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Thursday, December 13, 2012

URGENT w/ 5 days to go!!

"Before states can legally certify the results of an election, they must be confident that the election process itself was not compromised in any way. It is not possible for any state to have such confidence in the face of blatant and massive election fraud.

Before the Electoral College can cast its ballot for president and vice president on December 17th, they must first certify that ballot, an act they cannot legally do if they have any evidence that the election results and ballot are tainted by fraud.
The simple math tells the story.

Obama received almost 7 million fewer votes in 2012 than 2008
McCain had less than 40% GOP support in 2008, Romney had more than 53% in 2012
Yet, Romney received fewer votes than McCain?
Over 5 million votes are missing in 2012
The Military Vote is still missing
Voter and Election anomalies are numerous
Campaign fraud involving millions in overseas donations

We saw the massive fraud coming before it happened. Progressive Marxists have been working to destroy the election systems for decades and it all came together in 2012. We can easily identify and evidence the fraud following the election.

A civil suit will not do. Nothing short of criminal charges can solve what is happening in this country. People engaged in criminal activities tearing the nation apart and all of its constitutional systems to shreds must be held accountable for their evil actions.

If the American people intend to ever see a legitimate election again, they must act now to stop the 2012 fraud. The North American Law Center has been formed for the sole purpose of holding political criminals accountable for destroying the Constitutional Representative Republic. This organization has been formed so that all patriotic groups and individuals can work together to challenge the illegal and unconstitutional actions of a criminal federal cabal.

If the people don't unite and fight here and now, they will never know freedom and liberty again."