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Sunday, February 24, 2013

while the MSM was scratching their balls: implementation of universal ID system, the Sandy Hook black ops debacle - PBS & Frontline Implicated in Image Editing/Photoshop of Adam Lansa, &, Islamic Coup in India

They Want To Tag Us Before They Bag Us farmwars
"If President Obama, John McCain (R., AZ), Lindsey Graham (R., SC), Marco Rubio (R., FL), Lindsey Graham (R., SC.), Charles Schumer (D., NY.), Jeff Flake (R., AZ.), Michael Bennet (D., CO.), and implicated child molester Robert Menendez (D., N.J.), get their way, it will soon be law that if you want to board an airplane, to vote, to purchase a firearm, hold a job and basically buy and sell anything, then you will be required to submit to a National ID Card which will soon become part of a global ID system.
In effect, the proposed national and soon-to-be global ID card will serve as a permission slip to do all of the ordinary things that you presently have the right to do as an ordinary American citizen. Of course, if you are the president, or one of these senatorial traitors and your intention is to eliminate U.S. sovereignty by requiring American citizens to become a part of a global identification system, then this is a requisite step in this treasonous give away of our country. Of course, the good senators are not calling this a national ID because that has been tried, opposed and rejected back in 2008. These senators are cloaking their treason under the guise that the implementation of this universal ID system is an immigration issue. "

An Islamic Coup in India – Mughalistan noisyroom
"If Mughalistan becomes a reality (and it looks like it is well on its way to being one), it will be the largest Islamic Republic on the planet and it will take the whole of eastern, northeastern and northern India as part of its domain. Mughalistan will be an independent homeland for the Muslims of India and it will become part of the upcoming caliphate. "

Hard Proof of Photoshopping of New Adam Lanza Pictures: PBS & Frontline Implicated nodisinfo
"If it became known that Lanza was not only innocent of these crimes, but, more importantly, the primary victim, then, then the scope of the illicit regime’s high crimes would become fully revealed. It would cause the real perpetrators to be clearly determined. It truly is a house of cards that can come crumbling down at any moment. This is proven by the perpetrators themselves through their relentless effort to produce and disseminate such fabricated, incriminating photos." via chemtrailsplanet

The Big Dogs On Wall Street Are Starting To Get Very Nervous: Coming To America? China & Iran to Execute Bankers On Fraud Charges! pvc "If they crash, the financial markets in the U.S. will probably crash too."

& down-under:
"If he's a far right extremist, he's the first one I've heard who supports Jews and gays." Free speech stoned to death VTB