........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Sunday, September 30, 2012

(link corrected) Muslim Brotherhood Crucifies An Egyptian Christian!

"Children, be cautious. It is not My Son who turns away from man; it is man who, turning away from His Lord, brings upon himself Creation’s call, which manifests itself in the natural disasters and other signs.
RevelacionesMarianas 9/23/12

Muslim Brotherhood Crucifies An Egyptian Christian!: CORRECT LINK - PVC


Obama DOJ To Family Business: Abandon Faith Or Shut Down Your Business fop

John Kerry had his own face mutilated.
"Are we seeing the problem here? Guys, these people are insane. They are malignant narcissists who are driven by a core of self-loathing. " Ann Barnhardt - September 29,2012

"I am not a Brown supporter and I have no affiliation with his campaign. This isn't about Scott Brown. This is about the theft of Cherokee identity. I didn't start researching suspect Cherokee claims with Elizabeth Warren. "pollysgranddaughter

ATTENTION BLACK CHRISTIANS: Distress of Nations, sold to the highest bidder!!

"And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And here on earth the nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the roaring seas and strange tides." Luke 21:25

Scientists are still trying to determine precisely why the hole appeared.

Twin earthquakes rattle residents across North Texas tep

"I seek prayer warriors to fight the greatest spiritual battle of all times."

message to Jabez

"Note that Bishop Jackson is not endorsing Mitt Romney or the Republican Party and never once mentions Barack Obama. His testimony is merely an indictment of the Democrat Party, not from a racial or partisan perspective, but from a Christian one."

the “winner” of the “Worst Reporter in the History of Man Award.”

Friday, September 28, 2012

9/11/2001 11 Yrs Later - A compilation of Explosive Eyewitness statements & media reports

Explosive Eyewitness Evidence. 11th September 2001 New York, USA

via aircrap

SMART METERS & their RF Exposure, Poll-Skewing: Merrily they skew and skew, convinced of their cunning, &, Soros PANICS & Mother Jones SCRUBS

The Five False Assumptions Behind Poll-Skewing zombie

Sorry, but I'm not falling for any of this.

Ann Barnhardt 9/25/12
"Obama isn't even trying and is in fact making gaffes and antagonizing the country on a daily basis. This is the most compelling evidence that the Obama regime knows that the results of the "election" have already been determined, so they aren't even bothering to try. Clint Eastwood creates the "empty chair" meme and then two weeks later Obama refuses to meet with a single leader at the U.N., thus confirming the "empty chair" meme in the boldest possible terms - and you think Axelrod, Plouffe and the rest don't perceive this? Of course they do. They just don't CARE, because they already know that the "election" is fixed.
Likewise, Romney appears to be trying to throw the election, much like McCain. Romney, if he were a serious candidate, would be jumping all over Obama and his daily acts of treason, and instead is just doing enough to make it look like he is trying, without ever doing any real damage to Obama. Oh, and let's not forget that Romney holds basically the same positions as Obama, and has actually implemented those positions (RomneyCare, government funded abortion on demand, sodomite marriage, gun control) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

America’s Telecom-friendly Policy for RF Exposure saveamericafoundation
"A growing body of medical studies is now linking cumulative RF exposure to DNA disruption, cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, and autoimmune diseases. Smart meters significantly contribute to an environment already polluted by RF radiation through the pervasive stationing of cellular telephone towers in or around public spaces and consumers’ habitual use of wireless technologies. In the 2000 Salzburg Resolution European scientists recommended the maximum RF exposure for humans to be no more than one tenth of a microwatt per square centimeter. In the United States RF exposure limits are 1,000 microwatts per centimeter, with no limits for long term exposure.[4] Such lax standards have been determined by outdated science and the legal and regulatory maneuvering of the powerful telecommunications and wireless industries."

& more death: Products That Contain Triclosan federaljack


Obama Caught Lying On His 2006 U.S. Senate Financial Disclosure Report theobamahustle

yawn: Obama Administration Caught Lying About Investigation Into Benghazi Attack tur

George Soros Panics About Romney Win, Mother Jones Scrubs Story

Soetoro says: the Future Belongs to Those Who Slander Christ.

IT'S STILL E V I L !: the STUPID/DANGEROUS 2party-paradigm, the O-Bots & their QUEEN vs. Willard's investments in THE ENEMY...u think i'm kidding!!?,

I'll trust my vote to God: the lesser of 2 evils is STILL EVIL!!
"But when the perfect choice for God is banished from our consideration, what becomes our standard of choice? No matter what it is, the choice that results from it must fall away from God." Alan keyes

Romney invested heavily in his ‘#1 foe’ fromthetrenchesworldreport "Despite his avowedly hawkish stance towards Russia, Romney purchased shares in Russian firms in 2011 through his equity fund. According to media reports on his 2012 tax returns, Romney invested in Russian energy giant Gazprom, as well as Russian Internet search engine Yandex.
This leads to an interesting question that may arise in the upcoming debates between Romney and the Democratic incumbent, Barack Obama: What businessman – especially one who is making a run for the White House – would invest his money into a country he derided as an enemy?"

Russia halts imports of Monsanto GM corn over cancer fears tep

Earthquake in California’s Silicon Valley could cause aftershocks across the globe

Obama Supporters 2012 (Official)

"At the height of her demonic enchantment, Oprah recognised a kindred spirit in Obama. And so, using the teaching and language of her mankind-exalting, serpent-inspired religion, Oprah anointed Obama with glorifying praise, calling him “brilliant,” “an evolved leader,” and a man with the “gift of wisdom.” Oprah explained, “I’m just following my own truth" 2008 Election Flashback: Oprah Anointed Obama from the Dark Side freedomoutpost

again w/feeling: A word to rioting Muslims - "the rocket fuel to reverse the trajectory of the Obama administration’s intended dependency-orchestrated outcome of the 2012 election" moiri

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"For the whole world will weep at his death and his death will bless Israel." ‘I am here created for eternity’, &, Patron Saint of Dogs & pestilence

On September 25, 2012, Our Lady appeared to the visionary Marija and delivered the following message:

"Dear children! When in nature you look at the richness of the colors which the Most High gives to you, open your heart and pray with gratitude for all the good that you have and say: ‘I am here created for eternity’ – and yearn for heavenly things because God loves you with immeasurable love. This is why He also gave me to you to tell you: ‘Only in God is your peace and hope, dear children’. Thank you for having responded to my call."

