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Friday, November 9, 2012

Louisiana’s Petition to Secede!!, &, it's almost Thanksgiving, do you KNOW where your Rights are?: TSA Opt-Out & film week

UK Muslim groups are calling for Christmas to be banned bni

Breezy Point, 11/4/12 - photo: Bobby Plasencia

"To anyone who understands our current point in history and how perilously close we are to losing all of our freedoms, I ask that you join with us in exercising your rights by signing on to the TSA Opt-out & Film campaign" Shades of Germany in the 30s and 40s: stripping away the rights from every non-thinking American homelandsecurityus

Louisiana’s Petition to Secede

& New York, new york, an INSANE kinda CRAZY!!:
NYC Outlaws Giving Food to Homeless, City Must Inspect for Salt Content creativeminorityreport

Tip of Voter Fraud Iceberg Emerges faultlineusa

Allen West’s Motion Denied To Impound Ballots & Voting Machines freedomoutpost

Commander Fitzpatrick Levels More Accusations at Obama to Grand Juries obamaballotchallenge

5.5 million Republican voters are not accounted for. GUL1776

Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections

CIA Director Resigns One Week Before Closed Hearing on Libya Attack theconservativemonster

"The Gen is the latest victim of a PURGE
of high ranking military men by Chairman “O”
over the Benghazi cover-up...
…..Gen Carter Ham, AFRICOM
…..Gen Joseph Dunford, MARINES
…..Adm Charles Gaouette,..USS Stennis
…………….to be replaced by ?????" Dusty@westernjournalism

ok, & THIS isn't suspicious: Doctors To Test All Pensioners For Dementia infiniteunknown