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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

URGENT ACTION ALERT- SCOTUS Fails to Act on “Obama” Eligibility: "voting machines, by the way, owned & operated by a former company of Obama crony Chuck Hagel"

"Events foretold now are occuring in all parts of the world. The Antichrist waits to seize power over all humanity. Pray, My Children. Pray without ceasing, and harness your powers to prevent his reign from destroying humanity. You are heirs to the Kingdom." message to Jabez 2/19/13


Every U.S. Citizen Is Urged To Email And Call The Judiciary Committee Of The U.S. House Of Representatives c/o Kathryn Rexrode - Extremely important! E-mail the Judiciary committee at Kathryn Rexrode@mail.house.gov and call at 202-225-3951"

"On election day,we know there were major problems of voting machines switching votes from Romney to Obama—voting machines,by the way,owned and operated by a former company of Obama crony Chuck Hagel.
Officials in Hamilton County,Ohio are mounting a massive voter fraud investigation,already issuing twenty-eight subpoenas,which is just scratching the surface of a massive Obama voter fraud operation. Dead people voting. Multiple votes by one person. Forged absentee ballots. Poll workers hiding ballots. Just to name a few of the irregularities." EO

SCOTUS Fails to Act on “Obama” Eligibility obc

~ 5 Of 9 Justices With No Signature For With-Held Pleadings Continues! pvc

~ "The five SCOTUS law clerks that didn't forward Taitz brief to the justices were all African American Obama supporters." Joe Mannix @ oryr

U.S. Gun Companies Refusing Sales To Obama Government With Fraud Gun Laws: N.Y. Charlie Schumer Gets Hit Back Twice As Hard! pvc

Those who believe all these things were coincidence will believe anything -- but the mystical. "How two lightning bolts can strike the Vatican on the very day of the Pope's announcement and then a meteorite that same week -- one that actually injures people (hundreds) -- and two days later a quake shakes Rome itself could all be ignored including by Catholics or dismissed as mere happenstance shows how far indeed so many have wandered... " spiritdaily

“The time of testing is here, let us focus on God again” Pope Benedict XVI