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Thursday, November 29, 2012

the most important event occurring in the world, Nuclear Event in Iran 11/29/12 @ 14:08 (02:08 PM) UTC, & GOOD PEOPLE!

'I need many prayer warriors to walk the Earth for My glory. I need to reach My lost Children through you. Be content with very little, and become a blessing to your families.' message to Jabez

"This is the most important event occurring in the world."


Nuclear Event in Iran on Thursday, 29 November, 2012 at 14:08 (02:08 PM) UTC.
"[NOTICE!!! This information not confirmed!] Iranian nuclear officials are being secretive about the nature of an incident in the Iranian Isfahan nuclear plant that sent many staff members to nearby hospital emergency rooms Wednesday. The head of Iran's Medical Emergency Agency told reporters that staff members of an Isfahan Nuclear plant "have observed some symptoms." He stressed that all medical emergency units in Iran should be ready to "confront nuclear incidents." "Those who have been around UCF Isfahan, have shown symptoms and are receiving treatment," said Gholamreza Masoumi to Iranian state-run news agencies. He did not mention a specific time for the incident nor did he volunteer any details about the nature of it. "We have not yet had any incident outside nuclear designated areas," he said. Masoumi said that the agency has been training the medical emergency unit staff on providing treatment for nuclear incidents. Masoumi told Mehr news agency that recently the Iranian government has formed a "Nuclear Emergency" task force to provide services that would be needed following nuclear incidents. Furthermore, Nuclear Emergency centers in provinces where nuclear sites are located will receive a boost. Masoumi stressed that there has never been an incident of nuclear leakage at any Iranian nuclear plant. Radio Free Europe reported that following the publication of this incident, Mehr news removed the article from its website, however, on June 28, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, Freidoon Abbasi, tried to play down the incident. "Any kind of incident may occur in any plant," said Abbasi to Iranian Fars News. "However it does not mean that such events lead to spread of radioactive material." "

Welcome to "post constitution America." The Bill of Rights is DEAD. Freedom for US citizens is a mirage. It no longer exists. faultlineusa

Impounding ‘Pro-Obama’ Voting Machines, & the FBI exposeobama

Nullification: The Duty and Right of the States-Pt. 1 krisannehall via saveamericafoundation

"You know you’re in trouble as a nation when the Communist Party USA is openly celebrating the re-election of the president." pittsreport


Subliminal Forewarnings: #8) Use alcohol, drugs, corruption and all forms of vice to systematically corrupt the youth of the nation. politicalvelcraft

Jesse Ventura’s anti-TSA episode cancelled by Time Waner cofcc

Sinister Sites: IRS Headquarters, Maryland VC
"While the IRS doesn’t shy away from collecting money from every single American worker in the United States, the occult symbols in front of its headquarters is not definitely not meant for every single American worker. It is meant to be understood by a very few “select” ones – the same way real power is owned by a very few “select” ones. Why are there symbols associated with secretive and elite groups displayed on buildings that are supposedly public? Isn’t this a contradiction?"

Serious Chicken Pox Outbreak in Indiana is Among Vaccinated Children healthimpactnews

Mumps Outbreak Involved 97% Vaccinated Children experimentalvaccines

HERE ... HERE ... here ... here ... & a few earthquakes!! meanwhile, in New Zealand, & DEEP SPACE.
via theextinctionprotocol

the NEXRAD RADAR frequency pulse phenomenon, and the weather which results from its appearance. sincedutch

More on noisy Greenland ice loss data from GRACE: Embracing data ‘noise’ brings Greenland’s complex ice melt into focus WUWT