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Monday, February 11, 2013

WHO CRUSHES THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT in the year of the snake??!

OK then, everything under the sun works on some sort of vibrational frequency.

When you recite a prayer, the vibrations of the sound generate a spiritual reality...in your head, or in the room.

When you recite 'the Angelic Salutation',
the Hail Mary,
you construct into immediate reality the MOMENT
when 'the Herald of the Incarnation', Gabriel,
announced 'the WORD'
& THE Word was made FLESH & Dwelt Among Us.'

God created all things seen & unseen
through the spoken WORD.
God created all things seen & unseen
through Jesus, the Christ...
"Through HIM all things were made."

The Angelic Salutation is THE MOMENT when THE SWORD WHICH IS JESUS CHRIST WAS MADE FLESH, & all evil was & forever will be defeated for all eternity.

I do not pretend to be a writer of any worth, but I understand how terrifying it is to the devil, when we remember by reciting over, & over & over again, the moment when our Rescue from sin, evil & death was LIVING AMONG US!!!
the little brother