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Monday, January 7, 2013

Virginia RADAR pulses, NNSA Testing Radiation Levels Above DC, 'Insect Drone Invades My Backyard?'

'Do not lose heart no matter how fierce the events may be.' RevelacionesMarianas 12/24/20

'Stand before your enemies in all confidence.
Do not let your hearts be troubled.'

message to Jabez


"Now, we’ve gotten rid of our horses, spent all our money on windmills, alienated our allies, bowed to our enemies, cut ourselves off from our own natural resources thrown away our children’s birthright and spent their inheritance.
And we did it on purpose."
Author Unknown

"Insects do not act like this."

1/5/2013 -- Virginia RADAR pulses

North Carolina Police Lieutenant Warns Of Plans For Martial Law In 2013 alt-market

This IS IT. Game Day!
Call your legislators NOW.
The Liberty You Save
May Be Our Own !

Nuclear Security Helicopters Testing Radiation Levels Above DC Area legitgov

this photo is FOUR hours after the attack began....
and where is Hillary?

"Where the hell is our foundation for such support and for such discussions? Avoided daily by so many it is scary as hell. WE are here to serve each other, not as right and not as wrong, WE are here to serve each other good examples that support our Growth to be stronger and wiser in our choice making skills because at the end of each wonderful day the examples of our choices will be on display. Now which example do wish to be for your children and your children's children?" American Tories: Attacking the Founders and the Constitution

Night of the Long Knives Par-Fives:
Remembering THE BONER FOUR

Happy New Year, Infidels! "Morsy is hilarious. It’s an undeniable fact. He is even more hilarious when he gets exposed.
That same day, as if on cue, the Central Bank of Egypt issued a statement stating that the financial situation is, to put it mildly, catastrophic."

A Question for the Cold Case Posse obamaballotchallenge

Joe Arpaio wants U.S. troops to be sent to Mexico sandiegored

'The Sun will be a reason of alarm for man. ' RevelacionesMarianas 12/30/20

"The New Year’s Eve sun eruption was so huge that it could swallow 20 Earths,"