........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Call to Prayer - Bilderberg 2012 Secretive summit kicks-off in Virginia, &, missile-armed MQ-9 Reaper drones over US compliments of NDAA!

“That believers may recognize in the Eucharist the living presence of the Risen One who accompanies them in daily life.” Pope Bendict XVI June Prayer Intentions

"Rise and go; your faith has made you well." Luke 17:19

Seed sown among thorns catholicdaily

Bilderberg 2012: Secretive summit kicks-off in Virginia
via mediamonarchy

“phase 2″ censorship of black crime. cofcc

"The US military has revealed that stronger and more powerful versions of the famed Predator drones, known as MQ-9 Reaper drones, are being fitted with missiles and other explosive ordinances as part of a deployment of 30,000 drones authorized to fly over the US by the NDAA and the armed drones will now be operating inside the United States." alexanderhiggins

"The Holodomor, or Hunger plague, was a famine engineered by the Soviet Union as part of a series of actions, including mass executions, designed to destroy the Ukrainian nation. "
Weather Disasters, Crop Loss, Biotech Acreage, and Monsanto Sales Rising:
This is disaster capitalism at its best.

Yesterday's Wheat Harvest and Hail Threat -
Hail is the mortal enemy of ripe wheat.

meanwhile, as the peasants die off in Fukushima

Tepco raises salary fukushima-diary

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE STATES: crawling over broken glass for Paul, the Official Attendance List of Bilderberg 2012, &, The Illuminati/Chemtrail Connection

Bilderberg 2012
Official List of Attendees


USA - some but not all:
USA Daniels, Jr., Mitchell E. Governor of Indiana
USA DeMuth, Christopher Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute
USA Donilon, Thomas E. National Security Advisor,
The White House
USA Evans, J. Michael Vice Chairman, Global Head of Growth Markets, Goldman Sachs & Co.
USA Ferguson, Niall Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, Harvard University
USA Goolsbee, Austan D. Professor of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
USA Graham, Donald E. Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company
USA Harris, Britt CIO, Teacher Retirement System of Texas
USA Hoffman, Reid Co-founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn
USA Kerry, John Senator for Massachusetts
USA Krupp, Fred President, Environmental Defense Fund
USA Li, Cheng Director of Research and Senior Fellow, John L. Thornton China Center, Brookings Institution
USA Lipsky, John Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Johns Hopkins University
USA Liveris, Andrew N. President, Chairman and CEO, The Dow Chemical Company
USA Mundie, Craig J. Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation
USA Noonan, Peggy Author, Columnist, The Wall Street Journal
USA Rogoff, Kenneth S. Professor of Economics, Harvard University
USA Rose, Charlie Executive Editor and Anchor, Charlie Rose
USA Ross, Dennis B. Counselor, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
USA Rubin, Robert E. Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury
USA Schmidt, Eric E. Executive Chairman, Google Inc.

Mercury Kills, Mercury Sterilizes: CHEMTRAILS
"Modern-Day Population Control Policy & The Illuminati/Chemtrail Connection - When we cross-reference their names of panel members from the Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming study with rosters from known Illuminati-controlled organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the National Security Council, we find many of the same names and institutions represented. The same individuals and institutions that pioneered Atmospheric Geoengineering, are also members of organizations controlled by the Illuminati’s New World Order."

The Pope, the press and the facts, &, The guy’s Manchurian to the shoes on his feet.

Revelation 8:5: Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the earth; and there came peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake.

WHI: (Smiles) John 9:30 "You go look it up. I been getting religion lately son. For real. I was never one for praying…but I am praying every damn day now. Praying for all of us. My own f-cking redemption. Yours. Mine. This country that’s hanging by a thread like nobody knows. And my eyes have been opened. …the unions are big in it. They own him. Obama. They own him. Globalists. Jarrett is in that. Obama was taught day one to hate America, right? So Big Labor, the globalists, the socialists, the communists, Green Energy…all that bullsh-t is just a different side of the same f-cking face. It’s all the same. And Barack Obama is their creation." theulstermanreport

“others” clicked their fingers, and Obama came running, with Hillary in tow. fromthetrenchesworldreport

Pope: Rumors in some media have been exaggerated in a gratuitous way overheardinthesacristy

From The Pelianito Journal May 27th, 2012
Luke 12:10 “Everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but the one who blasphemes against the holy Spirit will not be forgiven.”

“My child, on this great feast and hereafter do nothing that will grieve the One who breathes the breath of love into your spirit. The Holy Spirit, the advocate, is your strength, your hope, your very present help in time of trouble. Then do not be afraid. Fear neither the coming persecution, nor the coming hardship, but placing your trust in the Spirit of the living God, pray with great confidence. Fear has no place in a heart filled with the Holy Spirit. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit, but rest always in the Breath of Love that flows between the Father and the Son. What can happen to you there? Rest in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit.”

'Come Holy Spirit!
You are my ever-present help in time of trouble.
I enter into the Breath of Love
that flows between the Father and the Son.
I rest in you, beloved Advocate,
and pray with trust and confidence
for the conversion of all souls
through the Immaculate Heart of your beloved Spouse.
Send forth your Spirit O Lord,
and renew the face of the earth!
Amen. Alleluia!'

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aaron was arrested for blogging, &, “Then the cop said to me, ‘I don’t have time to play this constitutional bullshit...'

Clearing the fog about blogger Aaron Walker’s arrest re: terrorist Brett Kimberlin radiopatriot

“Then the cop said to me, ‘I don’t have time to play this constitutional bullshit with you. We’re going to break your door in, and you’re going to have to pay for a new door.’” thisainthell

Obama & Co. going after conservative bloggers fellowshipofminds

* * *** * *** * *** * *** * *

This the most astonishing MUSIC i've heard in a LONG LONG time!! AP

This the most astonishing MUSIC i've heard in a LONG LONG time!!

