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Friday, January 25, 2013

JOHN'fkng'KERRY in a freaking nutshell: corrupted by extreme, "Closet socialists", &, Michelle & Barry are both disbarred

"When I was in the left, organizing for "peace," misguided by lunatics or at least by those who did not appreciate our beautiful way of life in America, our Constitution and/or our valor and sensibilities, I was counseled, as a radical organizer, to just make stuff up and that it was OK...because IT COULD BE TRUE. It has always rung true to me that this is exactly what Mr. Kerry did in his gross misstatements and obvious exaggerations against our military in the 1971 Senate hearings. It was straight out of The Nation magazine and I.F. Stone's Weekly of that era. It actually shocked my own sensitivities to read such abhorrent and obvious, blatant charges against our people, but I was hardened and deluded and went along with it. Imagine. I was taught to lie about the gravest concerns, to slander people's reputations. Horrific. Needless to say, I am glad I saw the light, was able to escape this hellish way of conducting oneself."

John'fkng'Kerry: "A rich maggot who served 4 months in combat and has a thousand stories to tell us from his experiences. What a joke." YT

"We are about to elevate an individual who dodged a COURT MARTIAL bullet to the status of fourth in line for the Presidency." Argus

"the fact that Kerry and wifey are "in bed" with George Soros renders him as a natural pick for the Radical/Islamist-in-Chief." AdinaK

Michelle Obama/ BARRACK OBAMA were DISBARRED 1993. The Supreme Court of Illinois stated that she is illegible to practice law. OBAMA LIED ON HIS APPLICATION!!! gather