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Friday, February 8, 2013

URGENT MUST WATCH: "we're seeing very anomalous snow...We are in free-fall to an unknown reality."

"GAME OVER ON PLANET EARTH" via geoengineeringwatch
"Scientific Research explaining why they are spraying the sky's around the world. Learn the details...and more importantly do something about the Chem trails being sprayed. Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is nearly 1,000 times the "natural" or "background" rate and, say many biologists, is greater than anything the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs nearly 65m years ago.
We are in free-fall to an unknown reality."

"Beloved, pray, the Earth is in danger. Pray for personal change.
The Earth purifies itself, it renews itself and with this man will suffer the consequences. Do not usurp or supplant Nature, provoking it. Man will not find the way to stop it when it has caused it to awaken.
The Sun will be a reason of alarm for man.
....the Earth already groans because of the sins of the generations, and from it the water that will flow searching for the earth, transforming its geography.
The Sun, in a loving desire to purify what it sees contaminated, emanates its power, its heart, its fire and will lead humanity to retrocede infinitely.

The Earth groans…, and Heaven shakes…, nature aches because of man and sin has exceeded what was expected."