Dear You Guys,

You will of course forgive me for such

shameless promotion of an Indie group.

It's been a very long time since I've

heard anything as compelling & well

constructed as the tunes on this CD.

This is MUSIC for the Soul&Spirit.

....might also be Music for Musicians.

look......It's like everything else in this


called 'the Arts'...



& how would i know 'REAL' you ask?


Beijos Lieblings,

Madame X

Midnight's Exile

1. When the Fallout Clears
2. Lunar Walk
3. Archangel
4. Far Future
5. Against Harsh Elements
6. Celestial Forest
7. Ambient Depth
8. October

8 tracks, 54.10

'Ancient Ruins of Cathode Ray' / Midnight's Exile

The Protégé of Jasper Johns, & schooled in the Bauhaus, there were a lot of things my old man wasn't, but being an ARTIST*(all caps)* wasn't one of them. I remember the tortured insanity & long midnights that accompanied his Paintings. & they hang in Galleries all over Europe,.......................... & they hang in the very prestigious Gallerias de las Insanita d'State (ok...you get it ...right??!!) throughout the North East.

I have no-fkng-idea what ART is or isn't. Personally, i am of the William Rehnquist version of thinkers on such
delicate matters of self-exposure: ''I know it when I see it!" So...when I got a message from Freakether3 about 'Lilwolf ' petitioning support for a group of artist called 'Fractalists' who were going to get the boot from site because a group of self-appointed deciders had DECIDED their's wasn't ART!...I flashed-back into active

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'God has to be put back into your country or it will collapse.'...'They intend to get rid of the internet'

'God has to be put back into your country or it will collapse.
...continue praying and fasting for a good man to become your next president. A person you can rely on for telling the truth. A person who loves his country and will do everything he can to turn it back to the founding fathers principles. A person who loves God and isn't ashamed to say it. A person who will permit prayer back in the classroom with the help of Congress. That person has been chosen for these times. A great miracle will take place to put him in office and confound those who are now in power.
Take courage My children. Your prayers and fasting are powerful.'
message to ChosenChildInChicago

via prayalwayswithoutceasing


"Blogger and Brett Kimberlin target Aaron Walker arrested in Maryland "This is absolutely outrageous. In a positively Kafka-esque turn of events, a Maryland judge has ordered that Walker be taken into police custody while serial harasser, terrorist, and killer Kimberlin remains free." radiopatriot

Sheridan ‏@OccupyRebellion
Hey @liberty_chick , your pal @aaronworthing was arrested in court today. Guess whose next? Suck it bitch!!!
Retweeted by Ali A. Akbar

How Citizens can end 'SWATting' noisyroom

A really, really, REALLY bad idea – Giving the Internet to the U.N. wattsupwiththat

Meanwhile, in our back yard… drkatesview

nigga pimp c died on an overdose of lean "But what does this have to do with Robitussin or “DXM”? " theconservativetreehouse

DHS Uses Everyday Words to Find "Threats" on Social Networks whistleblower

Bilderberg Concerned Over Mass Protests infowars

Pam Geller on Egypt: Flash back to CPAC datechguyblog


The Gulf is still UNDER ATTACK! bpoilslick

NRC Report: Unknown Oil in Gulf Of Mexico near Grand Isle, LA oilspill.skytruth

“The toxic dispersants add absolutely nothing to EFFECTIVE RESPONSE. There is no scientific basis for it, and their use violates The Clean Water Act, EPA’s charter and common sense.”
“Corexit's label clearly states it can cause kidney failure and death and the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) specifically warns, “Do not contaminate surface water” with it. Additionally, toxicity testing in regards to marine species shows little tolerance by all forms of sea life; thus, applying it on spills as a preferred response method increases the toxicity of the spilled oil on which it is used.”

The Gulf of Mexico is Dying – Part II

Stuxnet-on-steroids Flame virus hits Iran legalinsurrection


the Story of the Half Moon

" In mid-July of last summer, I began awaiting his return. Every time I went to the lake, I would survey the landscape to see if he was there. He arrived in mid-August but this time my excitement at seeing him was tempered by disbelief. The drought that had settled over Alabama and much of the South had taken its toll on the Half Moon. He was emaciated." Mary Lou Simms
via treeoflifesword

Monday, May 28, 2012

Prayer warriors, stand guard, &, BBC spins global dimming & 'white-outs'

'Prayer warriors, stand guard. Open your hearts to prayer, and call down blessing upon blessing on your respective nations. Pray without ceasing.' message to Jabez

Mary's Blessing over the internet marytv


via radiopatriot

Soldier reunited with abused Afghan dog he saved therightscoop


"BBC article announces Chemtrails could “soon” be deployed as a fix for global warming global warming hoax"


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Miracle in Kakheti: Icon of Virgin Mary Bleeds

"Test results showed it was a mixture of blood & holy oil."
via spiritdaily


sneaking out the back of Toot's apartment building!
via GUL1776

House to examine plan for UN to regulate the Internet thehill

"Remember that facebook is nothing more than a CIA affiliated data-mining operation..." via federaljack

Warren Pollock & Ann on the Evils of Facebook - 5/25/12 8:00 PM MST


Saturday, May 26, 2012

the fracking diesel in your drinking water, the electric shocking of your austistic child, & gardening for the Prepper Nation


Why the Bees are Disappearing

"The purpose of the bees disappearing is to execute a global famine. Everyone knows economic collapses are engineered by contracting the supply of money/credit while pushing the stock market down in a short period of time. Now with advancements in technology (specifically nano-tech as shown on this site) the ability to collapse the food supply is now in they're grasp too.

