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Friday, March 1, 2013

"The public eats that bullshit up with sprinkles.", Election Fraud: large computers, SDRs, (D)s & (R)s, HAARP Attack On Middle America

“Republican leaders’ sequester ‘meeting’ with Obama: Seven minutes” proteinwisdom

HAARP Attack On Middle America Brings ‘Blizzard Of Oz’ To Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma & Missouri 2012glorioushope

3/1/2013 — Alabama 2.7M Earthquake — Fracking / Pumping induced — flank of a HUGE operation sd

Obama Election Fraud Tied to Same-Day Registration ndi "This can’t be a coincidence. There must be a degree of rigging, here. It’s just a different kind versus the type seen in the Republican primaries where, for instance, the GOP actually removed and stuffed ballots in caucuses to advance the chosen candidate (Mitt Romney). It is also different from the rig which has been confirmed in certain key states, like Ohio, where in 2004 the vote counts were altered on behalf of Bush & Co. through large computers."