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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Somewhere over the Sandy Hook Rainbow — SEVEN hours before the massacre took place, McDonald's, Soetoro-sanctioned China's American Land grag, &, GUN VIOLENCE IN BRAZIL

"The battle is not yours to fight, it belongs to Me. I have conquered sin and death and sickness and all forms of evil for ALL TIME. The battle is won! Guard your hearts and your minds." Messages to Julie W

"Speak with courage because if you keep quiet the stones will speak for you." MensajesDelBuenEnoc


Another Sandy Hook fundraiser that pre-dates the massacre fom

Sandy Hook Survivors Are Made to Sing “Over the Rainbow” "Disturbing, to say the least, but most people won't realize it: Why on Earth were these children made to sing exactly THIS song, from ALL the songs written by human hands? " vigilantcitizen

McDonald's: the pinnacle of factory-farming and industrial food RN99

Obama Confesses Momentary Defeat markamerica
"If you want to know why I believe Obama unintentionally signalled an at least temporary hold on his gun control agenda, it is because he is confronted with these facts. When CNN’s own polling makes the case so thinly, it’s a good deal worse for their side than their polls are likely to indicate. A five-point swing nullifies the gun-grabbers edge, and they know it. As more people lift the veil of ignorance and seek out facts about guns and gun violence, they’re apt to shift more rapidly in many quarters to favor the rational side of this argument."

"the school Obama's daughters attend has 11 armed guards."

but it's OK for him to be arming jihadists throughout the world while opening wide the U.S. Border treeoflifesword

Why Obama Wants Hagel Heading Up Our Defense patriotsbillboard

Missouri Bill Proposes Jail Time for Feds Violating the 2nd Amendment TAC

the perfect storm & the prop holding up much of the rest of the world. RA

What about Gun Violence in Brazil? tfp via renewamerica "Put more simply, America has an 18 to one advantage over Brazil in the number of guns, yet proportionally, Brazil suffers six times more deaths by guns than America.
Why the difference? Brazil has something America does not have: gun control."

Nothing to see here: Molotov Cocktail Edition
Unless of course like Tuesday the person is an occupied, his target is Republican Scott Walker and his political persuasion is support of the left and Barack Obama. datechguyblog

"Also in 2011, the Bank of China reportedly sent a team to the U.S. to do land analysis and valuations based on resources that have been identified on federally held lands. The group was tasked to visit various preselected sites, including some on the Gulf of Mexico, and arrive at resource-based values between $2 trillion and $5 trillion (enough to satisfy America’s debt to China). According to this scenario, the issuing of new drilling licenses in the U.S. have been stopped on federally held land until the Chinese can be in position to take over new oil production." WND

Chinese Air Pollution Pegs-the-Needle as Suffocating Citizens Left Gasping for Air RRR

Andrew Cuomo’s Brave New 'Roe' ncregister

Family Jailed In Egypt For Becoming Christian skynews via Vlad Tepes