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Thursday, February 21, 2013

BURN THOSE PHONE LINES!!, illegitimi non carborundum: "& as an aside: f*#k you."

(don't let the bastards get you down)! patriotpost

"Remember: When it’s for your own good — and God bless your betters for recognizing their betterness so as to help you understand how deeply you need them (provided you want to be better like them, in their better eyes) — it isn’t “fascist.” It’s “coercive paternalism.” Or, if you prefer, “the State as replacement parents for the ones whose authority you finally got away from once you turned 18.” "
even the title of this thing gives me chills. proteinwisdom

Congressional Petition Gains Steam: Obama Forgery Petition Reaches 38,000 Signatures For U.S. Congress To Immediately Investigate Obama’s Use Of Forged And Stolen IDs. "Please, call Erin Newton, the scheduler for Congressman Bob Goodlatte, the Chair of the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. Congress. This woman is not responding. I contacted her in order to schedule an appointment with Congressman Goodlatte, she knows it is an important matter of national security and she is not responding and not scheduling the appointment.
Her phone number is 202-225-5431 Erin.Newton@mail.house.gov
Scheduler for the immediate past Chairman Lamar Smith is at 202-225-4236
Public and media liaison for the Judiciary Committee is Kathryn Rexrode 202-225-3951
We the public are paying the salaries of all of these individuals. we are paying them to do their job, the clerks have to schedule appointments, members of Congress have to start immediate investigation of this RICO conspiracy and high treason to put a foreign criminal, citizen of Indonesia born in Kenya with all forged and stolen IDs in the White House, investigate all of his accomplices in the Department of “Justice”, Judiciary, Selective service, SSA, Po9stmaster, National archives, CIA, Government of Hawaii.
Please, call these employees and do not get off the phone until they schedule an appointment. Remind them that they will be tried for high treason if they continue their complicity in this cover up."