Connecticut social security number and a link to Snopes. Accidents happen after all."

OBAMA ELIGIBILITY APPEAL IN ROY MOORE'S COURT: Newly elected state chief justice has expressed doubt about qualification tsd

"you blacks DO know the jews control obama right?..his masters sit right there at the federal reserve bank..."
Jeff Thomas @ theblacksphere / OBAMA BOOED!!

Breaking: Georgia & Montana Nullify Immigration! pvc

& from a site that will NEVER post about chemtrails, or Morgellons: Previously unknown strain of bird flu kills 2 in China tep

"Mr Horiguchi from National Institute for Environmental Studies comments it can’t be explained merely by Tsunami. They need to investigate other reasons including radiation effect." Fukushima Diary

"...but most likely she will be charged with violation of the criminals rights and excess force and jailed, then the robber can sue. That is way it is today in OBAMA world." Robert1407@WJ