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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BOSTON BOMBING: "Here are the real pictures of the bombers. Get this out before it is to late.", Not a suspect? How stupid does the gov think we are? - Al Qaida cell in US for the bombing attack in Boston

2nd Guilty Plea In Obama Petition-Forging Scandal: Massive voter fraud has been uncovered in Indiana. wj

"Here are the real pictures of the bombers. Get this out before it is to late." http://imgur via libertus#comment-3462070

"No whereabouts of where arrest was made???"
Divided States@Zerohedge

'Innocent' Boston Marathon Saudi Tied to Numerous KNOWN Al-Qaeda Terrorists RRR

"I thought there would be a second bomb...Did anyone die?"the Saudi that got away, to police who grabbed him

"U.S. officials have arrested one Saudi college student on terrorism-related charges since the 2001 plots. Last month, Khalid Al Dawsari, a student on private scholarship to Texas Tech University in 2008, was convicted in federal court in Texas on charges alleging he plotted to bomb Mr. Bush’s Dallas home and other targets. He wasn’t part of King Abdullah’s current government scholarship program. BNI

New Jersey: Two Muslims get prison for trying to join jihad terror group JW

Obama’s likely handling of Boston:
"Obama running interference for Islamist motivation, including “work accidents” such as Major Nidal Hasan’s shooting rampage at Fort Hood and Obama’s ongoing cover-up of Benghazi" VTB
"Not a suspect? How stupid does the gov think we are?" dba_vagabond_trader@WZ

THIS IS HOW STUPID!! capitalbay
"I’m calling BS on anything “domestic”. This was an Iranian “hit cell” stationed in this country. They have been bragging they have people all over the US. There are a lot of photos making the rounds and there are a hand full of suspicious, Iranian-looking guys. Ok, maybe I’m “profiling”, but I have dealt with the Iranians before. They have a highly trained, active and very good intelligence service and they have trained people to DO just what was DONE in Boston." n0njy@wr2a

"An Israeli site claimed that “the investigation has in fact homed in on a suspected terror cell of three Saudi nationals, very possibly tied to Al Qaida.”
“The flat they share in the Revere, Massachusetts, near Boston, was searched after the questioning of one of the suspects, a Saudi student, who was hospitalised with badly burnt hands,” the site said. “One of his flatmates was taken into custody over ‘visa problems.’ A third is on the run. All three hail from a prominent Saudi family belonging to a tribe from the Asir province bordering on Yemen.”
According to the report, “the origins of the Saudi cell, if confirmed, strongly suggest that Al Qaida [in the Arabian Peninsula] succeeded in planting a cell in the United States for the bombing attack in Boston —and possibly more than one in other parts of the US.” " gulfnews

"They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about. It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill." NN

"This bombing happened due to the FAILURE of LEADERSHIP in all three branches of the federal government. Holder beats out janutt el-reno for the most incompetent head of the Justice Department by a very wide margin. Reid, in the senate HATES AMERICA as it is. Boehnor, in the house, has as much value as a piece of used toilet paper as a legislator, with even lower scores for 'Statesmanship". Roberts, in the SC has made it well known that obama is perfect and no law he signs will ever be Constitutionally problematic. Obama leans so far to the left he is nearly horizon, and his unwavering support of radical "Hate America" izzlam is very well known and obvious to any one that wants to look. Career politicians are the biggest threat to this nation."
CrustyOldGeezer @ NB

"how many were killed as a result of Fast and Furious? these fing traitors do not get it" Marc_H@TH