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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

self-reproducing synthetic organism, Advanced Military Climate Modification Technologies, Bill Gates in “god mode”, & the BLUE Sky of Death

Barack Obama lost every single county in Oklahoma (Utah and West Virginia, too)... "The state also passed a law -SB 1102- to include DNA samples from any and all illegals to the Oklahoma database for criminal investigative purposes. Nancy Pelosi said it was 'unconstitutional', but the good people of Oklahoma could give a rat's ass what she purports to think." RRR

the OCTOBER SURPRISE: "They didn't factor in a tiny group of highly trained ex-Navy Seals/CIA operatives" GUL1776

WXP — The NEW “blue screen of death” sincedutch

attn. Anthony: Climate Change Caused by Advanced Military Climate Modification Technologies

~ 2003 (August 8) U.N. group in 'showdown with religion'

Crime Syndicate: Banksters, 9/11, BP, Chemtrails, Monsanto (TIMELINE) chemtrailsplanet
~ 2010: Synthetic Genomics announced the laboratory creation of the world’s first self-reproducing synthetic organism. (Note: Morgellans?)

Historical TIMELINE of climate change politics & Advanced Military Climate Modification Technologies "Neither the media or climate scientists asked if the military’s program could be contributing to climate change – even while public domaain documents confirmed that “owning the weather” is a well documented military objective.
The evidence is robust that many storms and hurricanes since 2000 have been manipulated with massive deployments of geoengineering aerosols in combination with probable involvement of electromagnetic climate weapons.
We must now wake up to consider that weather weapons are being used as global extortion to convince populations they must pay a carbon tax to keep the climate under control."

meanwhile: the climate talks in Doha, Qatar:
Doha delegates, pwned

…and Europe’s suicide continues apace vladtepesblog

meanwhile: D.C. Group Throwing Christmas Party Celebrating Abortion lifenews

the Civil War, & secession as an option for any State

Boehner purges fiscal conservatives from key committees

The Third Party Option is No Longer An Option
Its a Necessity