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Monday, February 4, 2013

The bait&switch at Sandy Hoax continues, lamecherry+Val-erie+Jarrett, "Obama’s plan for unlimited imprisonment", WHY IS GOVERNMENT STOCKPILING GUNS & AMMO & even Racheal M. GETS IT!!,


"THIS is where my story of coming to live with my Papa began... I was scheduled to be PTS just for being a Pit Bull Puppy that was not in tip top health. I came to the Shelter as an orphaned stray, scared, alone with an upset tummy infection. LOTS of humans helped me by sharing a pic on FB and pledging money to help get me out of Puppy Prison. A great Resuce sent a pic to my Papa asking if he would be willing to Foster me. When Papa first seen the pic, he said Cupid shot an arrow through his heart. He was instantly in love with me and knew he had to help save me. I am so glad all you humans fought so hard to save me! Me and Papa sure do love each other A LOT! Thank YOU!" theanimalrescuesite


Warnings from the Left and the Right about Obama’s plans martial law: Is the U.S. government getting ready for a war we don’t know about? fom

"Until you extract yourself from the MEDIA, you are going to be en-slaved! I don't understand the morning new, 3 people sitting on a couch laughing & giggling about what's goin'on in the World...THIS AIN'T THE NEWS"
~ The Audacity of Cronyism: Jarrett, Plouffe, and Donilon breitbart (8:20) "o let’s get this straight: Jarrett gets a security detail from the US Secret Service (USSS). That means 24/7 protection, at a cost of millions of dollars a year. Of course, it also means an air of importance for Jarrett--her own taxpayer-funded entourage. The idea that someone such as Jarrett--who officially plays no role in national security or counter-terrorism--would receive USSS protection would be laughable if it weren’t, in fact, real. It’s like a tale out of the Versailles Court of the Sun King"
~ lame cherry Valerie Jarrett

There have been an extra-ordinary number of deaths in the SEAL community since the current CIC took over saf

Republicans are Legislating Their own Extinction PR

Arizona suing EPA over excessive coal regulations trs

CORRUPTION ALERT: "some highlights of the shocking amendment to the Constitution of Connecticut...the indoctrination of disbanding the Sheriff’s Departments in America are in full swing...The bait and switch at Sandy Hook continues…" tgr

True The Vote suing St. Lucie County for mishandling recount in Allen West race trs

who in the HELL does this guy think he is spending BIG money to crush constitutional conservatives.

Washington state lawmakers seek to make indefinite detention a felony examiner

This is Progressive Marxist propaganda NR


Developing: Ret. Supreme Court Judge Fights $13,000 Sanction Against Obama Challenger oryr via GULL1776

More Adventures of Robert Redford & the Fine ART of Hypocrites: ‘Keystone Pipeline Would Carry the Dirtiest Oil on the Planet’ unless, of course, it's Russian and Arab oil. tcm