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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Benghazigate: "weapons to al-Qaida, CIA prisoners, & Libyan weapons stockpiles to Syria, & the whole thing seen on a drone."

South Boston

"You're not going to believe this - 36 killed / 150 wounded.

I know, couldn't believe it myself until I heard it during the hearing. So, the four Americans were killed, but what about the 32, who were they? They weren't al-Qaida.

Man this thing is the biggest cover-up ever, other than Hussein himself."

" Additionally, there were eight embassy attacks during Clinton's four years as SOS.

But here's the real kicker - the threats started rolling in on August 15th - so they had plenty of warning. There were threats to this embassy like no other and Stevens told the State Department they couldn't handle an assault.

There was the first assault on the "consulate", however, there was the second assault on the annex - that's where the alleged CIA prisoners were held. The second attack used RPGs and mortars. Seems someone wanted to blow that annex and pop some holes in it to allow someone inside to escape.

I'm not a fan of Glenn Beck - but it's looking like his story on the Blaze is going to turn out right - weapons to al-Qaida, CIA prisoners, and Libyan weapons stockpiles to Syria, and the whole thing seen on a drone.

Lastly, Dempsey admitted there was a drone dispatched with-in fifteen minutes of the beginning of the attack and also FAST Teams and Special Operators deployed. Yet, they never arrived.

So, someone is lying."
Falcon @ Home & Garden Television (HGTV) Runs Obama Born In Hawaii Propaganda oryr

"So, here is my warning to people playing with records:We got your number, we are watching you, we have a recording of how databases look as of today, a year ago, 20 years ago and beyond. If you try to enter in the records some new garbage, we will catch you and sooner or later you will be prosecuted for forgery and complicity to commit treason. So do not try anything stupid!“ How can we have a president of the country with no records in databases of any addresses and corresponding Social Security numbers for 10 years? GUL1776