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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Messages from Jesus Given to Chosen Child 3/ 9-15/13

the Dove was released ... but became terrified
& attempted to fly back into the room.

The Gull came swiftly to assist her... that she
would not expend her energy clinging to the wall...

&, tucking its head under her, lifted her into flight.
I know this w/certainty because I tend Doves,
& do also feed the Gulls that are their constant company
on the Church roof.
I have witnessed them drive the Hawks off,
standing guard over my Doves.
It's easy to think you know what you see;
fools babble all sorts of 'symbolism' & such.
Be careful of these fools when 'the warning' comes.

the little brother

Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (March 9-15, 2013)

March 9, 2013 (8:58am)
Tell My beloved children this is the weekend when the documents will be leaked to the media. They will ignore them for the most part. Soon there will be more interest in them and more talk will be had on tv and radio talk shows. The public will start wanting to know more about these documents and it is then that they will be fully given the information of the facts. The Administration will be shocked at first and then they will scramble to put a plan of action into place. This is when the paid terrorists will come in and cause major riots and chaos everywhere. Oh, My children, these things have been predicted for a long time and now it is here. Now you must get more food and I warn you again to take your money out of the banks. Once the Administration sees how things are going the ones behind the scenes will manufacture reasons for closing all the banks. Of course they will say it is temporary until things get under control, but these are all lies so they can confiscate all the money for themselves. I know this sounds like a fairy tale made from someone's wild imagination My children, but unfortunately this is all true and about the happen. These are the things that will bring about the chosen man for these times and the miracle to cause it to occur. My dear ones, pray for your Cardinals as they start the Conclave to elect your next Pope. There is much conflict going on behind the scenes. So please ask the Holy Spirit to inspire these Cardinals with wisdom and discernment when they make their decision. Remember to focus on Jesus as these events take place.
I love you, Jesus.

March 10, 2013 (11:01am)
Tell My beloved children to listen carefully to what you will be hearing in the media. There will be great conflict and division over the documents as they are revealed. Some in the media will begin to believe the information in the documents and others will vehemently deny these things. The public will be confused as well since there will be many varying thoughts on this. My dear ones, these documents are being leaked little by little until the full documents are open for all to see and read for themselves. The Administration is at a loss as to how all this got out since millions of dollars was paid to keep it quiet and inaccessible. So, My children, be prepared for any devious plans the powers behind the scenes come up with to try and save their control and all their wealth. My little ones, the Conclave of the Cardinals is now set to begin. Everyone expects this to go quickly and to have your new Pope right away. This will take longer than expected since there are many Cardinals who want a more open minded Church who will accept gay marriages and married priests. The Holy Spirit needs time to change hearts and inspire the Cardinals to what the Church needs at this time. As you were told your new Pope is very devoted to My Mother and will bring back many lost devotions to her. This will be so good for the Church. Most of your children have never been exposed to these devotions and it will be inspiring and beneficial to their faith. So, My children, beware that a lot is going to happen in a short time. You won't be able to believe how rapidly events will happen once you have a new Pope and a new president. Both the Pope and the president have a knowledge that they will be the ones who have been chosen by the Lord for these times. Continue your prayers My children. The best is yet to come.
I love you, Jesus.

March 11, 2013 (8:50am)
Tell My beloved children to take heart that this Administration will be exposed and the public will be made aware of how evil it was. My dear ones, as you were told the media has some information now regarding the documents. They are trying to decide how they are going to handle it since they know eventually everyone will get some news about it. So, My children, be prepared and stay alert to what the Administration does to stop this from coming public. My dear ones, there is so much that they will do to make your life difficult as they feel more desperate to keep their power. You have been told the banks will start to foid. This will all be orchestrated and contrived by the powers behind the scenes. It sounds hard to believe, but you must take this advice seriously. Take your money out of the bank before its too late. You will never get your money back even if they lie and say this is just temporary. My little ones, continue your prayers for all to go well for the ones exposing this Administration. Their lives will be in danger. Remember the man chosen to be your next president and his family. Once he comes forward and they feel threatened by him, his life and also his family will be in danger. Nothing will be allowed to happen to them. They are protected from all harm. My children the Conclave will begin and there will be many days that the Cardinals will not be able to be united on the person to be Pope. As you were told it will take longer than most expect. Soon they will all agree that the next Pope will be the one chosen for these times. They aren't aware of this, but the Holy Spirit will inspire them in making their final decision. You have much to pray for, My dear children, so don't give up on your faith and hope in these words.
I love you, Jesus.

