........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

maranâ' thâ'

Do not be discouraged, but be always joyful, knowing that the promise of the Father is certain for those who trust in him. You are weary.
Do not dwell on your weariness

message to Pelianito 4/29/13

all the things that don't add up: Boston Manhunt Timeline, WHITE, STRAIGHT & UNAPOLOGETICALLY CHRISTIAN, Fl. Senate Bill 58 mysteriously pulled, USDA’s Suicide Seed, WTO & Agra-Terrorism, the other Saudi national visited by Mooch, &...

Who Is DHS Watching? patriotpost

Government confuses the Serfs, rules by mysteries. ziop@IBT

Interesting Exhibits:
Boston Manhunt Timeline


April, 2013 DHS documents provide evidence of foreknowledge and complicity in the deaths and injuries sustained in the 4/15/2013 Boston Bombing GEE

Video: Benghazi Whistleblower; Obama Administration Threatening Benghazi Witnesses oryr "Why did Obama have General Ham forcefully removed within 30 seconds of his decision to send help to Americans under attack? "

BENGHAZI WHISTLEBLOWERS: Obama, Hillary Lied About Assets That Could Have Saved SEALs, Then Threatened Witnesses DB

Start immediate investigation of Barack Obama's use of forged IDs and a CT SSN which was never assigned to him according to e-verify

Americans Warned: Home-schoolers are stripped of rights around the world trs

‘I’m Going to Grab Your Baby, and Don’t Resist’: Cops Barge Into Calif. Parents’ Home, Take Their Baby After They Seek 2nd Medical Opinion — And It’s on Video tb

"If he were to come out and say he was gay, they would suddenly rediscover his talent.": silent about the hate towards Tim Tebow tcm

AFDI Calls For Closing of US Mosques That Breed Jihadists FO

Food As A Political Weapon: The USDA’s Suicide Seed, the WTO & Agra-Terrorism farmwars

Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston LR

"This is the most feared administration in American history."

"The president is of the opinion that it was a teaparty member."
D.Axelrod just after the Boston bombing

Should hospitalized female Saudi be tested as a source of DNA found on one of bombs? WS "Al-Harbi was not the only Saudi national who ended up in the hospital after the Boston marathon bombings. The other was a female doctor named Nura Khalid Saleh al-Ajjaji."

Fl. Senate Bill 58 mysteriously gets pulled by Senator Thrasher: "WE ARE ALL WATCHING YOUR DECISION." Senior Chief Geoff Ross, US Navy Retired, Surface Warfare / Air Warfare / Airborne / Diver SAF

The blood red moon over Boston, the account of Saudi national Abdullahrahman Ali al Harbi, &, ‘Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home

The Vatican doctors approve the miracle to make Wojtyla a saint VI

Benedict Returns to Vatican May 2 oits

Seeing the light... "On the afternoon of the seventh day of the Medjugorje apparitions... five of the group of six visionaries, Vicka, Ivanka, Mirjana, Marija and Jakov accepted an invitation from two women, Mirjana and Ljubica, social workers employed by the communist authorities, to join them for an excursion in their car. Why should they do this? One of the women, Mirjana, was known to the visionaries, a neighbour and resident of Bijakovici, and presumably the children and their parents trusted her.
They were taken to Capljina. Later that afternoon it began to dawn on the visionaries that they would not be back in Medjugorje in time for the scheduled visitation of Our Lady on Apparition Hill, and they realised that this had been the real intention of the two women, to keep them away from Podbrdo."


Double moon over Jama Masjid Mosque, Delhi, India

Bad moon over America; The blood red moon over Boston "Can you tell me with absolute certainty exactly what happened in Boston on April 15, 2013? Do you believe the official government narrative of all accounts of that day and the days that followed? If you question the events and the identity of the perpetrators and hold the government accountable in your position as watchmen, you risk being marginalized and described with pejoratives by the power elite. Yet, the bombing attack provides us with the most recent clues about what is taking place directly in front of us, as the holes in the official narrative are nearly as large as those that exist in the security at our southern border and just as numerous. Despite the many inconsistencies that can be identified and dissected, one critical aspect of the Boston marathon bombing will provide valuable, if not undeniable insight into the deep bow or bad moon rising.
It is the account of Saudi national Abdullahrahman Ali al Harbi. If that name is unfamiliar, it is because our government and the corporate media intends it that way. In fact, the mere unauthorized discussion of al Harbi comes with the threat of jail for boots-on-the-ground field investigators. It is that serious and that much of a threat to the ultimate powers of government.
The Saudis, their globalist handlers and every person on the “proper side” of the deep bow contortion is laughing at you while you willingly sacrifice the lives of our sons and daughters in battles that do not represent our best interests."

‘Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home "Were two young jihadis from the North Caucasus region of Russia recruited to become Islamist terrorists and attack the United States at the Boston Marathon?" mcp


State Department tries to shut up lawyer for Benghazi whistleblowers RA

Democrat Officials Found Guilty Of Election Fraud: Resident Obama And Czar Hillary Clinton Forged Onto Presidential Primary Ballot in Indiana In 2008 Elections. PVC

Ann Dunham’s Passport Files obc

Have you heard about all the other Islamic Terrorism going on in America now? Didn’t think so. BNI

Monday, April 29, 2013

the biggest scam in world history & the Devil knows that his time is short

“He deceives himself who thinks the prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded.” Pope Benedict XVI, May 13, 2010

last October - 2012

"The biggest heist ever in world history took place here, in the United States of America, without anyone saying a word, without any armed guards, without so much as a chase. It was the perfect plan, the perfect crime of the century,..." NPR’s Betsy Liley Openly Admitted Obama Birther Cover Up fo@oryr

Has Watertown Made Warrantless Searches The 'New Normal'? cnsn

"The Bronx, NY abortion counselor is caught on tape describing, in gruesomely precise terms, how late-term abortions happen. She details what is done with a baby after the abortion and advises to “flush” the baby down the toilet if he or she is delivered at home before the final stage of the two- or three-day abortion procedure." CMR

Agenda 21, FEMA Camps, Eugenics , Codex and The New World Order explained plainly for you. WAKE UP AMERICA SAF

Secret Climate Meetings: Confronted with what some believe is a house on fire, Canadian Members of Parliament retire to the shadows and whisper to each other in secret. nofrakkingconsensus

Golf course finds more holes than 18 ta

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Black Choppers, Explosions & Nighttime Urban Exercises in Tinley Park, Illinois, West Texas was a missile test, The Saudi whose hands were burned, It is always a mosque, and the motive is always Islam.