Using chemtrails (probably again leveraging nano-tech, but could simply be the barium in the chemtrails instead) the bees like everything else are sprayed all day long. As the population of the bees dwindles you'll notice they never completely die out. This is the point. Using chemtrails they have struck a balance of allowing just enough bees to survive and pollinate crops year over year but at the same time with one hard day of chemtrailing the rest (say there are only 10% of the bees now remaining) would be wiped out in a week. Doing this at the proper time of the season and 90% of the crops (wheat and corn?) would fail. At the same time the futures price of all commodities would be pushed up fast resulting is a complete lack of food and if any food is found it will be sky high expensive. Also note Codex Alimentarius and other legal restrictions on farmers; specifically the GMO crops that are used. The key to the GMO crops is not the fact that they are bad for you, but the seeds the farmers get from Monsanto for that given growth cycle (year) would fail to spawn/grow intentionally, right on schedule with a complete collapse of the remaining bee population. This is the real reason for the push for GMO seeds onto farmers. It's so the rug can be pulled out from under the crop yields just in time with an escalating futures price for food based commodities and the bee die-off. Sprinkle on some weather manipulation to create a bunch of tornados in the bread basket of America and some inflation to boot and you have the worlds first completely engineered famine. There will be a day within the next 25 years that you cannot buy a loaf of bread for under $350 (inflation adjusted, equivalent price in today's dollars is about $140 I figure).

Average Lifespan Chart for a Baby Born Today {click image}

It must be a difficult operation, to keep a population set balanced like that. Stop chemtrailing and the entire bee population would rebound with a couple years probably. Why is it chemtrails? The bee's are dying off everywhere, what is found everywhere? Chemtrails. That's the only thing. Virus can't exist outside a host long enough to do this, and a bacteria strain would be restricted to specific area based on climate (for example the bacteria would never survive a northern winter). The only thing that is all pervasive are chemtrails, and the time frame matches up too. Chemtrails and the disappearing bees all roughly started at the same time.

The reason is to kill everyone and bring the world's population down. But they can't just go around shooting everyone. It has to be transparent and explainable. For example climate change is blamed for too many tornadoes, Monsanto screwed up by chance, the bee's have been disappearing for years so that can't matter, etc. Note this whole bee thing might be abandoned over time as it might not be required. Technology and game plans change. "

U.N. Agenda 21 via vladtepesblog

'and if they drink
any deadly poison,
it will not hurt them'
maranâ' thâ'

In 2011, the natural gas industry was caught red-handed, secretly pumping over 32 million gallons of diesel fuel and diesel fuel by-products into the ground — and threatening our drinking water. This is after the industry denied using diesel in their fracking fluids!fromthetrenchesworldreport

the drinking with bob explanation of The Rogue Algo Responsible For FaceBook's Downfall zerohedge

POLICE STATE: School Defends Shocking Autistic Kid 31 Times In Seven Hours federaljack

Police State via noisyroom


100 million Americans don’t have jobs. infiniteunknown

6 Surprising Ways Juice Companies Trick You refreshingnews99

Successful Container Gardening: Getting Started doomandbloom

Friday, May 25, 2012

BREITBART TOLD THE STORY of Bomber Brett Kimberlin JUST BEFORE HE DIED, €4 Billion Increase Overnight Stealth Bank Run, & 'those who give themselves to hatred will reap what they have sown.'

'The prince of this world is on the verge of making the public worship of the Christian Faith a crime punishable by law. You will witness the fall of civilization as you have known it.' May 24, 2012

Henry Lamb: Death of a Patriot

VOTE FOR HIM IF YOU WANT but remember,
the devil hates his own. via theulstermanreport
meanwhile: THE SHADOW ADVISER: "She knows where are all the bodies have been buried in the past 30 or so years of Chicago politics and she knows all the tricks," spectator

Exposing #BrettKimberlin: Glenn Beck interviews Patterico’s Patrick Frey and blogger Aaron Walker therightscoop


via therightscoop
POLITICAL TERRORISM: Domestic Left-Wing Bomber Brett Kimberlin, His Allies, Soros and Their Use of Intimidation to Silence Conservatives MRCTV

This is The other McCain...he is in hiding because of the INTOLERANCE of the LEFT!! noisyroom

A Stealth Bank Run Taking Place infiniteunknown

The 5 Most Blatantly Corrupt Industries in the World . . . And What YOU Can Do About It politicalvelcraft

Cybersecurity Act 2012, CISPA goes Undercover in the Senate fromthetrenchesworldreport

"The accommodation being requested i[s] perfectly reasonable, and defensible by the constitutional and civic rights guaranteed to citizens of the Unites States. A young woman should not be discriminated against because
she is a faithful Catholic."

"What did Father Jordan and the church supposedly do wrong? According to the complaint, the church is “responsible for placing a religious symbol of Christianity on government-owned property in conjunction with a religious ceremony. ...They are a combination of doops, evil people and communist agitators, driving us toward complete Marxist principles as a cultural and governing reality. Please, writers, tell it like it is! The courts no longer honor the constitution." ncregister

Secularists don’t like people of faith because the ultimate authority for us is not the state. The ultimate authority is God. tac


All is well in the kingdom

when you hope in me.

5/25/12 divinemercyillumination

"prayer is the best weapon we have,

a key that opens the heart of God"
St. Padre Pio

CONSTITUTIONAL CHAOS: 'Which side are you on? It’s time to make your choice.'

via infiniteunknown

"Andrew warned the world about this guy six months before he died on Hugh Hewitt.{(but curiously not crossposted at Breitbart) ... because Brietbart.com is currently being run by a nutless wonder who has refused to cover this story.}" datechguyblog
via radiopatriot "Follow the money, The funding of Kimberlin’s projects — tens of thousands of dollars from the George Soros-connected Tides Foundation, as well as foundations associated with Barbra Streisand and Sen. John Kerry’s wife — thus supported all of Kimberlin’s activities, including his effort to have O’Keefe and Giles prosecuted for their ACORN takedown. "
Brett Kimberlin is an American leftist political activist, convicted felon, and ex-convict ebl
"“Swatting” is news-worthy even in an ivory tower, and there’s no excuse for being quiet on it. Unless you’re a nutless coward. You hear me, Joel Pollack?" Ladd Ehlinger @ DTG