* * *** * *** * *

Locutions to a chosen soul under the guidance of Monsignor John Esseff from our Lord, 2/7/11
Monsignor John Esseff, spiritual director for Mother Teresa of Calcutta, diocesan priest of Scranton, Pa., ordained in 1953. Padre Pio was his spiritual director.

"Centuries ago, the Father intervened on their behalf and sent Me, hoping that all Israel would proclaim Me as Messiah. But they killed Me. What will the Father do now? He cannot send Me again to die. So, He will send My Vicar, the Pope.

The Pope will enter Jerusalem like I entered it. The city will already have suffered much and Israel will begin to despair, wondering what can be done. Then this figure clothed in white will come, sent by the Father just as He sent me. He will come to save Israel, just as I came. He, too will die in Jerusalem but his death will have a profound effect upon the whole world. For the whole world will weep at his death and his death will bless Israel. Why do I reveal these things now? Why do I bring you to the center of the mystery so quickly? Because the time is short. The events are near. They are not far away."

Wage War On Hatred message to Jabez 9/24/12
"Children of Love,
I stand before you, and invite you to climb upon My shoulders. Many of you are exhausted, and have barely engaged into battle. My Little Ones, find rest in My arms of Love, and I will renew your forces, honor your desire to serve, and place you upon the battlefield of My choosing. I Am the King of Kings. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Lion of Judah. Serve Me. Join My ranks. Pray. Pray without ceasing. Pray, and let yourself be counted among the Saints. Pray and grow in holiness before My sight. Remain pure. Remain chaste. Remain in My love. I will restore you. I promise to raise you to Me, and to speak to your hearts. I promise to guide, and to protect you, and those you love. Do not let your hearts be troubled. Let peace be yours. Pray for your enemies, and trust in Me to change, and transform them. Pray for all those who make you suffer. Do not waste your time on pleasures of the world. Your days are counted. Believe Me when I say this. Your days are as grains of sands, about to be washed away by a changing tide. Many of you will perish during this battle. Many of you will give up your lives to save others, and will be baptized in your own blood. Satan’s plan is underway. He will strike nations, and bring millions under his rule. Do not follow the ways of the world. Give your hearts to Me. Give your souls to Me, and wage war on hatred. Children, live for love. I depend on you more than ever. Your arms will lift others to glory, if you follow My commandments, and My instructions. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SWEDISH POLITICIAN CHEMTRAIL INTERVIEW, QE3: bend over America, &, 7% black, 43% African Arab, 50% white, 100% flim flam & descended from slave traders.

SWEDISH POLITICIAN CHEMTRAIL INTERVIEW aircrap "Swedish Green Party politician Pernilla Hagberg has spoken out on Chemtrails, the aircraft aerial spraying toxic chemicals over Sweden and most countries on the planet. These are NOT contrails. These are Chemtrails. Chemical trails. The government- media will not report on these operations, often carried out by air forces that are not of the country over which they spray."

CIA injects toxins over Sweden chemtrailsplanet "Chemicals, viruses and heavy metals sprayed out over Sweden – by the CIA and the government."


Reality Check: What is QE3? And What It Means For The U.S. Economy: HELPING THE BANKS, NOT YOU, & IT WILL CRASH!!

Senator Avella “offended” at Muslim Parade NYC
via noisyroom

"He's only 7% black, 43% African Arab and 50% white. But he's 100% flim flam and descended from slave traders."
Madonna On Obama (& NO, that's not what she said.) ORYR

"A newborn baby girl left abandoned on the side of the road in southern Afghanistan has been discovered by a group of Polish soldiers." FoM


Atlas Exclusive: Robert Spencer: The Suicide of the Free Press atlasshrugs2000

the rampant self-censorship she witnessed while working as a foreign news correspondent for CNN. americanfreepress

"Obama’s HI birth record being non-valid means that there are no legally-determined birth facts for Obama, and anybody who files any statement, application, Certification, etc that says Obama is qualified to be President is known to be dead wrong. Nobody can know that, since nobody knows his legally-determined birth facts. That means that every SOS in the country knows that the paperwork they receive for Obama is fraudulent. Every SOS in the country should be writing the Obama campaign and telling them that they have not submitted the proper paperwork because fraudulent documents cannot be accepted." butterdezillion

No One in Arizona Could Write this Story and Live: J.T. READY, VICTIM OF CARTEL ORDERED “HIT” WITH USUAL EXECUTION OF ENTIRE FAMILY fromthetrenchesworldreport "Sheriff Joe Arpiao, a close friend of a co-worker, has been trying for years to get the owners and staff of “Village Voice Media” and the “Backpage” arrested for their part in running child prostitution rings in 16 cities, particularly Phoenix.
In fact, anyone who opposed what is a chain of “shopping guides” that openly advertises children for sexual purposes is harassed by federal law enforcement or labeled “anti-semitic” by the Southern Poverty Law Center."

Terror in Torreon: 7 die, 20 wounded in funeral shootout: Gulf Cartel rivals now squaring off in U.S. courtroom, Mexico’s Children of Narco Violence

So… What is Agenda 21? First, I want you to know it is NOT a conspiracy theory. freedomoutpost


"My Beloved Children,
Storm Heaven with PRAYER!

"if people really understood the full extent of the power we have available through prayer, we might be speechless. Our prayers are the most powerful asset we have." Message to Claire Rose - 9/22/12

Messages from Jesus To Chosen Child in Chicago / 9/15th-21st/12

"The elections are fast approaching so look for the Administration to start preparing the country for Marshall Law in case of riots which they of course will be perpetrating through their paid terrorists... Yes I know this doesn't sound possible to some of you and you may stop reading these messages or taking them seriously but none the less it is true. Soon the person chosen for these times will be able to make himself known and everyone will be shocked when they see who it is. Although this may seem impossible the miracle will make it so. Continue your prayers and fasting My dear ones. We are almost there.

