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Sunday, December 23, 2012

"How come every (time) LIBOR makes the news there is a shooting?"

Full Disclosure: Is There A Connection Between Libor Scandal and School Shootings?

Timothy Locke 3 days ago

Ben, Keep your HEAD DOWN and your ASS DOWN TOO my friend. AS WELL as that of your FAMILY! It is very possible the CNBC Exec that had his 2 children murdered by the family's Long Term Nanny, just 12 hrs prior to his childrens murders, ok'd a Story on the LIBOR scandal to run on the CNBC Website. The Following Day, the Story was VERY SCRUBBED off CNBC, and this father had lost 2 children! Be Careful my friend, these fucker play viscously for keeps!


timsdvtube 3 days ago

Does Adam Lanza even exist? Monograph has investigated and no one by that name is listed on People Search sites associated with the father, mother or brother? Check that out Ben. Why would Aurora shooting name and Sandy Hooks be in the Batman movie that came out before both shootings?


truthbusters29 2 days ago

There is a connection with Libor Scandal and the shootings... though not directly.... The fathers didn't train their son to shoot and to be killed lol!... They were obviously framed and blackmailed. Its a complex case of Mind control, 2nd Amendment and Libor scandal... ..Sandy Hook Labeled "Strike Zone" In Dark Knight Rises. ...Yeah! not only that . There were professional actors posing as parents... Check out conspiracy deception disclosure CDD on FB and message me..cant post links here.



What's interesting in the psychological operation for perceptions is...things like....YOU must know ..."shot in the face" ..instead of all the other options for "shot his mom" or "killed his mom"


PorMansGold 3 days ago

I suggest taking a look at Montagraph's channel and most recent video. Montagraph and his buds are experts at sniffing out people's footprint's on the worldwide web. Apperently Adam Lanza can not be found on Spokeo, Intellius, etc. . How can that be, when his mother, father and brother are all listed and addresses are known. Just one more curious fact, considering the person had a mental health record. Can anyone name the second shooter suspect found behind the school and was cuffed by police?


Youri Carma 3 days ago

So what about this Mister Alternative Media this and that ...

SANDY HOOK AURORA In BATMAN Movie! watch?v=zcIituDdsB8

And what about the MSM Bogus and changing the story all the time? Was the rifle in the back of his car or not?