Black Choppers, Explosions and Nighttime Urban Exercises Cause Mass Panic in Tinley Park, Illinois GWP

CPS Assaults Father and Snatches Baby from Mother After Doctor Discharges Baby from Hospital hin

Obama’s Passport Breach: Unanswered Questions, and an Unsolved Murder PR

Update On West/Waco Texas Fertilizer Plant Missile/Laser Strike: Government Motives To Destroy It With A Missile!

"be advised Winnipeg mosques… We are on to you: When over twenty thousand actions designed to kill as many people as possible or destroy as much property or history, it isn’t “faith” that motivates them." VTB

Russia Arrests 140 In Terrorist Sweep At Mosque FO

"The Saudi whose hands were burned was the 'trigger man.' He was the one who hit the ignition button. The electric charge was so enormous that it melted the cell phone that he had in his hands. This is why he was in the hospital being treated for severe burns to his hands...............and the rest you can figure out." @GUL1776

People assumed too soon that Adam Lanza was the lone gunman…why? MM

BOSTON (AP) "Two college friends of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who were jailed by immigration authorities the day after his capture had nothing to do with the deadly attack and had seen no hints that he harbored any violent thoughts or terrorist sympathies, a lawyer for one of them said Friday."

UNPRECEDENTED Shortages Of Ammo, Physical Gold And Physical Silver: President Putin, “America Don’t Give Up Your Guns! PVC

Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (April 20-26, 2013)

April 20, 2013 (9:55am)
Tell My beloved children that I know it is very difficult for you to believe that your government could be capable of committing such horrendous crimes as those you are seeing on tv but nonetheless it is true. Not all of the Administration is involved but many are. You were told these people will stop at nothing to keep their power and to keep you from finding out what they have been up to. My children, you are being asked not to be in areas where there are large crowds of people. These terrorists are being told where to strike next and it isn't always possible to know where or when this will occur. You have been told in past messages that these attacks would happen and now they are coming out boldly and committing these crimes in front of everyone knowing they will be protected and their identity will not be known. Some of the ones who will be caught after these crimes occur are going to be used to cover up the real culprits who have done these terrible deeds. Now you must be wondering why the Lord would be giving such outlandish messages and telling you things you have never heard and find hard to believe. My children, you must be protected and kept free from harm. This is why it is so very important to stay in the State of Grace since you never know where these attacks will take place next. My dear ones, these things won't last a long time but they will have devastating affects. Believe the courageous men and women who are risking their lives by trying to get these facts to the public. Of course most people won't believe them and consider them to be extremists. My children, these people have been blessed to find out all the facts of this Administration tactics and lies. I can tell you that your new president is also well aware of what the Administration is capable of and he can't wait to be in the position of the president so he can start taking action to stop all this from taking place.
I love you, Jesus.

April 21, 2013 (11:40am)
Tell My beloved children to stay in prayer. This will protect you from the snares of the enemy and keep you in peace. You can endure anything if your heart is filled with peace. When you put all your trust in the Lord, you are given additional graces to endure your trials. Remember, My children, the Lord is always with you even though you can't see Him or feel His Presence. Many of you are spending time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. You can attest to the fact that you actually do feel My Presence and the soft whisper of love in your hearts. Oh, My children, if only you all realized the benefits of praying before the Blessed Sacrament. Many healings take place there. It is mostly spiritual but sometimes people are healed emotionally and physically as well. The amount of trust you have will help you to overcome great difficulties. My dear ones, you will begin to hear people in the media telling you many falsehoods and erroneous information regarding the bombings that have taken place recently. You will never get the truth from the media as you hear it on tv. If you stay tuned to more conservative stations you will begin to get the truth. Many not all but a great number of these people are in prayer asking the Lord's guidance and wisdom in revealing what they know to be the truth. They have many videos and documents to prove their findings. They also are aware that their lives are in danger if they reveal what they have found out. Pray for these people, My dear ones. They are brave and trusting souls. Don't forget to continue your prayers and fasting for a quick resolve to getting your next president in his position as leader of your country. He too knows the truth and is in danger as well as those who want the American public to have all this damaging information against your government. Know that you are all in My Heart.
I love you, Jesus.

April 22, 2013 (9:33am)
Tell My beloved children not to listen to the media. They are not telling you the truth about the recent bombings. These people are in collusion with the government and are only telling what they are allowed to say. My children, your prayers are more urgent than ever now. The government is aware that many of you know what the truth is and now they will take drastic measures to limit your freedom. They will pretend to be protecting you from future terroristic attacks but actually are taking away your freedom guaranteed by your Constitution. There will be more terror attacks just to convince you that you need these drastic measures for your own safety. I realize many of you won't believe that your own government could do this to their citizens but these people are desperate to keep their power and nothing will stop them. I ask for more prayers and fasting to save your country. The man chosen for these times and those working with him and those in the conservative media trying to get the truth to the American people are in danger for their lives. I know this sounds unbelievable My children, but unfortunately it is the truth. Pray, pray, pray.
I love you, Jesus.

April 23, 2013 (10:48am)
Tell My beloved children there will be much speculation regarding these messages and their accuracy. This is due to the enemy trying to stop them at all costs. He sees more of My children praying and fasting and spending more time with me, Jesus, before the Blessed Sacrament. He can't fight this so he uses other ways to stop these words from being heard. Now there are many of you who are tired of waiting for all the events to happen that have been promised. You can see that many things prophesized have already occurred. You must open your eyes and heart to what is going on right now in your country. The government is trying to take away your Constitutional right to protect yourself. They are putting out false information regarding the attacks that have recently taken place. My dear ones, if you stay in prayer and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit, you will come to the truth. Remember, My children, the truth will set you free and you will be at peace knowing that God is always with you in any trials your country will have to endure. Continue to trust and pray for the truth to be revealed in your hearts.
I love you, Jesus.

