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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

absolute MUST SEE, This is all real & happening before our eyes...even the ACLU & Communists are getting worried, the Obamas may have a big problem on their hands,

"There are a million reasons why this is the most incredible kickass thing I have ever seen." via Boston Bombing Victims Get Inspiring Visit From Marines iotw

when the Benghazi gun running went bad cnsn

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This is all real, & happening before our very eyes. Paleologo@JW

Where is the mob of Muslim-hating Americans going crazy after Boston? It's a figment of liberals' imaginations JW

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"The first lady allegedly visited this hospital on April 18th, just two days after he had been placed on a watchlist (according to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano):" WS

Obama is supplying the Chechen rebels with our newest sniper rifles. They shoot Christians. "This is who Obama is letting into America, who he is arming and financing in Syria, and who bombed Boston." PR

"Today I called the Internal Affairs division of the Boston Police Department for answers on the actions of the Boston Police Dept during the terrorist search mission. I filed an official complaint with them for suspected Constitutional violations.
I was then forwarded to the Boston Police Dept. attorney. I asked her if the Boston Police had a warrant to enter people’s homes at gunpoint and search their property? She said she was not there but she assumed the people gave consent." (OR NOT!) Senior Chief Geoff Ross, US Navy retired initiates investigation at the Boston Police Dept. civil rights violations SAF

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If they can't slaughter us with bombs and guns they will bleed us to death economically. NB

Survey finds the overwhelming majority of cops think gun control won’t do diddly-squat against crime. Fom

Vermont Supreme Court Hears Case Challenging Legality Of Obama's Run For Re-Election oryr

HHS has to pay PR firm, $3.1 million to sell Obamacare PB