The best way to prepare is through prayer. If you are in prayer you will be at peace and you will be protected. Extraordinary Graces will be given to all My children who pray and turn their lives back to the Lord. Terrible things are being planned for your country between now and the elections.

...the time is here. I don't want My children to panic and lose heart. These things have to happen in order for the miracle to take place and for a good moral man to be your next president.

When you are in the State of Grace you are open to receiving many more graces and blessings not only for yourself but also for your families.

The country is on the brink of collapsing economically since all the money is being manipulated to carry out the plans of the powers behind the scenes. As you were told the banks will all be closing and there will be no way you can get your money back. Don't count on your finances and money to protect you. You won't have much need for money since you will have to have a certain sign on your body in order to buy or sell any merchandise. This has all been told in the bible and you are now living in those times spoken of in the Book of Revelation. There is no need to fear My children. Your Heavenly Father is looking out for all His children. He will give you protection from anything you have to face in the future. "

Message from the Blessed Mother to Carlos Lopez - 9/5/12

"...my Son listens to those who trust in Him.

My little ones, I come to leave you many graces and to thank you for being my faithful soldiers of Christ. I come to cover you under my mantle of protection from the wicked enemy. "

"Holy Trinity of love,
we place our eldest sister,
your daughter Israel
in the wound at your side.
May the fount of mercy be liberally poured over our sister Israel
& may her sufferings be mitigated
in the Divine Will
for the sake of her children,
whom you love so much.
In the Divine Will
we ask these prayers O Lord,
through the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary. Amen."

Pelianito's Prayer 9/23/12


Monday, September 24, 2012

once again – Loser ‘A’ & Loser ‘B’ on the ballot, your Doctor may be able to KILL you soon, &, GMO Global Alert!

If the right to life goes all other rights are meaningless. datechguyblog

Here we are – once again – with Loser ‘A’ and Loser ‘B’ on the ballot. May God help us all . . GB

another example of how using cash is increasingly being treated as a suspicious activity. infowars

via GMO Global Alert! Graphic Details of New Independent Study farmwars

Why are 5 milllion kids diagnosed ADHD? — $7.2 Billion a year in ADHD drug sales healthimpactnews

"aside from the trailer, the video does not exist anywhere in any public forum. Not now, not ever.
Because easily obtainable evidence exists that the video was not the cause of the violence but a made-to-order excuse for it, most investigative journalists representing the right side of the political spectrum have long stopped any meaningful, deeper inquiries, while the left-leaning press doubled down in the face of such evidence. It is obvious that the perpetuation of the longstanding right-left paradigm is still actively serving the larger agenda nicely in providing a suitable smoke screen for the truth." canadafreepress

Untold Loss: Media Blackout on Military Disaster on Obama's Watch americanthinker "The United States Marine Corps has suffered an historic disaster in Afghanistan, and the media would like to sweep it under the carpet in order to aid Obama’s re-election." via pittsreport


‘As a Black Man, Why Do You Hate Obama So Much?’ patriotupdate

p) There is no Sharia law in Japan. saveamericafoundation

Chinese electronics factory closed after 2,000 riot fromthetrenchesworldreport

Saturday, September 22, 2012

attn. Prayer Warriors: a de-facto declaration of war, &, the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

" Commanded by Angels to Preserve the Earth's Canopy."
via spiritdaily

A near-death experience inspires Michigan tree farmer David Milarch to launch a reforestation project. visionsofjesuschrist "We’ve taken DNA from more than 60 of the most magnificent trees on the planet, coast redwoods, giant sequoias, bristlecone pine thousands of years old, willow and yew—enough to create thousands of trees. We’ve been helped by angels—both heavenly and earthly— every step of the way. We’re all called to help the earth. You don’t have to be a scientist. You only have to listen to the angel beside you."


the devil's best kept secret renewamerica

if the “Death With Dignity” act passes in Massachusetts: This will appear on the ballot this November as Question 2. catholicfreepress
“There is nothing dignified about suicide and there is nothing dignified about a doctor killing his patient,”

7 News Investigations: Miracle from MaryWSVN-TV

Christian, Muslim and Hindu religious leaders unite to help stop slaughter of elephants, rhinos nbcnews


"This is EXACTLY what our Murdurous, Treasonous Fed Gov’t is planning on doing!
If they weren’t,, DHS would NOT have nearly 1.8 BILLION rounds of the most lethal type of handgun ammo.
If they weren’t,.. DHS would NOT have the Hunter/Killer Vehicles,.. (called DHS’s APC’s)
If they weren’t,… FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA and a hundred other criminal agencies of our treasnous gov’t would NOT be monitoring, listening, watching, catagorizing, recording or listing EVERY SINGLE Americans actions, words, movements.
First comes the bankrupting of America – Done.
Then comes the impoverishment of Americans – In progress.
Simultainously comes the demoralization of Americans by direct Physical violations (molestations) by agencies like the TSA, and even by our “Protect & Serve” cops – Being done every day.
Next up – False Flag to institute Martial Law – coming.
Then Disarmament – already happening.
Then Mass Internments – coming soon.
Then Mass Graves." US Marine Fighting Tyranny

via obamaballotchallenge

Libyan Attack Leader Linked To Obama Donor freedomoutpost

"It is all so....impossible. This video sat unwatched for months until an Egyptian television station decided to promote it as some kind of global insult." Bozell@newsbusters

Africa: Christians outnumber Muslims vaticaninsider

"Israel-Iran war will eventually happen and it will speed up Israel’s annihilation" Iran's senior military commander Jafari during 'Sacred Defense Week' "The US Senate on Saturday passed by a 90-1 vote a non-binding resolution insisting that the United States prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and ruling out any strategy aimed at dealing with a nuclear-armed Iran. The only senator to vote against the resolution was Republican Rand Paul, a Tea Party and libertarian favorite, who argued that it was a de-facto declaration of war."

