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Monday, March 4, 2013

אַרְבֶּה , REPEAT, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!, the Lavender Mafia, Harrison J.B.'s MILLION $$ WEEKEND GETAWAY & Another 250 million in US taxpayer $$ off to Egypt's MB

the Lavender Mafia within the Church & homosexual clerics who promote and protect each other TAC

PLAGUE OF 30 million locusts hits Egypt BNI


BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA PREDICTS DISASTER AFTER TAKING MILLION-DOLLAR WEEKEND GETAWAY saf "Obama’s Air Force One trip to play golf in Florida with Tiger Woods last week cost roughly what could have otherwise been available to prevent half of the 750,000 ‘non essential’ federal employee furloughs which the Administration says will begin."

Swiftboat Kerry gives the Muslim Brotherhood killers in Egypt Another 250 million in US taxpayer dollars atlasshrugs2000

meanwhile, in Texas: Hamas-linked CAIR Texas leader: "If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land" JW

As Fellow 'Journalists' Back-Stab Woodward, Others Come Out to Speak of Brutal White House Hectoring of Reporters RRR

1,165 People Starved to Death in British Hospitals Under National Health Care fpm

WORLD: Massive Turnout for Kenya Elections PR