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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the last standing structure at Breezy Point, NY

'THIS BATTLE OF THIS INSTANT OF INSTANTS IS SPIRITUAL, AND YOU MUST REMAIN ON THE CORRECT PATH TO SHORTEN THE SUFFERING.' "When our Queen speaks in Heaven and in the Universe, every knee bends. On Earth, Her children do not listen to Her, they ignore Her calls and cross them out as false. This so as to flee from the reality that afflicts them. They do not see the truth where the truth is found, they see it in what is deceptive; this is the way in which evil comes to attracts men so as to turn them away from Christ and our Queen and Mother.
What is to come unexpectedly is not history of the past, rather it will be a reality in this generation due to the distancing of the truth, of brotherhood, of a disposition towards good, but above all for having limited the action of the Omnipotent One in man and for remaining turned away, distanced from Him."
RevelacionesMarianas 10/17/12