Egypt: Death Penalty for Americans Who Blaspheme Mohammad! mypetjawa

Jury Finds Minnesota Farmer Not Guilty truthistreason " A soft-spoken Minnesota farmer was cleared of violating state laws for distributing raw milk Thursday, a verdict advocates for such foods called their first major legal victory."

Padre Pio’s Prayer to the Guardian Angel
Angel of God,
my guardian,
to whom the goodness
of the Heavenly Father entrusts me.
protect and guide me
now and for ever.

Friday, September 21, 2012

ATTENTION PRAYER WARRIORS - we cannot remain silent.Countdown To The Coming Persecution

DHS FBI Alerts Faith Organizations saveamericafoundation

the two greatest prayers of all;
the Mass and the Rosary.

« Countdown To The Coming Persecution: Part III » messages to visionary in Michigan

Revelaciones Marianas / September 16th, 2012
"This is the Generation in which the very spawn of satan will flaunt his power and give man the bitterness of his own bad behaviour to drink, subjecting him and chaining him to base instincts.
This is the Generation
that runs between false leaders and false prophets that deny Divine Justice so as to justify man’s sinful acts.
This is the Generation
that will experience the Great Warning.
The horsemen have ridden extensively over the Earth and the human eye, limited by man himself and his dark mind, has not been able to perceive them with his vision or his turbid spirit. Are these not the signs you expected? Are these not the men who do not fear and scorn what is Divine? "

Chosen Child in Chicago / September 8th-14th,2012 "Your country is on the brink of collapse economically, morally, and spiritually.
You must pray that all our heavenly plans will be carried out...
Now the Administration is getting worried about losing the election. They have plans to stop the elections by creating a circumstance which will cause them to call in Marshall Law to bring about order.
...be on your guard at all times. You never know when you will be forced by your government to leave your home and taken in for interrogation. The government is keeping close watch on anyone who speaks against it or your president.
Your prayers and fasting can mitigate all this or even stop it if enough of you prayed and fasted to protect your country."

"Direct my thoughts, words and work. Wash away my sins in the immaculate blood of the lamb, and purge my heart by thy Holy Spirit, from the dross of my natural corruption, that I may with more freedom of mind and liberty of will serve thee, the ever lasting God, in righteousness and holiness this day, and all the days of my life." Prayers of George Washington

attn: THESE PPL R GOING 2 KILL U, New law makes it illegal to protest in Obama's presence, Border Whistleblower Sheriff Dead After Testifying Against Obama Administration, "No more mind-numbing soul-killing innocence-destroying lies", &, really, R U STILL not concerned??!

What is the easiest way to stop a star? MOTLS
"What would be the most energy-efficient way (using known physics) to blow apart a star or otherwise prevent or greatly slow the rate at which it performs fusion?"
"I emphasized the words "concerned" and "unsustainable" to make it clear that this Gentleman is firmly within the "mainstream" discourse of the Earth sciences that is currently fully controlled by the environmental whackos.
The idea that the Sun wastes too much energy so we should better extinguish it
(almost all life on Earth would stop within weeks) is such a funny ramification of the environmentalist thinking (or, more precisely, the absence of it)"

Don't Let The Devil Ride
- Neal Roberson via Pitts Report

Daniel 1: Daniel’s Training in Babylon
8 But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.
9 Now God had caused the official to show favor and compassion to Daniel,
10 but the official told Daniel, “I am afraid of my lord the king, who has assigned your[c] food and drink. Why should he see you looking worse than the other young men your age? The king would then have my head because of you.”

11 Daniel then said to the guard whom the chief official had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah,
12 “Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink.
13 Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.”
14 So he agreed to this and tested them for ten days.

15 At the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food.
16 So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead.

17 To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.

TURN. THE. SHIT. OFF. NOW. "It's over. No more. No more satanic Sodomite agitprop and pornography will be coming into his house. It's over. No more Marxist pagan filth. It's over. No more mind-numbing soul-killing innocence-destroying lies in his home. No more open attacks on his children while he sits by and watches. It's over.
Had I gone blowtorch on this woman, here is what I would have said: "

" Madam, you just raised your hand and volunteered that your 13 year old daughter is emulating as a role model and dressing like a whore in an effort to elicit sympathy from this group. When I asked you why you simply don't do the absolute minimum of what any parent should do, namely removing the evil of TV from your home and thus protecting your daughter, you snapped back that you refuse to "live in a bubble."" Ann Barnhardt - September 20,2012


killing you softly w/their food agenda(21) in Florida federaljack

& the volcanic eruptions just keep coming!!! TEP

"Genetic Roulette": the myth of GMO safety naturalnews

Drought Update meteorologicalmusings

"New law makes it illegal to protest in Obama's presence.
His secret service can have you arrested, fined, and imprisoned for more than a YEAR if you ask him something he doesn’t like." terrornewsbriefs

Border Whistleblower Sheriff Dead After Testifying Against Obama Administration obamaballotchallenge

NDAA & its Nullification tenthamendmentcenter
"If we don’t nullify the NDAA, then the NDAA will nullify the charter documents, the Declaration and Constitution. The Founders were not naïve after experiencing occupying and masscring by the Readcoats. They learned firsthand the destruction of standing armies, so they invisioned a Militia system instead. There is no such institution now, just the Pentagon’s pawns. The only way to push back is through nullification at the city, county, and state levels.
Already 16 municipalities and 16 states have introduced or passed non-compliance resolutions or bills resisting the NDAA. "

with fake money out of thin air, they now own your mortgage. ATW / The FED Now Owns your HOUSE! September 18th

White House ‘Made it Impossible’ to Pursue Leads in Fast and Furious Probe freedomoutpost

the Muslim project to take over America. usa-wethepeople

Pakistan: Christians under attack following release of anti-Islam film vaticaninsider


"...and the pope's Regensberg speech linking Islam and violence (met with violent Islamic rioting in which an elderly nun was killed) was a highbrow affair without any illustrations at all! " thedeathofthegrown-up via creepingsharia

Indonesian Catholic Schools May Be Closed Because They Don't Teach...(wait for it)....Islam holgerawakens

these phoney campaigns of Romney & Obama ittwr "the peoples of the Middle East and Northern Africa are uniting under a common flag and that would be the flag of Jihad and of course the mainstream propagandists are acting surprised.
For forty years the international elite, using the power of the United States, did implant puppet governments in these foreign states, and of course the illusion we were sold here at home, via the idiot box, was that westernization was being welcomed in these countries and that they were embracing democracy. It is indeed fascinating that we call so many of these places democracies when they have actually all along been monarchies."

