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Saturday, December 22, 2012

URGENT! "pray & intercede for Japan' * FUKUSHIMA: "This is all I can do for the people remaining in Japan. "

'Pray, My beloved, for Japan;
do not forget it in your prayers.
It will be a cause of pain & lament for humanity. '
RevelacionesMarianas - 11/23,28/12

"Soon Christmas is coming but there is no Christmas for radiation.

Molten and fractured nuclear fuel keeps reacting regardless of the calendar, also our body is affected by radiation restlessly.

Like in many countries in the world, December is a special month in Japan. Especially children like it because they can have Christmas presents, cakes, winter vacation, and new years’s day.

However, at least in Fukushima city, about half of the children have thyroid cysts and nodules. Some of them have countless number of nodules. I’m trying to imagine how their parents are feeling now.
Some of them are still in temporary housings, always threatened by the risk of radiation and additional exposure.

They can’t even be reassured to eat Christmas cake. I personally wouldn’t eat it. Strawberry, cream, wheat, I have seen all the data to show cesium has been measured from those things. Cream is made of milk, which may contain Strontium.
I can never feel like celebrating Christmas nor new year’s day.

I don’t die even if I don’t celebrate it. I will keep fighting restlessly, until I die.

I sometimes remember how it was in December when I was in Japan. but every time I look back, I remember, there was no future in the society at that time, it was ** months before the end.
so I don’t feel nostalgic.

Blogging. This is all I can do for the people remaining in Japan. I know the readers decrease in this holiday season, but I’ll just do my best whether it’s sunny or rainy.
However, I don’t want to be packed in this small channel forever. I hope to have my voice reach further and wider somehow. Now I’m looking for the way.

While I’m writing this, some malignant growth might be growing in my thyroid, bone or brain as well. Having an acute symptom to fall down somewhere I don’t know is one of my biggest nightmares. That will be the end of Fukushima Diary.

but until the very last moment, I’ll be writing an article or column. I will fall down in the pose of typing the last alphabet.

I want to make this web-journalism industry as powerful as massmedia. I want to end them. I don’t have much to lose but want to burn the rest of my life for that."
Iori Mochizuki / FUKUSHIMA DIARY