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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

holy WOW!!: "the conspiracy of the black people who have allowed this."

the mythology of the first 'black' president

"It is sickening that America has become so corrupt and weak they are honoring with the presidency a disbarred lawyer, a foreign born usurper, one who has hidden all his records and used a fraudulent social security number; all of this information is public knowledge. Might I also add that he has presented a fraudulent birth certificate and his wife also has been disbarred from practicing law."

"Linda Jordan found out the hard way that liberal judges believe Obama is above the law. She was fined approximately $13,000 for daring to suggest that a man with a social security number that doesn't pass E-Verify and an altered birth certificate should not be placed on the ballot of her state." WA State Supreme Court Makes It Clear Obama Is Above The Law oryr