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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More black smoke, Cardinal Sean & B.Soetoro: TAKE A LONG LOOK @ the EYES, Meteor explodes over South Africa, Insanemedia - Sandy Hook: Cast of Characters pt.1

the 115 cardinal electors failed to elect a pope on their second and third ballots. CNS

Boston's Sean O'Malley next pope? Speculation grows

O'Malley, the 'cappuccino priest,' a hit in Rome

"Then, came what the Evil One thought was his final blow..." LttW 3/6/13

it's all in the eyes pvc

Image of the Beast - Ice Sculpture of Obama Set in Jerusalem March 2013: Barry to ride the democrat ‘donkey’ into Jerusalem on the same day Jesus Christ did abortionprophecy


clear BLUE sky upon waking.
chemies wafting in from the east.
3 hours later, almost total white-out.
hello!! is anybody home??

the stupid is thick on this one:
"President Obama Won't Balance Budget 'Just for the Sake of Balance'"
Barry_Barack Hussein_Dunham_Soebarkah_Bounel_Soetoro_Obama's interview @ yahoo

the ideal assassin of our Republic & Constitution: AGENDA 21 "It has been proved that Barry spent the years in the 1980s (when he claimed to have been attending Columbia University) working with the Mujahideen in Pakistan running weapons (and drugs) for the CIA. His treason tracks have been covered by the Military Industrial Complex and the bought-and-paid-for media. Since he was a confirmed Marxist and Muslim, intimate with all things Islamic, he was groomed for this job. This is why Afghanistan was “his war.” For the globalist enemies in our government, it was never about 9/11 or our freedoms. It was and still is about oil pipelines and quadrupled poppy crops. Our CIA is the most proficient drug trafficker on the planet. Our troops have become mere cannon fodder for these war-mongering globalists. Our military has been infiltrated by traitors, so we cannot depend on “the troops” to come to our assistance when the SHTF; our guys will remain deployed thousands of miles away from DC, where our real enemies plot and plan our demise.
The ongoing “disposal” of Middle Eastern monarchs and dictators is about ridding this oil-rich region of NWO nay-sayers. None of these rulers or their people wanted anything to do with a New World Order. The Arab Spring is nothing more than bringing about orchestrated chaos (by the UK’s invention, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the CIA’s invention, commonly known as al Qaeda .. anyone heard of Tim Osman?) and doing their dirty work for them. They care not that thousands will die. They care not if MILLIONS die, because their ultimate plan is to depopulate the planet and save the “pristine wilderness” for their own enjoyment. The remaining able-bodied slaves will be spared to service their needs."

Obama knows what’s coming, and it’s bad news theblacksphere

"All of these states are at relatively high northern latitudes, and most of them have granitic soil geology, which makes them more susceptible to geomagnetic storms. New England is in a neighborhood known to be dangerous for geomagnetic storms. " FSM

Meteor explodes in skies over South Africa tep

Sandy Hook: Cast of Characters insanemedia via CP

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">Comes to video to hear cool medieval music
>scrolls down to see comments
>everybody's talking about whether or not Hitler was Catholic...
(o.o)" KingRivfader