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Friday, April 26, 2013

Apocalypse Paradigm: floating in the Hudson River, Benedict XVI returning to Rome, "Osama will be w/ Obama.", Fox news dangling from a very short leash. &, ANOTHER BC for Soetoro!! yeah baby...

floating in the Hudson River

Catholic midwives win landmark legal battle over objection to abortions telegraphUK

Diary of an Unborn Child

Letter #64: Benedict to Return to Vatican City tml

St. John the Baptist
PRAY for ALL Christian Martyrs of the EndTimes


legalizing a foreign invasion of millions. FO


Officials found guilty in Obama, Clinton ballot petition fraud NB08

"Boston Former Suspect al-Harbi is related to Ayman al-Zawahiri through marriage. He has six relatives wanted in Saudi Arabia for al-Qaida links and involvement. Further, al-Harbi had TWO Event Files - was this a previous act of terrorism? Seems so, since it initiated an Event File.
al-Harbi attended the same Muslim Brotherhood Mosque as the Tsarnaev brothers. The founder of the Mosque visited the White House after 9-11 to enlist "moderate" Muslims to denounce the terrorism, only to be later convicted of funneling 1 million dollars to al-Qaida in 2004.
What are the odds that a Saudi National, on a VIP entry visa, with TWO event files, attending the same Mosque as the Tsarnaev brothers, with family members that are active al-Qaida, would end up at ground zero w/ his clothes blown off?"


we may have had pictures of abdul al-salimi alharbi standing close by to the brothers tsarnaev just before the explosions at the boston marathon WS2008

FBI Questioning of Bomber Cut Off by Magistrate Judge nm

" My sons framed by U.S authorities "

"Osama will be with Obama." Omar Bakri Mohammed

On the other hand, people who steal often lie....

Boston Bomb Blasts

via PB

& the Baby in her womb jumped for joy!