April 24, 2013 (9:00am)
Tell My beloved children I love them very much and am pleased with their fervor in prayer and in so many of you fasting for your country. There are many days ahead when there will be continued lies and misinformation in the media. There will also be planned terror attacks to divert you from some of the finding regarding your president and those who like him want to keep their power. Some of these next plans to bring down your country will end in failure. My dear children, it is your prayers and belief in these messages that are helping their plans to be defeated. I know some of you are finding it difficult to believe that I, Jesus, would be so involved in what is going on in your government. You must be aware of what you are contending with in order to be able to support those who have the documents to have some of them including your president to be impeached. These people are endangering their lives by bring forth the information that will make the Administration lose their power and control over you. Continue to be aware of your surroundings in the days and weeks to come as they have more paid terrorists come into your country or even some who already live here to try more of their heinous crimes, crimes against you. Know, My dear ones, the enemy is trying to stop these messages from continuing since they are bringing more of My children back into the fold. Your prayers are needed to stop his efforts. Remember all Heaven supports these messages and want them to continue.
I love you, Jesus.

April 25, 2013 (9:25am)
Tell My beloved children to tell others of what you are hearing in these messages. Even though some of these words sound preposterous you will begin to see them happening as you are told here. You will then come to the truth. This Administration has so many people covering up all their lies and propaganda that they have convinced the public of their sincerity in finding out who the terrorists are who caused the bombings in your country. My dear ones, as you were told earlier these were paid terrorists by your government and the powers behind the scenes. Whenever they feel threatened of losing their power and of anyone finding out what they are doing to bring down your country they will divert your attention away from them. Oh, My dear children, many of you are beginning to doubt there is a chosen man for these times because you see no sign of anyone fitting the description of this man. He will begin to be more and more prominent on the internet and on conservative talk shows. He knows he is the man spoken of here. He loves this country and is doing everything humanly possible to save it. I know how hard it is for you to wait for all the things to unfold that will make it possible for him to be your next president, but believe with all your heart this will happen. Just when the powers behind the scenes think they are back in power and will continue with their agenda, the rug will be pulled out from under them and they will be defeated. Believe this truth, My dear ones, because this is all going to happen. Pray that it will occur very rapidly.
I love you, Jesus.

April 26, 2013 (9:15am)
Tell My beloved children you will be safe when you are in prayer. I can't stress this enough. The prayers will protect you from the wiles of the devil and also physically. My dear ones, the people in the major media circles are all being told what they can say or not say. It is best to not listen to the news in the media. They are mostly in tune with what the Administration is doing and go along with them. My dear ones, there are people who are good in the conservative media who are trying to tell you what this Administration is doing but it is so unbelievable many people do not believe them. They think their government could never be guilty of what they are being accused of. Some of the good people who have the facts and documents have been in prayer so they are given the truth. I know how difficult it is for you to accept what your present and some former Administrations have done to destroy your Constitution and tried to bring your country down economically. Now the powers behind the scenes think they have enough control to carry out all their evil plans and agenda. Remember, My children, all their efforts will fail in spite of all their tactics and lies. They will try to use scare as their weapon to control you but it won't work. The American people will rise up against them once it has been proven what this Administration and the powers behind them have done to destroy your country. Keep up the faith and trust in these messages no matter how unbelievable they are. Continue to pray and fast for your country and those who will take over as your new leaders.
I love you, Jesus

AUDIO GENERATED talking point from DHS 2 shut down MSM-THAT FREAKIN'-EVENT FILE-SAUDI, Martin, the 8-year-old Catholic boy who lay dying & Catholic priests who came running to the scene & were turned away, &, CHANGING the WORLD by KILLING AMERICANS

"God will hold us responsible if we simply condemn but do not pray for them."

America is mission territory—whether we recognize it yet or not Da Mihi Animas

Boston Marathon bombing: As dozens of victims were sprawled across Boylston Street, many of them in danger of death, Catholic priests came running to the scene—and were turned away. CC "Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy who died on Boylston Street, was a Catholic who had received his first Communion just last year. As Martin lay dying, priests were only yards away, beyond the police tape, unable to reach him to administer last rites…"

Little Brother Martin
You are with the Lord now, & Most Holy Mary
ask God to Pardon us & Grant us
amen, amen.

messages 4/21&24/13

"THIS MOMENT IS THE MOMENT OF THE MOMENTS. Pray from this moment on,
for those innocent that will perish.
Go to receive My Son in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Stay close to Him & pray the rosary, as it is the weapon w/which to repel the forces of evil."
form the indestructible wall to be built on the Love of My Son. 4/24/13

CNN Caught Interviewing Crisis Actor: & here's the RUB...no'foiling by the FBI'...FOILED by 'dedicated Americans' like the one who brought down the Saudi!

It all reeks of desperation… and it’s all so obvious. At least, for anyone paying attention. SAF

via noisyroom

Officials change story: Boston bombings suspect was unarmed fom

News: Eric Holder’s Justice Department: Most Diabolical Ever PR

important to remember: the FBI has been “positive” about the guilt of numerous people who were totally innocent: W'sB

Friday, April 26, 2013

An Islamic apology to Armenians, the dress rehearsal for martial law that locked down Boston, from cybersecurity,-the-sequel dept, &...

BANG: JP Morgan Exposed Selling 99.3% of ALL COMEX PHYSICAL GOLD in Last 3 Months! PB

An Islamic apology to Armenians. mfs-ton

9/11 jet landing gear found at Ground Zero Mosque site JW

America’s Progressive Gangrene: Obama’s Fraud; the 2nd Anniversary h2ooflife

Breaking Video: Jury Finds Democrat Officials Guilty In Obama Ballot Petition-Forging Scandal ORYR "Unqualified. Forged, Fraud, Illegitimate, Usurper, Con Man, Dictator. Rather simple, even for the O-holes to understand." Falcon
"There was a link from Drudge to the ballot fraud earlier today....but unless I just missed it, it is gone now;
Jury: Fraud put Obama on '08 ballot I suppose Drudge has been warned by the regime?" Bob68

Boston bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official MCP

Boston Commissioner Calls Boston Bombers "ACTORS"

The Boston Marathon Bombing, Texas Explosion, Paul Kevin Curtis' Ricin, and the AP Twitter account hacked all happened at the same time.

via i.imgur

"The real story was the dress rehearsal for martial law that had well over 1,000 armed-to-the-teeth urban police commandos locking the entire city of Boston down while they “searched” for the lone, skinny, 19 year old terrorist who was hiding in a boat." BIN@GUL1776

via Dead Sandy Hook Principal Seen @ Boston Bombing?