"The Obama Tyranny Project is now—finally—saying that the Libyan/Egyptian/Tunisian and dozens more Islamist-run countries’ rioting and wanton murdering hordes actions were not due to any obscure anti-Islam film." Sher Zieve

"a religion permanently on the take", Nuclear Event @ 3 mile island, & the $700,000 Pakistani TV ad of Hildabeast & Soetoro

Nuclear Event in USA on Friday, 21 September, 2012 at 03:23 (03:23 AM) UTC. hisz.rsoe

Condell on the Muslim riots via israpundit

To accomplish their goal of a world-wide Caliphate, the world must be brought to its knees in chaos. faultlineusa

"Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton spent $700,000 purchasing airtime to reassure Pakistani TV viewers that the United States will not tolerate speech that Islam considers blasphemous." gatesofvienna

Obama: the Most Pro-War President in History pvc

'Rid The World Of Those Savages!'.. mypetjawa

"It is heartwarming to see such diversity on the celebration of the opening of this beautiful Islamic Center of Chattanooga. " OBAMA’S TREASON / thejaghunter

CAIR rep: “we need to Islamicize America” creepingsharia

Thursday, September 20, 2012

San Gennaro 'miracle' repeated, until you denounce Christ Jesus as your Savior & accept Islam, &, Obama & the NDAA

San Gennaro 'miracle' repeated gazzettadelsud "A group of Italian scientists has analysed the contents of the phials, establishing that they do contain blood, but have been unable to explain the phenomenon."

Rain With 20,000,000 Particles Of Radioactive Iodine-131 Per Liter Fell On U.S. (VIDEO) iu

"all you dreamers who still think politics is anything more than theatre, man, how much bullshit is going to take before you see that washington is just a drama, like a soap opera, with many actors. There is no left vs right, dem's vs repub. that is an illusion, when are people going to stop believing the illusion. it's fake so behind the scenes they can be fascist dictators who do what the globalist tell them to do. can't be anymore obvious." blite13

should Romney resign the GOP nomination? "Romney is pretending to be a conservative, but his contemptuous remarks display the same kind of contempt for America's working middle-class people that was on display when Obama despised them for holding on to God and guns.
Romney is no conservative. Every conservative worthy of the name should rush to disavow his arrogant expression of elitist contempt for the very people he spent his whole career pretending to "help" with socialist schemes."
Alan Keyes

VIDEO ALERT: COLLECTIVISM – Obama’s Words, How he is Openly Destroying the USA GB

"Fear is the psychological weapon of choice for totalitarian systems of power. Make the people afraid. Get them to surrender their rights in the name of national security. And then finish off the few who aren’t afraid enough." Obama Reinstates NDAA Military Detention Provision / infiniteunknown

Obama & the NDAA homelandsecurityus
"On Monday, New York federal Judge Raymond Lohier granted an “emergency” stay to the controversial NDAA, temporarily blocking the ruling of Judge Forrest. In a “through the looking glass moment,” team-Obama argued that the ruling of Judge Forrest was “unconstitutional,” and Lohier, an Obama appointee and successor to Judge Sonya Sotomayor, agreed.
The question that needs to be asked is why Obama and his legal team are so intent on keeping Section 1021 alive, especially now. As noted by the plaintiffs and as further concurred by Judge Forrest, the act could have a chilling effect and adverse consequences to free speech."

Brainwashing children. It’s a new low, even for Monsanto. pvc

via farmwars

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"any attack on any Christian citizen is an attack on Islam."

“Dear children, also tonight I want to help you. Pray for peace. Pray with me for peace in the world. Peace, dear children! Only peace! I am praying with you for peace in the world. For this reason I say to you, dear children, persevere in prayer!" message to visionary Ivan Dragicevic on Sunday in Turin, Italy from Our Lady

Excellent documentary on the star of Bethlehem verified for the first time using modern astronomy software. unveilingtheapocalypse

"any attack on any Christian citizen is an attack on Islam."

a written message from Lebanon's grand mufti to Pope Benedict


"Iran should understand, both the government and the people of that ancient country, if they initiate a nuclear war with Israel, they may, indeed, wipe Israel out. But make no mistake, Iran will also cease to exist." J. D. Longstreet

"the gathering storm clouds of World War III. This week, the ponderous gears of war were set into motion by Jihadists in the name of Allah across the planet. The trigger was said to be an amateurish YouTube video that Muslims found offensive. May I just say, bull crap. The attacks in Libya and Cairo were well planned and executed. The riots in 20+ countries across the globe were also called for, planned and carried out by Islamic leaders of terror. Al-Qaeda is claiming this is in revenge for the killing of their number two man Sheikh Abu Yahya. This has all the earmarks, by the way, of one of Soros’ colored revolutions. " GUL1776

"about the attack on our embassy in Benghazi.
Obama and Hillary would like you to believe that a well planned and executed commando raid under cover of darkness was actually a random mob of angry protesters agitated about an obscure Youtube video from last June." canadafreepress

VT Obama Ballot Challenge Filed: Process Server Threatened With Arrest And Imprisonment obamareleaseyourrecords


More from Gary North on Obama Law License Suspension/Inactive/Retirement,Whatever obamaballotchallenge

"...this is not a Republican-Democrat issue as both sides of the political divide are equally responsible for our coming demise." homelandsecurityus
"Perhaps as a sign of the stupor of the American public, people were more upset over the pre-emption of the weekly television series than the announcement itself. It seems noting has changed. In fact, people today seem to be in a much deeper, pharmaceutically induced slumber.
To illustrate how quickly we are headed for financial collapse, please consider the following."