March 12, 2013 (9:50am)
Tell My beloved children to stay alert now. The documents have been leaked and now more and more of you will be hearing about them even before they are officially made public. The Administration will learn of this and then things will begin to happen. First they will do everything possible to keep this quiet. When that doesn't work they will denounce where it came from as from hate mongers who hate the president because of his race. As time goes on they will know they have to take more drastic measures to keep the public from believing all this. Soon after that the paid terrorists will be brought in to start their riots. My dear ones, all this is in the making now. Soon you will be made more aware of what the Administration has been doing all this time to keep their power. If you are in prayer you have nothing to fear, My dear ones. My children, the Conclave to elect your next Pope starts today. Be sure to pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire each of the Cardinals as they cast their vote. It will take longer than most expect as I told you, before you will know who your next Pope will be. Continue your fasting and prayers for the man chosen to be your next president. His life will be in constant danger until he is your president and all the others have been exposed and put in prison. Yes, My children, some will go to prison but that will take some time. Pray that Justice will be accomplished. You are all in the hands of God.
I love you, Jesus.

March 13, 2013 (8:56am)
Tell My beloved children to pray for your country. It will soon be under a terror attack after the documents have been completely exposed to the public to take attention away from all the lies and deceit perpetrated on its citizens. Oh, My children, this won't last a long time, but it will cause great havoc and destruction in your country. There will be so many people devastated by this news of their president and his Administration. Remember to focus on Jesus and stay in prayer. You will remain in peace if you follow this advice. My dear ones, the Conclave has begun and there is some confusion among some of the Cardinals. They want to have the Pope they think should be the Pope according to their erroneous way of thinking. Some of these Cardinals will not vote for the chosen man of My Mother Mary. This will slow down the process since they will not give in on their beliefs. The right man will be selected but it will take longer for this to occur than most expect. There will be reason for celebration and rejoicing when get your new Pope and new president. Continue to praise and thank God for this great gift.
I love you, Jesus.

March 14, 2013 (9:43am)
Tell My beloved children it is time for some of the documents to go public. There will be many more as time goes on but the public will begin to be aware that these documents are irrefutable. Oh, My children, you finally have your new Pope. He will do so much to help repair the harm done by so many in the Church. There are things which cannot be revealed yet as to why the election went so smoothly and quickly. I know this sounds like an excuse for previous messages but later you will be told the source of this misjudgement. My dear ones, soon the Administration is going to start telling all their lies to cover up what they now know is going to be known about what they have been up to. Just listen and know that soon this president will no longer be able to deceive its citizens. He will be out of office and the man chosen for these times will take his place. This man like your Pope will do so much to bring unity and not division among the people. For a time as mentioned there will be trouble and confusion stirred up by paid activists. Stay in prayer and you will be in peace. Continue to trust in these messages My dear ones. Sometimes the enemy can get in the words and cause everything to be discredited just by a few words. Pray for all the messengers throughout the world to be able to hear within their heart what I am saying to My beloved children.
I love you, Jesus.

March 15, 2013 (8:54am)
Tell my beloved children to stay alert to what is being said in the media. They now have some of the damaging documents regarding the Administration. They are waiting to hear some talk about it first on the more conservative stations before they try to defend it. These documents have been compiled over a long time and can't be denied. Once the public hears about them they will be shocked in disbelief. The documents are authentic and not forged like the ones that helped your president get elected. There is so much you won't be able to believe he got away with. He had many people in the background pulling strings and paying millions of dollars to keep the facts closed to everyone. My dear ones, be prepared for all this to be coming out very soon. There will be many supporters of your president who will try and help him stay in power, but nothing will work. Don't be surprised if you hear of people committing suicide. A lot of this will be made to look like this but will in most cases be murders to keep the person from telling what they know. So, My children, I'm asking for your continued prayers and fasting for your country and the man chosen to be your next president. He is getting anxious to come forward and bring about the fall of this Administration. Continue your prayers for your new Pope. He will have an awful lot to deal with to help unify the different factions in the Church. He has the love and support of My dear Mother who has hand picked this son of hers for these times.
I love you, Jesus.

Additional Info. regarding current messages

"The Chosen Child spoke with her Spiritual Adviser this morning regarding the the details of the events happening being different than prophesied. His response was that the prophesies that come from eternity, once they enter time, can be effected by many variables. Due to the human element, free will, prayer, etc... things can change.
The Chosen Child felt very comfortable with his comments."

"Pray & fast, because with prayer & fasting you can stop wars & natural disasters."
Our Lady Queen Of Peace 6/26/81

the Sistine Seagulls thetruthasbestiknowit