HOWEVER: As Expected, Senate Has No Interest In CISPA; Planning Its Own Cybersecurity Bill Instead "It's really looking like the cybersecurity legislation fight for 2013 is merely a remake of the 2012 edition. First, the House passes CISPA in April, despite widespread privacy concerns (and CISPA's backers pretending they've taken care of them). Then, the Senate goes in a totally different direction with a bigger, more complex cybersecurity bill (last year there were multiple versions before the compromise Cybersecurity Act became the bill of choice) that at least (eventually, with amendments) is a little more conscious of privacy issues, but which then fails to pass the Senate because the Chamber of Commerce freaks out about "something something regulations." And, then cybersecurity regulations, CISPA and all, die out until the following year. At least the first part of that, with CISPA happened both years, and now the Senate has made clear that it's going in its own direction again in part because it feels that CISPA does not do enough to protect privacy (whether or not that's the real reason is left open to speculation). Who knows if the rest of the script will play out the same, or if the sequel will have some plot-defying twists. Either way, it seems pretty clear that CISPA, as written, is officially stalled out. And that's a good thing, though we'll be paying close attention to what comes out of the Senate in the months ahead." techdirt

Missouri: GOP Rep. Turns the Tables on Dems: Introduces Bill That Makes Proposing Gun Control Laws a Felony VTB

Florida: Governor Signs Bill Restricting Drone Use 10thAC

La Sinkhole: Lake FUBAR Spreads West Lasinkhole

Colorado: Voter Registration Without Identification Caught On Tape

& in Arizona: Judge Sides With ICE Agents: Says Obama Admin. Can’t Refuse to Deport Illegal Aliens SwA

Apocalypse Paradigm: floating in the Hudson River, Benedict XVI returning to Rome, "Osama will be w/ Obama.", Fox news dangling from a very short leash. &, ANOTHER BC for Soetoro!! yeah baby...

floating in the Hudson River

Catholic midwives win landmark legal battle over objection to abortions telegraphUK

Diary of an Unborn Child

Letter #64: Benedict to Return to Vatican City tml

St. John the Baptist
PRAY for ALL Christian Martyrs of the EndTimes


legalizing a foreign invasion of millions. FO


Officials found guilty in Obama, Clinton ballot petition fraud NB08

"Boston Former Suspect al-Harbi is related to Ayman al-Zawahiri through marriage. He has six relatives wanted in Saudi Arabia for al-Qaida links and involvement. Further, al-Harbi had TWO Event Files - was this a previous act of terrorism? Seems so, since it initiated an Event File.
al-Harbi attended the same Muslim Brotherhood Mosque as the Tsarnaev brothers. The founder of the Mosque visited the White House after 9-11 to enlist "moderate" Muslims to denounce the terrorism, only to be later convicted of funneling 1 million dollars to al-Qaida in 2004.
What are the odds that a Saudi National, on a VIP entry visa, with TWO event files, attending the same Mosque as the Tsarnaev brothers, with family members that are active al-Qaida, would end up at ground zero w/ his clothes blown off?"


we may have had pictures of abdul al-salimi alharbi standing close by to the brothers tsarnaev just before the explosions at the boston marathon WS2008

FBI Questioning of Bomber Cut Off by Magistrate Judge nm

" My sons framed by U.S authorities "

"Osama will be with Obama." Omar Bakri Mohammed

On the other hand, people who steal often lie....

Boston Bomb Blasts

via PB

& the Baby in her womb jumped for joy!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

When Will Enough Be Enough America?, the ACLU circles the camels,

Senator Mitch McConnell Blocks Investigation Into Obama Identity Document Fraud oryr

When Will Enough Be Enough America? freedomoutpost

"They wanted to give the Saudi Prince who funded this, time to leave the country." photo via IN

the Watertown marshal law experiment: "A trained bloodhound would have tracked him from car to boat in 10 minutes flat." GLP

“They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about,...It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.” Coach Ali Stevenson to Local 15 4/15/13

Terrorism Incidents & Training Exercises DataGrid
scroll to bottom

meanwhile: Muslims stage pro-Boston terrorist demo in Austria. VTB

& this is where it gets REALLY sticky:
EMAIL: Islamic Society of Boston Tells Members to Call ACLU breitbart "I don't get it, the muslims have more rights than American Christians."

TMLC Client LTC Matthew Dooley Sacrificed by Pentagon to Appease Muslims SAF

Re: Warning: Stay Away From Alex Jones!!! GP

Breaking: Gulf of Mexico Explosions – off Mobile, Alabama << Napoleonville Link(!!) lasinkhole

Canada: Shropshire Sheep Case farmtoconsumer

Sen. Duell’s office declined to provide comment for this story. "A new bill advancing through the Texas Legislature would allow doctors to decide when you die, giving them the authority to issue “Do Not Resuscitate” orders regardless of the wishes expressed by patients or their families." PB

THIS IS WHAT THE NDAA LOOKS LIKE: Watertown resident describes police searches during manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, &, Carlos Arredondo visits Jess Bauman

CISPA and the Internet Takeover patriotupdate

Retired USMC Sgt. Major Calls Out Those In Government Complicit In The Islamic Nazi Movement FO

Update: Sheriff Joe's Obama Identity Fraud Investigation; Criminal Prosecution Movement? GUL1776

the most dangerous criminal at large this week, WJ
"In the comments caught by the mic, Obama urged Medvedev to tell incoming Russian president Vladimir Putin to give him time:
"On all these issues, but particularly missile defence, this, this can be solved – but it's important for him to give me space."
Medvedev replied: "Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you."
Obama then elaborated: "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."
Medvedev responded: "I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir." guardian.co.uk, Monday 26 March 2012

Did the FSB Set Up the FBI? tcm

Watertown resident describes police searches during manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
via NR

Another day, another set of questions about the many discrepancies in this evolving story about the Boston Marathon Islamist terrorist attack: Secretary of State Kerry's closed-door meeting w/ Saudi ambassador & Barack Obama's unexpected encounter w/ Saudi bigwigs in the WH - "Who were the other Saudi nationals who were wounded in the explosion, seen with Al-Harbi," wtpotus

@2:30 how is he doing?

Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs in Boston Marathon bombing, gives birthday present to fellow victim Sydney Corcoran nydn this & this

“I spent an hour there trying to talk with him and laugh with him and let him know how great he was doing while all this was happening,” Carlos Arredondo

Did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Post Bail? PR

& then there's the Gov. of Ma. WS

The Bombing Suspect Didn’t Shoot Himself … He Didn’t Wasn’t Even Armed When Hiding In the Boat W'sB

Alex Jones scores one for tyranny CFP
via theconservativemonster


SPAIN: Two Muslim ‘MyJihadists’ arrested for plot that appeared to mimic Boston Marathon attacks BNI

Obama administration further Allying with Pro-Hitler Sheikh? WS "How is it that the ‘ultra-conservatives’ in the west vehemently oppose supporting the Syrian rebels while the left-wing / moderate Republicans like McCain and Graham support them, along with the far left?"

recall, if you will: August 12, 2008, 6:51 PM / McCain Continues Hard-Line Approach Toward Russia washwire

via fellowshipofminds

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi Wants Everyone To Know He Is Doing Fine", &, Boston bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ was Halliburton contractor

4MIN News April 24, 2013: ISON Request 2.0, Solar Wind Strengthening

Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi Wants Everyone To Know He Is Doing Fine FO

~ from Saudi National to Chechen brothers? PP
~ According to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, Al-Harbi was put on and taken off a terrorist watchlist during those 24 hours as well. WS

So why is this line of inquiry crucially relevant to the Boston Marathon bombings? MCP

Conciliatory FBI policies toward Islam hampered probe into Boston jihad bombers JW

O THAT SAUDI, ANOTHER DRY RUN TO SEE HOW THE AMERICAN WILL REACT: "beyond mind-boggling" - AP hacked, stock market drops 130 pts, &, THAT 212 3B!!!

"...& the stock market only failed 130 points... is beyond mind-boggling."

"...the present state of created confusion & chaos..."
"Imagine the world were it to go back in time for this is what slowly will take place." message to Eileen 4/21/13

Benghazi Report Critical of Hillary Buried in Graf 17 of NY Times Story; Wash Post Runs Full Account NB

On the verge of creating and Imperial Dictatorship GUL1776

‘Armed and Dangerous’: Saudi National Once a ‘Person of Interest’ in Boston Bombings TB

via noisyroom

Breaking: Saudi Student Alharbi Visited the White House Several Times GWP

Boston jihad murderer's name was on classified government watch lists JW

Sibel Edmonds: FBI May Have Tried to RECRUIT Boston Bombers W'sB

"Opposed to what many believe, the recently enacted criminal complaint against Dzokhar Tsarnaev doesn’t prove his guilt. Just to the contrary, it proves that he did not plant the second bomb at the Boston Marathon.
The distance between Tsarnaev’s position and the epicenter of the explosion may be small, only 3 to 5 meters, but it’s sufficient to prove his innocence because it was certainly not his bag that caused the blast. Even FBI Special Agent In Charge Richard DesLauriers stated on April 16 (two days before he presented the suspects) that both of the pressure cookers were inside dark-colored bags or backpacks."
The 2nd Explosion at the Forum Restauraunt is More Evidence of Boston False Flag GEE

Judge acquits Gosnell on 3 out of 8 murder charges HE

"Twenty-one years ago, after George Bush Sr. signed onto the Rio Accords adopting Agenda 21, this nightmare began in our nation. That was close to the end of his Presidency. As soon as Clinton came in, he doubled down on Agenda 21, creating the President’s Council on Sustainable Development by Executive Order."
Agenda 21: John Kerry & Nancy Pelosi & 21 Years Ago FO

absolute MUST SEE, This is all real & happening before our eyes...even the ACLU & Communists are getting worried, the Obamas may have a big problem on their hands,

"There are a million reasons why this is the most incredible kickass thing I have ever seen." via Boston Bombing Victims Get Inspiring Visit From Marines iotw

when the Benghazi gun running went bad cnsn

via faultlineusa

This is all real, & happening before our very eyes. Paleologo@JW

Where is the mob of Muslim-hating Americans going crazy after Boston? It's a figment of liberals' imaginations JW

via GWP

"The first lady allegedly visited this hospital on April 18th, just two days after he had been placed on a watchlist (according to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano):" WS

Obama is supplying the Chechen rebels with our newest sniper rifles. They shoot Christians. "This is who Obama is letting into America, who he is arming and financing in Syria, and who bombed Boston." PR

"Today I called the Internal Affairs division of the Boston Police Department for answers on the actions of the Boston Police Dept during the terrorist search mission. I filed an official complaint with them for suspected Constitutional violations.
I was then forwarded to the Boston Police Dept. attorney. I asked her if the Boston Police had a warrant to enter people’s homes at gunpoint and search their property? She said she was not there but she assumed the people gave consent." (OR NOT!) Senior Chief Geoff Ross, US Navy retired initiates investigation at the Boston Police Dept. civil rights violations SAF

via RRR

If they can't slaughter us with bombs and guns they will bleed us to death economically. NB

Survey finds the overwhelming majority of cops think gun control won’t do diddly-squat against crime. Fom

Vermont Supreme Court Hears Case Challenging Legality Of Obama's Run For Re-Election oryr

HHS has to pay PR firm, $3.1 million to sell Obamacare PB

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shocking Facebook of Canada Train Terrorist, & all the takiyya that's fit to spew

"his facebook page which was deleted minutes after our discovery (and after we saved it) is a different story. At the top is a detailed flowchart on Al-Qaeda’s plans, command and control, and methodology – from leadership to cell creation." WS

Mosque that Boston jihad bombers attended has ties to jihad terrorists JW

"Niwad Awad, director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) went on The O'Reilly Factor tonight and tried to tell Bill that radical Islam is not the primary driver of terrorism in the world. Bill let him have it. This was an epic slapdown." GWP

The Tsarnaev case threatens the Islamic narrative, activist Anita Temishiva's petition to H.J.Bounel on behalf of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev getting a fair trial, what happened to the Saudi you say??!, not to worry, Harrison J.Bounel aka Soebarka aka Barry Soetoro aka BHO s'gonna blame the FBI.

