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Friday, January 18, 2013

School Shooters and Antidepressants, John Noveske: "one of a few prominent Second Amendment supporters to die this month under mysterious circumstances", Sandy Hook gag order, &, "chocolate city" Nagin Indicted on Corruption Charges

OATH KEEPERS MOLON LABE PLEDGE saveamericafoundation

US police – Accept no unlawful orders noisyroom

“ADHD is fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction.”
Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, founding member, Royal College of General Practitioners

School Shooters and Antidepressants: "the doctors get a kickcack from putting your kids on anti-depressants."

"One of the most celebrated battle rifle manufacturers, John Noveske, mysteriously died in a car crash in southern Oregon days after posting on Facebook about the link between psychotropic drugs and shootings." freedomoutpost

Judge puts gag on what police can tell about Sandy Hook massacre fellowshipofminds

Former New Orleans Mayor Nagin Indicted on Corruption Charges freebeacon

ABC, CBS and NBC All Refuse to Identify Indicted Nagin as Democrat newsbusters

Ethnic Cleansing in Rotherham