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Saturday, January 26, 2013

what MSManipulators didn't tell U !!, & the AMERICAN-IDOL-RACISM ISSUE: multi culti hell on earth, open season on whites & detroit is a wasteland

record-breaking March for Life

March Vigil Mass

"In Your hand I place my heart,
Body, life and soul,...
Sorrowing or exulting,
You alone live in me:...
Yours I am, for You I was born:
What do You want of me?"

St. Teresa of Avila


Former Alt Media Founder: It is now time for North Carolina to stand with state nullification and protect the 2nd Amendment FJ "The former USWGO Alternative News media founder Brian D. Hill finally speaks out in the months of mysteriously shutting down his growing alternative media empire that had over 2 million hits monthly and growing. He explains that now with the overwhelming resistance in North Carolina over Obama gun control executive orders and laws that threaten the 2nd Amendment rights, now is the time for North Carolinian’s to stand up, and get their state to legally resist the feds using the 10th Amendment."

"Isn’t Obama’s constitutional eligibility to hold the highest office in the land a fundamentally more important question than whether or not a football player made up a dying girlfriend? Apparently not to our media." wtpotus

BASIC ECONOMIC UNREALITY 101 "& Detroit is a wasteland" M.Steyn @ vladtepes

"Race is TOTALLY at the bottom of Detroit’s problems. If these commentators are too frightened to publicly admit it (and I wouldn’t blame them). Then they should just not comment on that aspect, rather than going along with the lies and dishonesty.
Just look at the untold story of hurricane Katrina. The white people got slated for not helping the black people, WHO WERE SHOOTING AT THE PEOPLE WHO WERE COMING TO HELP THEM, presumably so that they could carry on looting." Hiroshima & the Central African republic vs. Detroit

"They know that even if they are given control of a city, a country and totally wreck it that they will be deluged with documentary makers, eager to put the blame on white racism, the Republicans, the banks, anyone but them.
They know that even people who are speaking out dare not tell the whole truth." Hiroshima,Central African republic, Detroit

meanwhile, @ AMERICAN IDOL
o the racisssssssssssssssssssssssm: it smells so bad:
"Jermaine Jones was axed in 2012 in relation to outstanding warrants for his arrest, he investigated the show and discovered that producers had only ever publicly disqualified nine people, and they were all black.
In the document, which has been obtained by editors at Tmz.com, Freeman states American Idol violated California employment laws which ban bosses from asking potential employees about their arrest history, as the men were essentially seeking employment."
ibtimes via

"What a crappy, little man." : "Obama voted against the Born Alive bill a total of four times"