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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bayou Corne Salt Dome Collapse, more Sandy Hook links 'disappeared', Lewd Mind Control-Themed Party at Sundance

MORE SANDY HOOK: The link to this page has been disappeared by google as of today. fom "If you find the information above compelling enough to look further, and if I survive to tell about it, this discussion will be continued.
That Google is currently scrubbing the evidence does not bode well for those publicly explaining it. Although Google can hide the incriminating evidence from the public, they cannot remove the internal traces from their servers. "

Major Hollywood Talent Agency Throws a Lewd Mind Control-Themed Party at Sundance Festival vc

avenging the death of Aaron Swartz fo

Bayou Corne Salt Dome Collapse : "Nuclear fuel is stored in DRY CASKS, and is intended to remain that way for hundreds of thousands of years. ....it is now all submerged, and the test showing its presence in the water is proving that these casks are leaking." sincedutch