"The administration made the FBI drop the investigation they started on a 10 or more manhunt to co-conspirators to the Boston bombings! Now it is all a lone wolf deal where two “BOYS” got caught up on the internet jihadist sites and built their own bombs from instructions on the internet. However, the FBI said the trigger mechanisms were way too complex for just a bunch of “BOYS” to build them. Wow, can you say cover up by our own government!" KSperson Posted on April 23, 2013 at 12:26pm

"who in their right mind believes what MSM reports? From the way Fox, CNN, ABCNews was reporting the news about how the youngest brother was first "on the run", then being captured, then not being captured, then being captured, then escaping capture, I thought the youngest brother was the damn Gingerbread man!" Magnum Opus

"OMG OMG where are my pilllsssss" Hoode

The Murder of Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr., Lake Michigan water shipped to CHINA for big $, FUKUSHIMA MUTATIONS

The Murder of Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr.

Janet Napolitano says Alharbi (Saudi National) was ‘put on a watchlist’ "This is in stark contrast to what she told the Rep. Jeff Duncan at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing last week." WS

Rand Paul FO

Maddow Punked: Court Transcript Does Not Support Defendant Confession to Boston Bombing GEE

@ 00:39

Gosnell Acquitted on 3 Counts of Murder, 5 Counts of Corpse Abuse in Grisly Murder Trial PR

Election Observers Expose Massive Voter Fraud During Hearing oryr

Mutated cabbage w/4 small ones outside & 10 inside, produced in western JP fukushima-diary

“Unusual number of mutated gerbera in one case in Tokyo” fukushima-diary

Nestle’ Water Hoarding By Fascism: Nestle’ CEO, ” Access To Water Should Not Be A Public Right” Sales $100.30 Billion For 2012. PVC "...Lake Michigan water is being shipped by the boatloads over to China!
By using a little-known loophole in the 2006 Great Lakes Compact, Obama minions are allowing Nestle Company to export precious fresh water out of Lake Michigan to the tune of an estimated $500,000 to $1.8 million per day profit."

Sniper takes aim @ home owner during Boston marshal law 'exercise'

Boston Police State Sniper Aims at Home-owner through window cp

the 1st 212-3B Saudi, the WACO WTF, 9000 armed w/ badges breach the 4th amendment, The new “Al Jazeera America” (MSM completely ignore), Internet Sales Tax Bill On Fast Track, Bostonians Willingly Suspend The Constitution

Hello, hello, FIRST SAUDI ( 212-3B )
ARRESTED was also involved in BOSTON BOMBING…

Boston Terror Narrative Starts Falling Apart: Chechen Brothers Did NOT Rob 7-11 W'sB

a story that the mainstream media has all but completely ignored. tsd

Mayor Bloomberg: Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston Bombing GWP

& @ the same time: Criminal Jury Trial Begins For Obama Ballot Petition-Forging Scandal; Obama Disqualified? oryr

Hillary on Benghazi: "What difference does it make?"
Matthews on Marathon Bombing: "What difference does it make?"
The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976 pt.2: "What the hell difference does it make now? So what? What difference does it make?"

was that a tomahawk?? tgr

Breaking: Two alleged islamist terrorists have been detained in Murcia and Zaragoza. "The homes of both detainees were searched in Zaragoza and Murcia: Nou Mediouni – Algerian national, and Hassan El Jaaouani – Moroccan national." VTB

the 4th Amendment
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Internet Sales Tax Bill On Fast Track In Senate fo "The text of this legislation, which would fundamentally change interstate commerce, only became available on the Library of Congress website over the weekend. And you thought ObamaCare was jammed through Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic House in a hurry."

Farrakhan’s son accused of misusing police assets for Nation of Islam tcn

Terrorism Highlights Threat From Al Jazeera in America GB

Monday, April 22, 2013

it only gets more interesting from here: Police perform house-to-house raids in Watertown MA ripping innocent families from their homes

Voter Fraud Trial May Demonstrate Obama Never Qualified In 2008 FO "Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic Party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr. faces multiple felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe is charged with nine felony forgery counts and one felony count of falsely making a petition of nomination. The proceedings began Monday in South Bend."

Family ripped from their home at gunpoint; Police storm the property looking for terrorists

"Today’s Todd Starnes article was scrubbed by FOX. Why? Starnes ranks among the most credible journalists. Any ways … there is a screen print at the following link." SAUDI NATIONAL QUESTIONED IN BOSTON WAS ON TERROR WATCH LIST CathyvanDyke@theblaze- April 22, 2013 at 4:50pm

Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints
Boston Herald / fb

Police perform house-to-house raids in Watertown MA ripping innocent families from their homes

The path to WW III – Obama’s blood trail from Benghazi to Boston pb

ATTN. PRAYER WARRIORS: The Pope, Fatima, the plan of the heavenly Father to bless the world through the Immaculate Heart, &, the universal destruction that the Evil One wants

"There is only one way to prepare. Cleanse your hearts of all sin. Gather your loved ones in prayer."

1. Dark Secrets

2. The Heart That Has Lost Its Dreams

3. When the Road Ends

4. Striving and Restlessness
"Mankind rushes ahead in a thousand different directions, never stopping, never turning to God for light."

1. They Are to Blame

2. Defining Society’s Ills

3. Nations Brought to Their Knees
"The nations have banished me, even those whom I have raised up from their infancy."

4. Leaders of Darkness
"Evil and iniquity have been sown for decades and for centuries. Now is the harvest time."

5. Weapons Everywhere
"Mankind alone has chosen this path, a path devoid of divine light. He is entrapped in the constant diabolical attraction to power and to violence."

1. The Great Mysteries
"God has a precise moment for all his actions. Only when the world is ready or when the situation is so dire, does he revel a fresh burst of light so that hearts, in such desperate need, open wide to receive."

2. The Unlocked Mystery
"...the plan of the heavenly Father to bless the world through my Immaculate Heart."

6. The New Darkness
"These leaders are confronting a demonic intelligence with their own intellects. They do not recognize the supernatural nature of the current darkness."
"All is beyond the power of any world leader. The night advances. The lights are extinguished."