"The money for QE3 is being created out of thin air and this round of quantitative easing is going to be “open-ended” which means that the Federal Reserve is going to keep doing it for as long as they feel like it. " politicalvelcraft

A Campaign On The Edge (And It's Not The One You Think) Rick Wilson

“Russia Today” is an Illuminati Proxy fromthetrenchesworldreport

"Children of My Divine Heart,
I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Great I Am. I Am. Rejoice. I desire to abide in you, and to transform you for My glory. I need merciful hearts to do My bidding the whole world over. Beloved, do not let discouragement weigh you down. Lift your voices in adoration to Me, pray with all your heart, ask. Ask Me to bless your families, and to send down angels to minister to you. I truly desire to heal you, and to use you for the betterment of humanity. Children, do not lose hope. Place all your trust in Me, and enjoy the time you spend with Me in prayer. I will protect, and guide you. I will reveal myself to you as never before, and grant you the desires of your heart. Be faithful to Me in all things. Keep your gaze on Me. Abandon your burdens at My feet. Trust Me to work miracles of grace in the lives of those you love. Entrust them into My care, and walk the Earth without a care. Witness to My love. Witness to My mercy, and compassion. Know that your reward will be great, when you walk in obedience, and honor My most holy name. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom"

message to Jabez

Monday, September 17, 2012

MANDATORY VIEWING: the anti-human race doing anti-human deeds - the hammer is dropping.

"These people are out of their minds, & they're running your lives!" Gerald Celente

ABORTION WARS, nuclear event @ Seabrook reactor, Criminal Banksters Launching WWlll, &, the 12 plans to build new nuclear plants in Japan

"If we defend the peace, we must defend life" The Pope in Lebanon

'Prayers are very important but fasting can actually suspend the laws of nature and prevent wars from happening.
I encourage you once more to continue praying for your country and for a good president.'
Messages To Chosen Child in Chicago - 9/8-14/12

"at this time in our nation's history, the only thing that will save us as a country is the repentance of the citizenry, no matter the outcome of any election at any level." S.Stone

"THE morning sun beat down upon us and the small remains of the aborted babies began to shrivel in the heat." ABORTION WARS sd

"I had scarcely put my foot down on the hill when everything changed before my eyes. The rocks disappeared. The hill was suddenly covered with the bones and skulls of all the babies I had aborted over forty years. Look at these hands!" iGc2

"May God grant your country, to Syria and to the West Asia, the gift of peaceful hearts, the silencing of weapons and the cessation of all violence," the Holy Father in Lebanon


Nuclear Event in USA on Monday, 17 September, 2012 at 19:11 (07:11 PM) UTC. hisz.rsoe

there are 12 plans to build new nuclear plants in Japan. FD

Update 9/15/2012: YouTube Chemtrail Video Uploads From 28 Countries chemtrailsplanet

Gerald Celente: Criminal Banksters Launching New World War

"The present administration, therefore, represents an existential threat to the United States. However, the Republicans – dead from the neck up and from the neck down – appear altogether inadequate to meet the challenge posed by the impending outright destruction of the United States. Gov. Scott Walker is alive to the danger and is doing something about it in his State: but Mitt Romney is wholly out of his depth on this pressing issue. So, after the coming election, you will either have more Socialism under Obama or a failure to reverse Socialism and its expensive consequences under Romney." Lord Monckton

the Obama administration has raised the black flag of sharia over the United States of America. fom

"The only way you fight and destroy this evil is by RIDING OUT TO MEET IT.
No capitulation.
No compromise.
No appeasement.
No apologies.
No negotiation.
And then you lay down the righteous assbeating to end all assbeatings, and you do not stop until the evil is totally, completely and utterly destroyed. Anything less is a sin against God and your fellow man."
Ann Barnhardt

"this is in direct contradiction to the story being disseminated by the Obama administration to the American public." Libyan Guard Says No Protests Before Attack That Killed American Ambassador And 3 Others tur

FEDs Hunt Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Rather than People Who Killed US Ambassador visiontoamerica

"The fact that it remains accessible on You Tube suggests something so sinister that I will refrain from going there" We are being lied to. thecaptiansquarters

"Chances are that the "film maker" isn't Christian/Jewish or even real but rather a patsy drugged up plant in this psy-ops scheme. Total false flag event working toward Oct surprise of Martial Law etc. etc. etc." truecolours44

NWO Totalitarianism Loses Major Battle: Federal Judge Permanently Blocks John McCain’s NDAA Military Detention Provision! pvc

Obama Administration Demands right to Lock Up Americans


Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Enough of this horseshit.", State Dept.chaos & scrubbed memos, GMOs make you infertile, &,Quantitative Easing 3

Intel From Israel on Whats getting set to Happen in the Middle East stevequayle

Whoa!… State Department Scrubs Damning Memo From Website Following Deadly 9-11 Consulate Attacks GWP

"I meant it then, and I mean it now. Enough of this horseshit. Enough." Ann Barnhardt 9/14/12

Google defies government and refuses to remove anti-Islam video from YouTube. pittsreport

"Before he was involved in the making of a noxious video that provided an excuse for anti-American riots in the Middle East, and before he was convicted of federal bank fraud, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was arrested on charges relating to the making of angel dust." infiniteunknown

in the Oil politics prespective Scathan 9/12/12


Rioting Muslims now hit Sydney, Australia GB

"The Obama administration and mainstream media are now repeating over and over again the false premise that the attacks against American embassies in the Middle East are largely due to a little known and even less watched YouTube video is proven false by the simple fact there are literally hundreds of videos currently on YouTube that mock Islam, mock Muhammed, and mock Muslims." theulstermanreport

"We have reached a major turning point in the financial history of the United States." corporatemediaexposed

QE3: The Next Rip Off of the American Middle Class fellowshipofminds

What if there is no more money? Will you have any value without it?