"It is no secret that the American LEFT is sabotaging the USA from within and it is the agenda of the leaders of this movement to hand the USA over to Russia and China. This was stated to the FBI by Weather Underground terrorists. " theconservativemonster


via fellowshipofminds

Thursday, May 24, 2012

'the seasons will vary even more before the shaking of the earth. '

'There shall yet come a violent hurricane. Iniquity is at an end, sin shall cease, and before two full moons shall have shone in the month of flowers, the rainbow of peace shall appear on the earth. '
St. John Bosco's Prophecy of the Turn of the Millennium unveilingtheapocalypse

* * *** * *** * **

Kids of "the Iraqi Hiroshima" vice
via infiniteunknown

Cardinal Dolan: White House is "strangling" Catholic church Da Mihi Animas

Abortion, Cannibalism and Black Magic patheos

Now about the post-election blackouts renewamerica

Black-on-black crime in the suites
African-American political power didn’t protect civil rights, it robbed us blind
WaTi via WZ

"It is getting very ugly very quickly. Given everything that has happened (MF Global), is happening (Facebook IPO ripoff), and is going to happen (JP Morgan clusterbungle), if you think that you are somehow “safe” and “everything will shake out okay” and “no worries”, you’re simply out of your gourd." Barnhardt warns about Penson stock collapse fom

"Okay so now let’s recap, he attacked the Catholic’s, he attacked the Jews, he attacked the non gay’s and he attacked industry in general. the question that must now be asked is why would any sane individual attack so many American’s that might have otherwise voted for him? The answer is I believe very simple, in that he does not care who will or will not vote for him, since he knows just like Speaker of the House John Boenher knew to invest in Healthcare Stock and Nancy Pelosi knew to invest in Visa stock, (thanks to insider trading, which just happens to be legal for Senators or Congressmen) that he will remain in power as president one way or another." Gabor Zolna @ Letters to AZ SOS Ken Bennett, on Illegally Placing AKA Obama on the Ballot obc

the truth about Soviet spy Alger Hiss againstred

Taking it to the Streets – Ban GMOs NOW! farmwars
"I imagine anyone reading this will know by now that Monsanto’s former vice president, Michael Taylor, is our nation’s food safety authority as Deputy Commissioner for Food at the FDA. And to think he is only one of many other former private sector biotech and pharmaceutical employees who have risen to the bureaucrat arena is a very serious matter."

Integrated Pest Management Eco-Goats Back on the Road

* * *** * *** * **

'Signs will come from Heaven before which humanity will be astonished in great measure and you will see the Divine Omnipotence. Many will be astonished and then return to live in the nothingness in which they move.




Beloved children:

Pray for India, it will suffer.
Pray for Russia, it will suffer.
Pray for My beloved land of Chile.

"In less than 24 hours Lake Cachet II in Chile's southern Patagonia vanished..."

Beloved, time as a human measurement will vary, the seasons will vary even more before the shaking of the earth. '

4/22,25/12 revelacionesmarianas

Monday, May 21, 2012

URGENT -the shaking of the Earth, the roaring of the waters: on the summit of the fulfillment of the Prophecies.


In this instant those who are truly faithful and those who disguise themselves at moments to feign a false fidelity will come face to face.

The Earth continues to shake in its desire that man turn his eyes to his Creator. ... the fury that the Earth has contained within it, emerges, emerges to the surface

revelacionesmarianas April 12-22

My dear one, it is good that you found the time to pray this morning on a very special Feast Day in Heaven and on Earth, my Ascension into Heaven. My ascending into Heaven before My holy and beloved Apostles was a gift from my Father in Heaven to all mankind. It gave hope to those living on earth that there is an Eternal Life with Me. I was seen by all who witnessed this event, so that they would verify my Father’s plan for all: to ascend into Heaven knowing that one day I would return from Heaven.

This marks a great and holy day in the annals of history and so all celebrate the Heavenly Kingdom where I and My Father have prepared a place for each of My children who have been witnesses on Earth and have done their best to live by My Commandment, “To love one another as I have loved you”; and to keep holy my Fathers’ Ten Commandments, in their hearts and in their lives.

Ascension Sunday is the HOPE for a broken world, a down-trodden people and for sinful nations and peoples. There is still time for all to repent from their wicked ways, to stop sinning and return to My holy Sacraments. Once a soul has passed from their earthly life, he or she can no longer help himself or herself. It is time then for Judgment. This is what I wish to say to all those who will listen and read this message, you do not know the hour in which you will be taken from your living existence. Why would you not prepare today, while there is still time? Do you not know the SIGNS OF THE TIMES? Can you not see the perverse world in which you are living? Can you not feel the evil surrounding you, your home, your family members? Have you not read the Scriptures describing the days of the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION as described by my prophet St. Daniel? (Refer to Daniel Chapter 9:27. The Abomination of Desolation refers to “...near the end of the world under Antichrist…”]

You are about to see a great annular eclipse in your western hemisphere today. Be aware of this great sign from the heavens. The Antichrist is well present now. Your days are now marked. Evil leaders will begin dismantling my Holy Church from within as well as from the forces from hell. Be it known today that the great evil dragon is now battling my beloved son, your Pope, Benedictus. You must pray, pray, pray and pray more. Events prophesied about, will be taking place in a rapid succession so seek peace through prayer.

My beloved one, please see that this message is posted quickly so that all my children can begin praying for protection against evil and for my beloved son, Benedictus.
Messages to Anna Marie 5/20/12

After the Warning

a murmuration...because God is magnificent!!

via treeoflifesword

「金色の輪」見えた 金環日食、列島各地で歓声

Sunday, May 20, 2012

he's delivered more than 4000 babies, he's PRO-LIFE!!, & he just won the majority of delegates in Minnesota

Ron Paul wins majority of delegates in Minnesota cbsnews

a testimony to a great and humble man. lewrockwell

via theulstermanreport

Lou Dobbs mystified by Obama-birth 'taboo'
'I don't know where the national media was in 2008
– or now'
ORYR "Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs says he’s mystified by an apparent “taboo” Republicans and the national media have as they continue to bury any question or news story probing the eligibility of Barack Obama to be president of the United States."

"Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital did not exist as such in 1961. Yet this is the name of the Hospital that is listed on Obama's Birth Certificate. The Hospital was not designated as such until after a merger of two medical facilities in 1978!!!!" lunaticoutpost
via obamareleaseyourrecord

via Appears Hawaii 'hiding' Obama birth record WND

* * *** * *** * *** * *

Where Have All The Homeless Gone? thefinalhour




Saturday, May 19, 2012

180 & the Lady of All Nations

Our Lady of All Nations

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father,
send now your Spirit over the earth.
Let the Holy Spirit
live in the hearts of all nations
that they may be preserved
from degeneration, disaster, and war.
May the Lady of All Nations,
the Blessed Virgin Mary,
be our Advocate.

via bluecollarphilosophy

Judge Strikes Down NDAA,Rules Obama Must Obey Constitution exposeobama

The Fiction of Barack Obama gulagbound

5/19/2012 -- Very severe weather = CO, OK, TX, KS, MO, NE, IA, MN, MI, TN, SC, NC, VA sincedutch

the breitbart boys are still waltzin'round the lead!

"Amazing! Even in discovering the truth that two decades ago Obama was proclaiming himself as foreign born, Breitbart.com insists this is not evidence that he might actually be foreign born.

Rather, the editors suggest, it’s just evidence of the fact that he tells different stories about his life.

I'm not sure there is such a thing as a“birther”narrative, as Breitbart.com suggests. But I am certain there is an“anti-birther”narrative that infects most of the media – Bretibart.com included."

Talk about burying the lead! radiopatriot

AP declared Obama “Kenyan-Born” in 2004 post&email via infowars

"Aaaaaaand less than 24 hours later, article that made yesterday’s top headline of drudge is wiped from the site. Cowards." AtlasShrugged@UMR

Then there's the debate between Alan Keyes & Soetoro
"in which Keyes faulted Obama for not being a natural born citizen, and in which Obama, by his quick retort, So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency, self-admitted that he was not eligible for the office." ITYS@UMR

the DNC’s latest attack by Judge Bolton to Sanction Van Irion Over “Obama” Eligibility Case obamaballotchallenge

Lawyers Guild claims NATO activists “disappeared” without warrant or charges federaljack


"Mother, full of goodness,
be attentive to what I ask of you.
I do not ask you for riches in this life.
I do not ask you for worldly pleasure.
I ask you for love for all those on this earth;
I ask you for peace, kindness, and happiness."

Our Lady's Prayer during her apparitions at Kibeho

'Do not be taken in

by fear of things to come.'

message to Jabez

Thursday, May 17, 2012

arrested & charged w/spreading the Catholic faith.


After numerous interrogations - HELLO, AMERICA!! cssr

Does May 19’s NATO Summit in Chicago have Communist symbolism? coachisright

'All nations, stand firm, the time of judgment is coming, no one can escape it. '

"From Heaven will come the Holy Spirit"
Message from Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace March 19th, 2012

On this beautiful night the Lord comes to feed you with His Holy Word, that you may have life forever.

The Word of God is Salvation and today It is more stronger over the world to warn you, call you to conversion with more urgency. You have the need to grow in the love of God, you and your brothers.

My joy is great to be able to continue bringing you the Call to Conversion, because in a little more time, everything will change.

For years and years I come to help you to increase your faith and take care of your souls. You must hurry on your conversion before comes to the world the time of the terrible events.

Many disasters will happen from now on, you do not know if your country will be hit too, so you must prepare yourselves by uniting and praying every day.

All countries are in danger, that is why God is sending so many messages to the whole world.

But all people need to realize that the greatest danger is not for the body but for the soul. I'm not in the world because of the body, but because of the soul. Who takes care of the soul will be happy, will not lose Heaven.

Mankind, for the most part, is skeptical of the warnings of God and is not preparing for what is coming. It is very close, there are many events, you think: "how can such terrible things happen? We have heard of wars, hunger, thirst, drought, disease, but never thought all these things could actually happen! ... "

My children, everything is written, that's why you should pay attention.

Soon you will know what will be revealed to the world.

Repent, repent, it's time for big events.

Dear and beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, which gives you Light leading you forever with His Light.

I am the Servant of the Lord, Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, I am the Immaculate Conception of Mary, I am the Messenger of God and in the message today He thanks you for the time of prayer and warns you:

"My children, for over (2,000) two thousand years that are being called to conversion by Me through messages, through the Holy Gospel, through apparitions, so many things, but you are letting the time pass away and continue away of all . Now you have to decide because soon are coming to the world the dangers announced.

I still call you to improve your hearts and I warn you, time is running out.

I am God, I am what I am, I will never change, but for you to enter the kingdom of Heaven, you need to change, to convert. I love you with Eternal Love. "

Dear children, let us together meditate on the words of God our Eternal Father, Almighty, now once again He is warning you about your conversion. Who does not convert will lose the Paradise.

My children, the Holy Word of God teaches you today that the good man, obedient and humble has guaranteed a place in Paradise. It reminds you today about the foster Father of Jesus Christ, St. Joseph He was always humble, compassionate and obedient to God for He was chosen by God the Father to take care of Jesus Christ.

Right man, hardworking, dutiful, St. Joseph gave every assistance to Jesus Christ and to Me, His wife. He is the great example for the world and today He cares for all sinners, pray for them and waits for the day to find them in Heaven. Who wants to be a good example to follow and reach Heaven should pray for help to St. Joseph.