A Concerted Disinformation Campaign: "make no mistake, there is something very significant going on in Massachusetts.", HOW DID HE END UP DEAD?, Monsanto & Waco Missile Strike, &, GMOs in USDA Organic Food

"its natural appetite joins with the will of its Master,
& it instantly dives at the Word of command"

today...when i finished gardening the church yard...2 planes criss-crossed making an 'X' chemtrail directly OVER the Church. i invoked the BLOOD of THE LAMB upon this place & a cormorant then appeared...flying south to north.
Lord God, i am no longer a fool. THANK YOU.

Benedict XVI on the Most Precious Blood

O Divine Eternal Father
You alone own the Elements
every human heart
NOTHING is outside of Your Will.
in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,
amen, amen.

the little brother

"The Russian people will be the people who will glorify God the most." OLoMedjugorje 1981

Dear Dzhokhar, You don’t know me, but you tried to kill my family. iGc2

The Washington Post Now Fully On Board with Gosnell Trial gb
~ "there is no moral difference between sucking out a baby's brains while it is still in the birth canal and snipping its spine moments after it is born." nr

Police perform house-to-house raids in Watertown ripping innocent families from their homes at Gunpoint.

"this was just an excuse to see how much people are willing to put up with."

A message to Glenn Beck from a listener: oryr

meaNWHILE: Obama’s blood trail from Benghazi to Boston HSUS

"The uncle of the two men who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon, who struck the only grace note in an otherwise horrific week, worked as a “consultant” for the Agency for International Development (USAID) a U.S. Government Agency often used for cover by agents of the CIA, in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan during the “Wild West” days of the early 1990’s, when anything that wasn’t nailed down in that country was up for grabs." mcp

"9,000+troops, black hawk helicopters, satellite communications, a city of 4 million shut down that will cost Boston, $333 million...to apprehend a 19 year old who reportedly is in serious condition..."

via politicalvelcraft

Team Obama Threatening 20 Year Prison Term For Those That Speak To Press

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said Sunday...

however: Massachusetts Governor’s problems may be bigger than previously thought WS "make no mistake, there is something very significant going on in Massachusetts.'

&/but then,

ALL THE 'ELITES' USE THE MUZZIES: The Soviet Roots of Today’s Islamic Terrorism tcm

Original Saudi Suspect also Involved in Boston Bombing, State Department Cover-Up PR

It’s time to expose Islam for what it is to the American public at large and bypass the mainstream media. FO



GMOs in USDA Organic Food fw

Monsanto Waco Missile Strike For Vermont? Monsanto Threatens To Sue Vermont If It Passes Transparent GMO Labeling Bill. pvc

BP Oil Spill Clean Up Worker: Video Evidence of Massive Cover Up

"Without search warrants troopers by the dozen invaded homes with guns drawn"

“Nor should we forget the words of the Declaration of Independence and our “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence” for His defense of our rights.”
Please take time to contact these Senators and thank them for their support of the Second Amendment and your ability to carry out your duty before God to keep and bear arms. You can contact them here. freedomoutpost

"What is scary are the images of heavily armed forces from numerous overlapping acronym-named government agencies parading through neighborhoods. Without search warrants troopers by the dozen invaded homes with guns drawn while the owners hunkered down. People stay home, lock their doors, businesses close without a peep in compliance to government request. Politicians use the opportunity to support the illusion that only the state can protect them." RP

(The Real Talmud):"Jewish revolutionaries like Paul Krassner and I were useful idiots.
The days when Jews can pretend anti-Semitism is an irrational sickness are over. "
(Note: On Nov. 29 2005 I had a telephone conversation with Des Griffin who told me that he was invited to Walter White's house in CA and listened to the tape of the interview. The Rosenthal character in the interview sounded like a bad actor reading from a script. Certain words were repeated. He says the information is totally credible but the conspiracy is real and does not need to be embellished by fraud.)
~ The "Dancing Israelis" FBI Report - Debunked towb
~ police-israel-investigation-boston rt

‘Terrorista#1′: Bragging license plate on BMW belonging to friends of captured Boston bomber who were arrested along with another woman in dramatic raid vtb

Obama Buries Boston Massacre Saudi Connection

Alharbi not the only Saudi being Deported? ws

in Cambridge:
Boston Bomber's Mosque Has Muslim Brotherhood Ties clarionproject

in Michigan: On Thursday, April 18, the Michigan House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill prohibiting state agents and law enforcement from participating with the federal government in the indefinite detention of its citizens. pvc

& in Egypt: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood 'Regime' rule slowly starving the Egyptian people. mfs-ton

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (April 13-19, 2013)

Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (April 13-19, 2013)

April 13, 2013 (12:55pm)
Tell My beloved children there is more hope for the future. More of you are praying and fasting for your country and God is hearing your cry for help. So many times in the past if enough people would have done the same thing the history of your country could have been changed for the better. God hears the sincerity of your prayers and is very pleased. He also knows that many of you are getting frustrated that things are not happening the way you expect them to. Just remember, My children, God's timing is always perfect so always remember that as you wait for events to unfold. You have been told over and over that the banks will be closing and to take your money out before it's too late. The Administration can have this happen overnight and make up some so called reasonable answer for this. Of course they will say this is temporary. Don't believe this lie, My children. They are conniving this in order to keep all the money for themselves. My dear ones, so many people in Congress who are supposed to be Christian and even Catholic are compromising principles to go along with the Administration because they think they can get along better and get things accomplished. Don't allow yourselves to be deceived by the devil who is the father of lies. You will be held accountable for what you know in your heart is wrong but yet compromise in order to not look bad to others. Oh, My children, your country needs to turn back to God and there will be no need to give in on your principles. If you continue to pray and fast your country will come back to God and be back on sound ground under which it was started with your founding fathers. Keep up the good work, My children. Your Heavenly Father is very pleased with you.
I love you, Jesus.

April 14, 2013 (11:15am)
Tell My beloved children there is always time to tell your family you love them. There will come a time when you will wish you told them this if you wait until they are no longer alive. My dear ones, why is it so difficult for you to say these words. It would help your family relationships if you could just make the effort to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and how important they are in your life. If only more of My children could show their love and appreciation for family members there would be so much harmony. You would find it easier to overlook their minor transgressions and there would be peace. Whatever goes on in families spreads throughout the world. Whatever the conditions in your family, that affects those not in your family by your outward attitude when you are with others. Try to promise the Lord that you will make peace with your family members every time there is a conflict or dispute about anything and you will begin to feel more love in your heart. My dear ones, if your own country especially those whom you elect for public office could practice this, the world would be a better place to live in and there would be no reason for wars. My dear ones, continue to pray for the next president who has been chosen to replace this one. He will have much to suffer and overcome once he is in office. He will be given additional graces to carry out what will help to bring your country back to God. Have patient endurance until this all happens. In the mean time pray with all your heart for this to come about as soon as possible. This depends on your prayers and the grace of God.
I love you, Jesus.

