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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

GET OUT!!!: Monitor LA12 is OFF the CHARTS, WE WILL ALL BE 'UNDERGROUND' SOON: monitoring Christians, "high-flyin'-pinched-nosed-talkin'-liberal Negroes", CRIMES AGAINST YOUR CHILDREN, &, on St.John's Ave - Homeless dwelling & stolen copper

Monitor LA12 is OFF the CHARTS LaSinkhole

Gosnell Worker: Baby “Jumped” When I Snipped Her Neck in Abortion LN

"It's best to not confuse optimism with hope. Optimism is a psychological attitude toward life. Hope goes further. It is an anchor that one hurls toward the future, it's what lets you pull on the line and reach what you're aiming for" and head in "the right direction." Hope is also theological: "God is there, too." Pope Francis

"because some react crazily to scientific fact"

"The fruit of abortion
is nuclear war."
Mother Teresa

Gun confiscation begins in NY pw

Why Every American Parent Should Follow the Romeike Case: "The Romeikes, an evangelical Christian homeschool family, fled their native Germany in 2008 after uniformed police officers came to their house and forcibly dragged their children to government-run schools." tbs

If the races were reversed, this would be international news! cocc

Goodbye, Philadelphia: News Agency Avoids Saying “Blacks” at All Costs – Calling Rioters “Students” iotw

dear you guys, I am sooooooooooo fkng_tired of the CRAP that is being passed off as music...fkng illuminati-owned-morons. HERE,......... to here...ok....do you think {OR NOT!!!} that there might be a problem...dunno, jus'sayin'!

Mozart vs Skrillex. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.

Luddy V B's 9th

"After discovering the tunnels, a police robot was used to further investigate the underground dwellings. Once police were able to confirm no one was inside them, they brought in a tractor to fill in the tunnels." yahoo

Colo. sheriff: CSP should suspend course that calls for monitoring of Christians examiner

NEWS: Why the United States is a Dying Country pr


Santorum: Supreme Court won’t make mistake of allowing same-sex marriage rights DR

SOETORO/GUN CONTROL: "First you listen to what he promises he WON’T do." tbs


Two Students, Texas Lawmaker Destroy CNN’s Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amendment, O MY!! flh

Kindergartner Banned from School and Marked Truant Because Doctor Advised Against Varicella Vaccine hin

tree-hugging hippie BS re-regurgitated obama ALERT

Melissa Harris-Perry: Your Children Are Not Yours
"one of those high-flyin-pinched-nosed-talkin-liberal Negroes....one sick-bitchnosed-Negro & liberal-lizard-white people"

Homosexuality: The Political Battering Ram fo

CRIMES AGAINST YOUR CHILDREN: "Here are some examples of their twisted curriculum:" Teachers Preying on Students (Sexually Explicit Content)

meanwhile: yet another lavish taxpayer funded party for their own behalf tur

& then: "Lawyers for the local sheriff’s department said the footage was filmed four years ago." fom