My children, God wants everyone know to preserve the good family, that all be united, willing to serve Him with good will.

There is a time of great difficulties which the best for you is the union, the united family wins the most difficult problems more easy. Saint Joseph is your helper in this time, remember Him always and He will give you great help.

Joseph trusted in God and was committed to care for the family that God gave Him so He is your foster father too because you are brothers of Jesus Christ. Do not forget it. He takes care of the children who received from God as I have received you at the foot of the Cross.

My children, the Father has sent Me to also tell you today about the prophecies.

God also speaks through the prophets, this is an order that they receive from God to reveal to you on time.

Listen to the messages that are in the world, they are for all people. The prophets fulfill God's command, they are created to proclaim the Word of God. They received this mission before birth. If God would asked if anyone wanted to be a prophet everyone would answer no, that is why the prophets were created to be prophets. They are all the priests and all who are receiving warnings from heaven to reveal, when the time of apparitions ends, their mission ends, but the priests continue until the end as revealed by the prophets.

The prophets of today were created to prophesy the events of this final time, although it had been announced by the former prophets. Those of today are only reminding humanity that it is time for them to happen.

Each one fulfills its mission in the time required, were created as John the Baptist, the greatest of all prophets, He was born to prepare the way of the Lord and was compliant with His duty.

The Holy Spirit illuminates all the prophets, always lit and with His Light and continues until the end of their time on earth.

All prophecy is a call to conversion.

The false prophet is dominated by the unclean spirit, the devil himself.

He, the false prophet, does not work for salvation, but for destruction.

The call of the false prophet is not conversion, but destruction.

The contents of a false prophecy are a lie and from the good prophet is truth, for God is Truth, He does not fool anyone.

So everyone should observe, the Word of God is Real, if He said what comes to the world, everyone needs to believe and prepare for what God says that will happen. God calls everyone to convert. Convert, if you do not convert will not achieve the Grace of Salvation. Those who do not repent before death will go to hell.

God only knows what happens at the last moment of passing from this world to eternity.

Heaven and Hell are eternal. Purgatory is a place of reparation for sin, is where the soul is to clean up the mess of the sin committed on earth, the place of purification for those who go to Heaven. To Purgatory do not go those who deserve Hell, these are already convicted, their souls go straight to Hell.

God loves you equally, this is the great mystery that you still can not understand. If you already know it, do not commit the error that gives rise to prejudice to all that you do not accept with own free will. You are demanding to love your brothers. You are able to despise your brethren just because they are poor, this is not the only thing, you are capable of much worse.

I'm not in the world because of the body, I help heal the body, but I'm here because of your souls. Who takes care of the soul guarantees the right of the body and the two together will one day go to Heaven.

So I am with you to help you in this hour of great suffering, it is also a time to prepare for the trial of all your life, the coming of the Holy Spirit and the return of Jesus Christ.

Prepare yourselves, make straight your steps today. Return to God, repent.

This is what I come to warn you now in this time next to so much suffering. Remember that God loves you and awaits you in Heaven.

Now I ask the Holy Mass, the Holy Eucharist with faithfulness to God.

Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for all the Clergy, for the religious men and women, for all mankind.

Pray for the atheists and pagans, is time to return to God.

Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, unity and prayer are necessary for the effort to achieve the degree that each one needs to persevere in faith.

Help the Holy Father the Pope, he is in great danger and woe of humanity if the mission of the Holy Father is interrupted. The suffering of humanity will be even greater than you can imagine, your prayers can help and are helping him.

In this Holy Lent offer it over your sacrifices, sacrifices, prayers and penance for his protection.

I love you very much and cover you with My Mantle of Love.

During Holy Lent you should watch your mistakes, your attitudes and improve more than you can.

God is your Creator, our Father and He wants your happiness.

If today you are not fine it is because of your sins.

Paradise is ready for your waiting, just convert.

Awake, the difficult time has come, it will be more painful than all mankind has ever lived, this is the time when everything will go through turmoil in the world.

This is the time when from the Heaven will come the Holy Spirit to cleanse the world, is also the time of approaching to the coming of the Lord into the earth with His Kingdom of Love. Prepare yourselves, He, Jesus Christ comes not to condemn you, but come to Save you.

Brazil, Brazil, stand up to win, your hour is coming, there will be screaming and gnashing of teeth, the man will suffer but will have the companionship of the Lord.

All nations, stand firm, the time of judgment is coming, no one can escape it.

Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception.

Thank you for respond to the Call of God, valorize this time of Holy Lent and be reconciled with God.

The enemy has no power to do good, it just does evil and he will try to destroy you, beware, repent, the conversion will put you in a safe place where you will be protected.

Now I offer you My Immaculate Heart as a refuge in time of great punishment that is approaching to the world. A great punishment approaches, take care of your souls.

With all care and love of the Mother I wish you Peace and take your petitions to God.

The Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and forever. Amen.

Peace! Peace! Peace! Amen! Amen! Amen!

Blessed be God. Blessed be His Holy Name.

He is preparing you with so many warnings to overpass a sea of ​​suffering. You will not pass over with your feet or hands, but will cross with the heart of the soul.

Brazil - Our Lady's Apparitions

Jesus, my greatest poverty is my weakness.
I offer you, merciful Abba, all my weakness,
& w/it every gift & grace you have given me.
Help me to participate in your generosity
with a loving, grateful heart,
for your glory & for the sake
of all those you place in my path.
Jesus, I trust in you.
Help me to desire to embrace poverty
as completely as you did. Amen.
Pelianito's Prayer

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


'It is so urgent that you are prepared for what is being planned against you.'