April 15, 2013 (9:08am)
Tell My beloved children that I am always with them. They can reach out to Me in prayer and I will hear them. When you pray you come closer to Me. When you come to Me before the Blessed Eucharist you will receive many graces. If you pray your Rosary and spend at least one hour before the Tabernacle you can receive a plenary indulgence which remits all your sins. It is such a shame that your priests don't promote this holy practice in the parishes since most people are not aware of the power of Eucharistic Adoration. My dear ones, there is a lot going on behind the scenes in your government. They are making plans to make it impossible for you to have protection for yourself or your family. They are trying desperately to get rid of or bypass one of your Amendments to the Constitution. Don't be taken in by their lies and distortions. My dear ones, it is very important that they don't get their way in this regard. The very ones who you need protection from is the government who is trying to control you. Your prayers and actions are most urgently needed at this time. The man chosen for these times to be your next president and his followers are doing many things behind the scenes to prevent this from happening. You will be hearing from them asking for your financial help and support. Please try to do this for anyone trying to stop your government from carrying out another part of their agenda to take over your country by keeping you under their control. As mentioned earlier your prayers and fasting will help to bring this about sooner.
I love you, Jesus.

April 16, 2013 (9:31am)
Tell My beloved children that the events of yesterday in your country have been orchestrated by members behind the scenes who control many terror attacks around the world. By now most of you are thinking this is crazy for the Lord to be making an outrageous statement like this, but unfortunately you have to be made aware of how these people think. They will stop at nothing to keep their power including killing and maiming their own citizens. My dear children, this is why you are being told to stay in the State of Grace and get to Confession if you have serious sins to confess. You never know when your life will be asked of you. You will never get the real truth from this Administration about who perpetrated this horrific crime. My dear ones, these are some of the things that these terrorists will try again. You are being warned to stay out of downtown areas of large cities whenever possible. Always be wary of people around you so you can be prepared to protect yourselves at all times. Remember, My children, these things won't last a long time and also know that God is in control. You are safe when you stay in prayer. My dear children, I know it is hard for you to believe these words, but they are the truth. You will be given the right facts when you stay in prayer and turn to the Lord. Keep praying your Rosary and trust in God's Divine Providence to get you through these trying times.
I love you, Jesus.

April 17, 2013 (9:37am)
Tell My beloved children there will be joy and contentment in the future with your new president and most of the present Administration is gone. Yes, My children, there will be suffering but most importantly hope for the future. Right now everything in your country is in turmoil economically, spiritually, and emotionally. So many people have lost their jobs and there is turmoil in families. My dear ones, when you pray and put your trust in the Lord even under the most trying circumstances you can still have peace in your hearts. Oh, My dear children, there will be a lot of lies and distortions from this Congress when they try to pass laws that will further put you under the control of this Administration. There are still very good men and women in Congress who are trying to defeat the plans of those who want control. Keep praying and fasting for the victims of the terroristic attack that they may find comfort and support from those who reach out to them. Oh, My children, keep praying for a quick end to this Administration so your country can come back to God, love it's citizens, and want only what is best for the good of all. May you have peace, hope, and courage as you wait for the final outcome.
I love you, Jesus.

April 18, 2013 (9:17am)
Tell My beloved children to expect more of these attacks for awhile in your country. These attacks are a diversion from what the government and the powers behind the scenes don't want you to know about. This will keep the focus on the devastation occurring and no attention on the government. I know this sounds hard to believe, but these attacks are orchestrated and paid for by the powers behind the scenes. I'm telling My beloved children to take your money out of the bank before they are closed and be sure to have plenty of food in the house. You must be prepared, My children, so you aren't caught unprepared. My dear children, it is so very important to be in the Sate of Grace as you go through these difficult times. You never know when you will have your last day on earth. My dear children, these words aren't meant to frighten you they are being told to you out of love. I don't want any of you to lose your souls so please heed these words. You can't put off going to Confession. For some of you it has been too many years and you are taking a chance of losing your souls. Oh, My children, many of you are being told by e-mails and letters coming to your homes and in the conservative media what this Administration has gotten away with by ignoring the Constitution and devaluing it's meaning. The man chosen for these times loves this country and is working tirelessly to bring it back to its original words by the founding fathers. He will be able to accomplish so much more once this Administration is gone. I ask again for your prayers and support for this man and his family as he prepares to come forward and eventually take his position as your next president.
I love you, Jesus.

April 19, 2013 (8:59am)
Tell My beloved children there will be no conclusion in these attacks. The real people who are behind these crimes will be protected and never known. I know this is hard to believe but the powers behind the scenes have much control now. Soon that will change but in the mean time they are pulling all the strings in the background. Be aware of your surroundings whenever you are out publicly, My children. These evil people intend to cause more terror in your country hoping to be able to change laws and make new ones to control it's citizens. You are living in times like none other, My dear children. These people are godless and nothing is wrong to them as long as it fits their agenda. Oh, My children, you must pay attention to these words. There are so many of My children who are living in sin and think nothing of it. They are so desensitized because everyone around them is living the same way so they don't think it is even sinful. My dear children, you have dulled your consciences and no longer know right from wrong. In your heart you know but you don't listen to your heart. You want to do your will not God's. Oh, My children you are playing with fire regarding your souls. Some day you will have to account for the way you lived your lives on earth. Have you done anything to serve God by helping those who were put into your life to help or are you just living for yourselves and your own happiness? My children, when are you going to acknowledge your sins? It may be too late when you are called to live out your last breath. My children, there is so much good that will come to your country if you come back to the Lord and change your sinful lives. In spite of the way most of you are living, happily there are a lot of you who have changed and are praying and fasting. These are the ones who are saving your country from total collapse. Join the rest of My children and start praying. Your lives will be so much richer and peaceful.
I love you, Jesus.