"Scientists warn that eating GM wheat may cause liver failure. Children born to parents who eat GM wheat may DIE before the age of five." infiniteunknown

"After two decades, physicians and scientists have uncovered a grave trend. The same serious health problems found in lab animals, livestock, and pets that have been fed GM foods are now on the rise in the US population. And when people and animals stop eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their health improves." farmwars

Friday, September 14, 2012


chemical carnage-extreme multicoloured cloudclash mega stainbows 31/8/12 suffolk uk aircrap

full Secret Service detail for Valerie - none for Ambassador Chris Stevens, "Mubarek warned us with precise, chilling prediction."

"We are witnessing the stepped process of the Islamization of American domestic and foreign policy unfold before our eyes" creepingsharia

"Never forget the fact that all of this occurred on 9/11 either. If you believe that to be a coincidence," faultlineUSA

US-commanded MFO in Sinai under attack --
dead reported in compound

Middle East Exploding:
Direct Result of Obama Policy

Map of Muslim Protests Throughout Middle East
via directorblue

Map of riots and ongoing blurbs about them in various locations vladtepes

“Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have a Marine detail in Benghazi, Libya. But White House Senior Advisor and Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett has a full Secret Service detail on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard," thejaghunter

Obama and Clinton Must Resign – NOW! CFP

"Mubarek warned us with precise, chilling prediction. It wasn’t even reported. We treated his words as the babbling of a dictator being deposed." saveamericafoundation

Good news: $1.6 billion annual aid to Egypt not in jeopardy jihadwatch

Obama Regime Sides With Muslim Mobs sinta


THE HOLY FATHER ARRIVES IN THE MIDEAST to the army of Mohammed, "more stronger" & the dance of the False_Flags

"I invite you to abandon your love of consumerism. Make better usage of the resources I place at your disposal. Do not waste food. Do not throw away things that others would be able to use. Recycle what you can. Share all that you have. Give away objects that no longer serve you..., you are polluting the planet. You are destroying My creation" message to Jabez

signs in the sky, "I'd like to take a moment to point out what's going on in the heavens right now. With the Pope's trip to the Middle East beginning tomorrow, these 'signs' could be especially potent." tol

"Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has carved out for himself a role at Barack Obama’s right hand. Obama appoints British Operative Tony Blair – to the top of the White House team of policy-makers for the Middle East and Iran. Tony Blair is well known for his pro-abortion, pro-palestinian positions." pvc

the new atheism catholicphoenix

Rioters 'The army of Mohammed' chanting “O Messenger of Allah, O Mohammed...” launched a second assault on the American compound voiceofthecopts

Arab media claims US Ambassador was raped before murder cofcc
"Arab media is reporting that Jihadists raped US Ambassador Christopher Stevens before killing him and displaying his body.
After Obama and Hillary armed, funded, and provided heavy air support for radical Jihadists to take control of Libya, it should be no surprise to anyone what is happening. Hillary Clinton says the Jihadists were well armed and probably connected to al-Qaeda. The US State Department is probably the ones who armed them. Some of the people the US was supporting publicly bragged to western media about connections to al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden."

When one hears such brilliance, what can one say: my Dear Paul K. infiniteunknown

Ben Bernanke Unleashes An All-Out Attack On The U.S. Dollar theeconomiccollapseblog

& the False Flags jus'keep'comin'!! tumr

"The concept is simple. If you are at a Romney or Ryan event, find the folks with press passes - find the reporters. Then get out your phone and start shooting video. Ask the them who they are voting for. Ask them why they are protecting Obama. Ask them who's payroll they're on. Ask them to explain their bias to the American people. It sounds silly, but this is how Helen Thomas was busted... by a kid with a cam." redsideoflife

why we’re finding high levels of metals in our water and soil, including aluminum and strontium. …you sure you want the truth? AC

Scientists Warn of GM Wheat Threat: GM crop could cause liver failure

are these NOT human eyes?? nationalpost

"He turned up here one day, all on his own, and started wandering all around the cemetery until he eventually found the tomb of his master," yh

Because Ignorance is Strength: 9/11, MULTIPLE Colorado Shooters, &, BP Gulf Oil Spill Info Blackout & Data Lockdown

Main Stream Media suppresses witness testimony — MULTIPLE Colorado Shooters !!!!!! sincedutch 'what they saw the night of the shooting — projectiles launched from the BACK / MIDDLE of the theater.. multiple people involved.'

The James Holmes Conspiracy (2012 Full Documentary)

The BP Gulf Oil Spill Info Blackout And Data Lockdown phoenixrisingfromthegulf
"The official response to the BP Gulf Oil Spill has been controlled like no other response in American history to an environmental catastrophe. The US Government, to include the EPA, NOAA, Energy, Interior, the White House, has colluded with BP et al. to keep the lid on what has really been taking place in our waters, on our beaches and with our seafood.
The information blackout, and especially the choking off of vital data and research studies have occurred through the following deliberate process:"

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes. corbettreport
"The DIA destroyed 2.5 TB of data on Able Danger, but that’s OK because it probably wasn’t important.
The SEC destroyed their records on the investigation into the insider trading before the attacks, but that’s OK because destroying the records of the largest investigation in SEC history is just part of routine record keeping.
NIST has classified the data that they used for their model of WTC7′s collapse, but that’s OK because knowing how they made their model of that collapse would “jeopardize public safety“.
The FBI has argued that all material related to their investigation of 9/11 should be kept secret from the public, but that’s OK because the FBI probably has nothing to hide."

via fromthetrenchesworldreport

16 Year Old Boy Is Questioned By FBI For Political YouTube Video freedomoutpost

Italy To Help American Citizens: President Of Italy’s Supreme Court Sends U.S. 9/11 Crimes To International Criminal Tribunal! politicalvelcraft "This week, Judge Imposimato stated publicly in writing, that 9/11 was just like the “strategy of tension” carried out in Italy."

"The IRS sent my Tax Return back! AGAIN!!!
I guess it was because of my response to the question "List all dependents?"
I replied...
12 million illegal immigrants;
3 million crack heads;
42 million unemployable people on food stamps,
2 million people in over 243 prisons;
Half of Mexico ;
and 535 fools in the U.S. House and Senate.
Apparently this was NOT an acceptable answer."

