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Friday, February 22, 2013

"Should people be afraid?": Florida / Alabama HAARP ring / RADAR pulse confirmation, Aerosol Dumps in the Gulf & over Fla., &, through-the-looking-glass in 4 short years w/Barry, Harry, & Nancy

“We are at a huge turning point in the evolution of mankind." Benedict’s Vision

APPARENTLY THE CANADIANS THINK THIS ISSUE IS VERY REAL: A Petition to be presented to the Canadian House of Commons regarding high altitude aerial spraying – that is, chemtrails. AC

HAARP ring / RADAR pulse confirmation: Damaging winds move directly over the epicenter of the pulse sd

Aerosol Dumps in Gulf of Mexico and Chemtrails Over Florida, Feb 20-22 cp

"Should people be afraid?"
"Not if they are prepared. If we are afraid of these kinds of things, we don't have confidence in God. Fear of this kind does not come from God. It can only come from Satan who wants to disturb us, so that we close ourselves to God and are not able to pray. With God, you can only have confidence and strength to go through any troubles."
"How do we prepare?"
"The best preparation is to pray every day, go to Mass, and read the Bible. With prayer and penance the chastisements can be substantially lessened. I can only say: prepare. For all eternity, you will thank God if you do."
"Will God's mercy stop at some point?"
"If we are open to the Lord's Mercy, it never stops. If you don't want God's Mercy, it stops for you."
about the "Secrets" @ Medjugorje revealed to Vicka Ivanković-Mijatovic

"Barry, Harry, and Nancy knew they had to take us through-the-looking-glass in four short years. With no effective break on their power for the first two years, Congress moved so fast their yesterday became our tomorrow. That tomorrow is now today. The ruling party rammed their agenda through without one opposition vote." Economics 102 FO

Ad Jesus per Mariam! lasalettejourney

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"Children everywhere this is an urgent call from Heaven!
Prepare your souls, bodies, minds, hearts and homes for a dreadful disaster is about to strike! There will be winds in excess of 60 to 100 miles per hour, blinding snow storms, blizzards, rain, fires, asteroids, comets, terrorists attacks, bombings, missile attacks for Satan's reign is upon you!
I WILL NEVER LEAVE MY OWN!!! But I tell you- - -BE READY- - -PRAY- - -FOLLOW ME!!!"
Message to Louise