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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"INFIDEL RISE"! Patriots, We Are NOT Outnumbered

flipping us the bird, then jamming it in our eyes. With relish. “This is both deeply distressing yet entirely consistent with their approach throughout, But then again, frankly, what did you expect from a gang caught using false identity for federal record-keeping purposes? To just say ‘you caught me; now I’ll come clean?’” proteinwisdom

Will a black man and his posse turn America into a Ghetto? pittsreport


Patriots, We Are NOT Outnumbered, Just Out-organized wj

God Bless America. It is about to face very uncertain times ahead, and every citizen, will shortly have to make a choice….Freedom or Slavery. saveamericafoundation

Ask yourselves why Anonymous never goes after oppressive regimes like Iran or Hamas. They barely touch Russia. Why is that? theconservativemonster

Major Garrett Calls Obama Out On Vote Against Debt Ceiling westernjournalism

via GWP