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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SAME M.O. DIFFERENT DECADE, the brazen photoshopping of Adam Lanza, & the epidemic of sinkholes

"I love all & I tell you with my heart full of blessings & graces of God: love them also, because the person who loves has no fear of the future & will see the shining glory of the Lord, when He reveals His merciful Face to the world." Most Holy Mary, Itapiranga, Brazil

Christmas Night 2012


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President John F. Kennedy ASSASSINATION:
“The evidence at this point I think is very, very convincing that it was not a lone gunman,”
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Sandy Hook Scam Confirmed: Hard Evidence of Foreknowledge? "This is a coordinated effort to eliminate guns rights. Is the next hoax going to be to realize the blunder and change the date, again, to, say the 14th or 15th? The entire Sandy Hook event was a categorical fraud. It is a scam of the highest order, a charade, and, as many people have bravely posted on the Internet, a hoax.

If there is a simple explanation for this, it would do well for someone to provide it. For now, this Arlington Red Devils post adjoins the numerous other evidences of foreknowledge of a crime, including the deliberate alteration of the Adam Lanza photo graph by NBC/AP, the photoshopping of numerous Victoria Soto photos, the pre-knowledge of the Department of Homeland Security, the posting of donation/RIP pages for Soto and Emilie Parker in advance of the crime, and countless discrepancies and evidences of foreknowledge broadcast by the major media. At a minimum someone needs to explain how the date could be listed as the 10th and then changed to the 13th as soon as this was published.

Then, too, there were the Department of Homeland Security drills occurring within Connecticut simultaneously with the Sandy Hook event. That is the same corruption which occurred on 9-11 and the London tube bombings. This cannot be a coincidence and is itself proof of fraud. Nor is a coincidence that the entire region was quickly teeming with federal agents, who coordinated the heavy hitting propaganda campaign."

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Sen. Paul on Gun Control Order: Obama is Not 'King' infiltratednation

THE GLOBAL WARMING SCANDAL: A big red flag in the cover letter is the claim that, “As you are aware” WUWT


"While doctors often counsel mothers with disabled babies to have an abortion, Rowe said she focused on preparing for the potential birth of a baby with special needs." lifenews

"Your attempts to rule the Earth are futile. You try to control the world. You desire to control your weather patterns, and your scientists seek answers to the gravest of problems... Abide in Me. Follow My ways, and respect My divine will for all My creatures......Beware. Beware the snares of the world. The Antichrist is at your door. He is ready to set up world domination, and will succeed because you also refuse to pray.” message to Jabez