This story should serve as warning to those who carry cash offgridsurvival "From the FBI circulating memos warning business owners to be on the look out for people paying with cash, to the Feds illegally seizing farmers bank accounts, we’ve highlighted a number of examples of how the government is trying to demonize the use of paper money.
A New Jersey man had $22,000 dollars of his hard earned cash stolen by the Tennessee Police department, and apparently it’s perfectly legal!"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cut Chemist - The Garden Live

"That lady with the violin totally rocks!" 5:24

artist Mary Blair's version, @ Holivi's art


' Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

I love you, I bless you.


Do not try to be light if you live in darkness, allow Me to guide you to the Eternal Light. Come to Me. I love you, I wait for you constantly beside My faithful.

BELOVED CHILDREN, I INVITE YOU TO BE AWARE OF THIS INSTANT. The Earth has been totally infested by the evil behavior of the human person who continues to constantly deny himself or refuse the Divine Calls and to change his or her behavior.

You yourselves will be placed before your own conscience, since you do not obey and do not return quickly to God.


You, My faithful, are those lights that allow this Earth to not be total darkness, even though My Mantle protects all. Lamentably, not all want to cover themselves with the same Mantle.

Humanity continues its cycle; humanity will be purified by its own hand. The sun has awakened and claims the Earth to free it from this decadent generation that makes it suffer.

Beloved children:

This is My Heart, alive and beating that is before each one of you, inviting you and calling you to obedience.





The demons fight for the souls of men in that great Spiritual Battle that you do not see but that you perceive. The enemies of the soul fight strongly to create division among My children. Be astute and do not allow yourselves to be divided; remain united under My Mantle so that evil does not touch you.

I INVITE YOU TO PRAY, not only with words, but being a testimony of truth in daily life, seeing My Son in the poor, in the imprisoned, in the despised and in the unjustly singled out.

Let your mouths not open against your brother or sister but rather be blessing for your brother and sister.

Envy strongly seizes humanity, this is a great weapon of the malignant one to destroy My faithful. I will not allow it, I fight against evil for you. But beloved, continue to be willing to allow Me to free you.

Pray for China, it will suffer greatly.
Pray for Chile, it will suffer.
Pray for Brazil, it will suffer greatly.

My beloved, the earth continues to shake, Nature’s events do not cease, on the contrary, they continue to increase. The sun also continues to give signs of the promptness of the fulfillment of the warnings that I have given you.

Be love, be like Me: I am love. Be light as I am light for those who have not found it.

I bless you.

I imprint Myself in your hearts, with My Love.'


RevelacionesMarianas / September 4th, 2012

'Custodian angels are already among you, invoke them, gladly will give you their protection. My father send them for protect His faithful people in the earth, all is about to begin; have trust in God, and do not turn away from your Mother, take my hand and pray with me my holy rosary every day, and I will not forsake you.

Little children difficult days come, but fear not, neither let it steal your peace, pray and trust that the heaven’s protection will be with you. Do not forget to intercede for your relatives furthest from God; remember that all prayers, holy masses, fasts, good works, pleas and rosaries that you make for them will free them for getting lost in Divine’s Justice time.

My little children pray for my beloved sons (priests), because many will be lost when purification arrives to church. Do not tire to pray for our Benedict so he can fulfill the mission to guide the God’s flock in these times of so much darkness and apostasy. He is the pope that Spirit of God has placed on Peter’s Seat to lead church’s destiny in these end time. Support him with your prayers, do not criticize, do not judge, do not compare, if you knew the cross that he is carrying then you would have more charity with our Benedict.

He is following Spirit’s instructions, and he is fighting to remain firm in the Seat of Peter, despite so many attacks, and many church divisions in these end times. The Glory of Olive will stay firm, the heaven will hold him up until fulfill the written time about him. I ask you do not forsake him, little children; my Son’s vicar needs support from whole catholic’s world, so he can continue complying Father’s Will.

Go ahead my children, intensify your prayers and ask for the protection of this Mother, which love you so much and suffer for you. Stay firm in trial, for you can receive the crown of life tomorrow. Peace of God be with you and my maternal protection assist you, your Mother: Sanctifying Mary.

Make my messages and my advocation known, little children of my heart. '

Call from Sanctifying Mary to children of God. Alto de Guarne, Antioquia 9/6/12

Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child in Chicago / September 1st - 7th, 2012


"what the hell do you think is happening right now? Boys and girls, you are going to be held to account for sitting by and subsidizing the holocaust of the preborn. This country is being brought down as punishment for the genocide that every one of us is partially responsible for." After announcing my Federal tax strike / Ann Barnhardt

"Barack Obama is a dark-skinned man. But how can it be anything but the worst kind of racism to suggest that his skin color has greater significance for good than his dedication to the culture of death has for evil?" Black America: reaping harvest of racial idolatry? - Alan Keyes

Rio + 20 is UN's Agenda 21 from 1992 on steroids.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Dire Appeal to our Military Brothers & Sisters, Strange Sulphur smells coming from Southern California, &, TransCanada TAKES 50-foot swath of East Texas ranch by eminent domain.

Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects: A Dire Appeal to our Military Brothers and Sisters geoengineeringwatch

List of Mass Animal Deaths

Judge Allows Trans-Canada to Take Crawford Land for Keystone Pipeline fromthetrenchesworldreport " If it stands, the decision will also allow TransCanada to take any other private land they need for their pipeline by eminent domain.
At issue in the lawsuit was whether TransCanada was planning to operate as a “common carrier” pipeline — transporting oil and related products on a first-come, first-served basis — or as a private pipeline carrying only a single product from a single company. In Texas, common carrier pipelines have the right to take land via eminent domain. Private pipelines do not. The Crawfords sued in large part because there are no apparent plans for the pipeline to carry anything other than tar sands bitumen for TransCanada. Tar sands bitumen is a very heavy sludge that is extremely poisonous and nearly impossible to remove from the environment in the event of leakage."

Strange Sulphur smells coming from Southern California sincedutch