Messages from Jesus To a "Chosen Child in Chicago" May 5th-11th, 2012

May 5, 2012 (9:23am)

Tell My beloved children that there are more things that you need to be aware of so that you can be prepared. After the riots and the revolutionaries and activists have done their damage many of them will be put in detention camps throughout the cities. All of these riots are being orchestrated and timed so that all is being done at the same time. Yes, My dear ones, the enemy is using all of these evil people to try to destroy your country. So much of what you are hearing and seeing in the media is propaganda. Don't believe the stories they will be manufacturing for you to hear. There will be many innocent caught up in these riots and they will be injured or even killed. So, My children, avoid as much as possible the downtown areas of your cities. If you remember to stay in prayer when all of these things are occurring you will be helping the innocent victims of these crimes. So, My children, stay alert to anything that may seem suspicious or out of the ordinary. There may be terrorists who will try to plant explosive devices in places you wouldn't suspect. This all sounds too difficult for most of you to comprehend I know but you must be aware so that you can protect yourself. Oh, My children, these plans of the evil government and their cohorts have been in the process of being put into place for a long time and now they think they can get away with their planned agenda. You know that God is in control not the godless men who think they are. In a second God could change the scene overnight. Be not afraid My children. This won't last a long time and there will be positive results in spite of the evil efforts of those who want power and control over you. So, be at peace knowing Jesus can only do what is best for you and your country no matter how bad things may get. Remember you were told that if you pray and fast these things can be mitigated and even stopped if there were an outpouring of the faithful fasting and praying for your country. I love you, Jesus.

May 6, 2012 (11:23am)

Tell My beloved children to pay tribute to all those who have given their lives for your country and for the freedom you now enjoy. There are those who want to destroy every aspect of your freedom. They especially want to take away your freedom to worship as you desire and also to force you to pay for immoral practices regarding your health. There are those of you who are seeing your citizens who are not even considered as a person. They regard you as a nuisance to their plans and would want you out of the system they have devised. Oh, My children, you have no idea what these evil people have in store for the aged. You must make every effort to learn of what they are planning so that you can defeat their plans by electing good moral people to protect your rights. You have been told countless times that if enough of you pray for a good man of integrity and courage that there will be a major miracle to get that man in office to be your next president. I'm sorry to say that many of you are beginning to distrust these messages and doubt that they are coming from Me, Jesus. My dear children, how can I convince you that these messages are very true? I guess you will have to experience what is being said here and then you will have to believe. Oh, My children, pray and trust with all your heart that I am with you and counting on your prayers and fasting to get a good president to lead your country. I love you, Jesus.

May 7, 2012 (10:20am)

Tell My beloved children to look at what is happening in Europe. The governments are being taken over by Socialists and Communists because the people didn't pray for good leaders. That same thing can happen in your country if enough of you aren't praying for good leaders. Oh, My children, have you forgotten the promise made to you in these messages that a great miracle will take place to get your candidate which you have been praying for to be your next president? So many of you have stopped reading and believing these words, but worst of all have stopped praying for your country to get a good moral man for president. When you doubt these words the enemy wins. He wants you to stop trusting that these messages are coming from the Lord. He wants all of you to go on living like everything is OK and nothing like what is being spoken of would ever happen in your country. Keep on thinking like this My dear ones and you will be living under a dictatorship which is already beginning to take hold in your government. I know it isn't easy to hear these words you just want everything to be normal. You can't keep this way of not looking at the facts to distort your thinking. My dear ones, the time for all this to happen is fast approaching. If you aren't aware of this you won't have your guard up and may become one of the victims in this horrible plan of attacks which are being organized throughout your country. I pray that all of you who have the grace to believe these words will pray for more people to be exposed to these messages so there will be more of you praying. There isn't much time left so please do all you can to spread these words to others. Tell them that the Lord and all His Angels and Saints are praying for the safety and protection of your country which is on the brink of a violent revolution. I love you, Jesus.

May 8, 2012 (9:12am)

Tell My beloved children that there will be wars started in the near future. These will be small skirmishes that will develop into riots and major disturbances. Be on your guard wherever you go. Especially be careful when you are at malls and ballparks. This is where you would least expect to be accosted. Parents don't allow your teens to go without an adult to any places where there are large crowds. I know this all sounds too hard to believe, but these people who want to destroy your country will stop at nothing. They plan to terrorize people everywhere. Protect yourselves with blessed medals and rosaries. Bring small bottles of holy water with you wherever you go. Now many of you are saying the Lord would never say anything to cause you to be fearful or anxious. My dear children, these are unusual circumstances you are living in and you must be aware of what these evil people are planning against you. You have been warned in the past of these possibilities but never took the words seriously. Now you will be able to see for yourselves as things begin to occur. My dear ones, your country is undergoing major trials that can only be averted or stopped by prayer and major sacrifices and fasting. Oh, My dear ones, how I wish you didn't have to hear these words and that all would be normal for you. This isn't going to happen the way you wish it could. It has been many years that these evil people have schemed and planned to have power over you. Their agenda is almost ready to be exposed. They think they are going to carry out their plans but only by the grace of God will they be defeated. There will be a major miracle to thwart their plans. This will be due to all your prayers. You must spread these messages to as many as possible so they too can pray and be protected. Remember My children there is nothing to fear if you stay in prayer and put your total trust in the Lord. I am with you through it all. I love you, Jesus.

May 9, 2012 (8:45am)

Please tell My beloved children how important it is for you to trust in the words of these messages. You are given the responsibility of spreading these messages to as many people as you can. It is so urgent that you are prepared for what is being planned against you. There isn't much time before things begin to happen so we need your prayers for the safety and protection of the people being targeted by the revolutionaries who are trying to bring your country down. Oh, My children you have to believe what I am telling you. Don't dismiss this as someone's imagination. It is I, Jesus, who speak to you through My messenger. My dear ones, it may look on the surface that all is lost and nothing can be done to get the best man of high moral values for your president. This is not true My dear ones. You are praying and fasting and calling on the Lord for your country to be saved. Remember it only has to be enough of you to accomplish this goal. This has been done by a remnant of you who are real prayer warriors. Your country will be saved by a major miracle which will take place in time for your candidate to take his place as your leader. Trust and don't doubt My dear children. Your prayers have been heard and soon you will see the response to your good will and prayerful actions. I love you, Jesus.

