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Monday, March 11, 2013

the Conclave begins: "No one will stand in my way....Her enemies rejoice"

Cardinal Sean O'Malley remains talk of Rome wcvb

LOCUTIONS to the World 3/7/13


No one will stand in my way. No one will block the object of my will – that my chosen priest will sit upon the Chair of Peter. These are my designs and why I am bringing this about. For too long my Church has trusted in her own strength. She has grown. She extends to all the world. Her numbers continue to increase. However, something is wrong at the heart of my Church. She has lost her first love. She glories in her riches. She prides herself on her numbers. She trusts in her institutions. All along, she has wandered from her first love. She has strayed from me, the source of living waters.

Now, when she faces problems and scandals, she is perplexed and goes on the defensive. Her enemies rejoice. They continue to pound her, using all their ammunition. To all of this, the Church tries to respond as an institution.

O, my Church, I will lead you on a different path. My priest son whom I will raise to the papacy has nothing except me. He brings only the fire in his heart. He has not forgotten his first love and that is where he shall lead you.


How I have protected him. He, alone, knows all the parts to this inner story. He is alive today because of me. He lives only in my Immaculate Heart. In my heart, is the only place he can exist. Outside of my heart, he has no life, no existence, no call, and especially, no papacy and no ability to lead the Church.

He will bring only one gift to the Church, my Immaculate Heart. But is this not enough? Does not my heart contain every gift? Did not the Holy Spirit come upon my heart and bring forth the Word of God? What else is the purpose of the Church? Does it not exist to bring forth my Son in every heart?

O Church, have you forgotten why your exist? Have you forgotten the fire that led to the great martyrs, like Perpetua and Felicity. I am bringing you a pope of fire, not his own fire but my fire. He knows only my Immaculate Heart and the divine fire placed there by the Holy Spirit. What else do you need? You have forgotten your first love.

Boston's Cardinal O'Malley celebrates Mass in his titular church in Rome, Santa Maria della Vittoria

Cantigas de Santa Maria - Macar e door