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Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Reynolds and Ace and Whittle and Malor can stuff it."

"Father, I pray that you would provide us leaders in our families, in the church, in government and in enterprise, who fearlessly honor you as the one God above all men, and who love and respect our country and its people as You do. Please bless us with leaders who will uphold the Liberty "endowed by our Creator" in every quarter of our nation, and move to restore our country's standing as a Beacon of Liberty for all people worldwide. God, I pray you strike down evil and raise up good, and give us the courage to support and defend Liberty against all enemies. Please give us leaders who will free our countrymen from the bondage of dependence and servitude, encourage self-reliance, and help us to define our national and individual character through You. Please help us, as Your people, to have grateful hearts reflected by joyful spirits for all You provide. And in all we ask that Your will be done. Amen." Mark Alexander

"That’s the upside of being a political junky, there’s always plenty of reasons to drink heavily." Swen@proteinwisdom

Buying the Election: Liberal Super PACs spend $200M to secure Democratic victories

"What got me to thinking in such wildly unpopular notions is unless the average Democrate/Progressive has a gene that forces them to believe that up is down, Black is white, and Chachie loves Nancy Pelosi, I’m thinking that not a few of them are shocked they won and terrified because they know they can’t control the ‘Socialism Genie’™ they’ve let out of the bottle.
When you win the flag by resorting to appeal to the lowest of human instincts, its just a natter of time before the beast eats you, and I’m willing to consider they know that only too well and are secretly terrifed of the train wreck to come. Its very possible they were convined Romney would win, and exact some magic Mormon underwear elixir that would push the Genie back in the bottle, therby saving their bacon, and now instead they’re left owning the whole impossible mess.
Color me niave, or something, or maybe I should stop ‘not drinking’.

You know, just because they use lies and deceit to win elections doesn’t mean for a minute they believe most of the campaign bullshit." BigBangHunter @ 7:24, 8:07 pm

More Than 85% of American-Muslims Picked Obama pittsreport

"We just witnessed a game of chicken where neither group turned the wheel. To be honest, I can understand the group who didn’t vote for Romney much more than I can understand those who were willing to make that sort of reckless gamble with a candidate in the first place.
One of the greatest wave elections of our lifetimes (’10) was based on opposition to Obamacare and in the very next cycle we nominated the guy who couldn’t hammer that effectively. That’s something past stupid. That was effectively suicide." bh 8:15pm

"Oh, you feminists will wail and gnash your teeth -- insofar as you're still around. But few of you will remain, given your bottoming-out birthrate, and your new overlords won't care about the caterwauling of a coven of wizened old white women. Your only saving grace is that if this society really is more pro-life, you may be spared an ObamaCare-prescribed euthanizing and instead enjoy a lonely dotage in a quite Spartan, Cuba-like old-age home." The Fiscal-Conservative Fantasy

“I want to congratulate Obama, a good man, good patriot, and good friend, for his victory. I believe he truly knows how to regulate the country into the future (o b0y, & how!). Now is the time to stop fighting and get to work, because we have to do something.” the boner in Boehner's speech