May 10, 2012 (9:00am)

Tell My beloved children to take time today to pray for all the deceased of your parishes. So many of them go without prayers from their family and loved ones since now days they are being told from the pulpit that their loved one who died is in Heaven. This I'm sorry to say is rarely if ever the case. Not even some of the great saints went straight to Heaven. My dear ones, there is so much you can do to make your stay in Purgatory shorter. You can spend time with those who are sick or in prison. You can help carry the burden of others by supporting them in their trials. You can go to cemeteries and pray for the souls of loved ones there. One of the best ways to atone for sins on earth is to attend as many Masses as you can. You can pray the Rosary daily, read the Bible and holy books, etc. You spend so much time on trivial things like tv and sports when you could use some of this time preparing your souls for eternity. My dear ones, as you can see by what is happening in some of your states, that your prayers are being heard. The evil people behind the scenes are being stunned by the outcome of some of the primaries. They will be more confused and dumbfounded when they see a major miracle occurring before their eyes which they cannot control or do anything about. Again, My dear ones, I urge you to spread these messages to anyone you can. It will give them more hope for the future of your country knowing the Lord is fighting the battle with them. I love you, Jesus.

May 11, 2012 (9:00am)

Tell My beloved children there are many challenges facing your country at this time. It is so urgent for you to continue your prayers and fasting. Now that your government is seeing that they may lose the elections in the fall they are taking drastic measures for this not to happen. They may call for Marshall Law when the riots which are planned get out of control. That could mean a lot of bloodshed in your streets. Your government is desperate and all involved are working constantly to come up with new ideas to keep them in power. My dear children, are you praying and are you trying to get these messages out to as many as you can? It isn't enough for you to just read them and wait to see what is going to be said next in the messages. Your focus should be on Jesus and defeating the evil people in your government. Now remember these words are meant to call you to action and get others to do the same. We need all the prayers, fasting, and sacrifices we can get to win the elections. You know that this is going to happen but that depends on if you continue your prayers and don't count on My prayer warriors to do all the praying and fasting. This is the most critical time in your lives to save your country and get the man elected for your president that will lead it back to God. Even though all Heaven is praying with you We still need your prayers to win. I love you, Jesus.

May the Peace of Christ

His Mercy & Protection

follow you always.

May the Good Earth

always be kind & Solid

under your feet.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WTFU AMERICA!! “if I am the Devil’s child, I will live then from the Devil.” B.Soetoro, & 'the same octopus orb '

"You have in so many ways, St. Sincerus University class of 2012, spoken the rude truth. You have refused the easy paths of conformity & obedience. You have shunned the cliches, the pre-packaged ideas others would force upon you. Platitudes are not for you. No, you go boldly where no one has gone before; you take the road less travelled; you question authority. You challenge the sacredness of all traditions & allow only your own constitution to dictate your way forward. Good for you. When others disagree, as they will, remember the words of Emerson: “if I am the Devil’s child, I will live then from the Devil.” Good luck to you all." catholicphoenix
{ the gay christening of President Obama by Newsweek magazine } oryr

STOP, READ & PROCESS: Obama-Clinton deploy GLOBAL AGENDA newswithviews

filed under "is what this is all about.": the pedophile ring which operates out of Facebook,...as terrorists are the tools of the cartel to gain control in this global feudal state. LC

& THEN: Obama highlights the “flaws” With The Founding Fathers and the Consititution fireandreamitchell

filed under PSYOPS: This was staged for us shepple. By the way, how old is this fucker iw

"Newly released, declassified files from the United Kingdom reveal U.S.officials' concerns that Kenyans studying in America, including President Obama's father, may have had ties to Kenyan terrorist groups that were supported by communist nations in the 1950s and early 1960s. " thecaptainsquarters

We do know this: "Microsoft is known to stealthily alter files on a user's system without any dialog box to request permission" spiritdaily

The Open Conspiracy: Religions in general, and in the first place the Catholic religion, must be neutralized lasalettejourney "Father Huchede addresses the fact of the open conspiracy: "Is it not true to say that the "mystery of iniquity" is prepared in secret revolutionary dens?" This is the revolution called for by atheists, socialists, freemasons and all those who hate the Lord Jesus and His Mystical Body which is the Catholic Church. H.G. Wells described the goal of the Open Conspiracy as, "an adequately implemented Liberal Socialism, which will ultimately supply teaching, coercive and directive public services to the whole world" and added that this, "is the immediate task before all rational people...There must be a common faith and law for mankind" and this will be achieved through a "World-State.""

a FAIR and HONEST election is quickly slipping away. fellowshipofminds

Now continue to enjoy the election charade in your elitist controlled country! infiniteunknown

Let me be very clear. Dr. Paul is NOT dropping out or suspending his campaign. fromthetrenchesworldreport

"Don't do this thing so wickedly!"

Only in Amerika fom
#3(there are 10) "Only in Amerika could we have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner, the head of the Treasury Department and Charles Rangel, who once ran the Ways and Means Committee, BOTH turn out to be tax dodgers who are in favor of higher taxes."


Fukushima Radiation Release is Worse than You Have Been Told – What You Can Do to Protect Yourself FarmWars "The Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy (JCIT) has recently released a video for people wishing to learn more about how to protect themselves from contamination by taking large doses of vitamin C."

Fukushima Radiation Protection
"Antioxidants and particularly sulphur containing antioxidants can protect against the free radical damage of ionising radiation.
The following video was made by The Japanese Collage of Intravenous Therapy in an attempt to help the Japanese people.
Obviously, it would be preferable to avoid unnecessary radioactive contamination, but that option is no longer available. It is particularly sad that the Japanese government has been inept, irrational, and dishonest in dealing with this tragedy."